Working the Bison AND Dunbar ESCAPED Again!

8-Dek, 2020
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  • Melissa replying, “What am I supposed to say? No, little bison” (after they teased her about her reaction to the bison jumping around had me laughing. 😂 I’d react in the EXACT same way if seeing a huge, magnificent beast like these hopping around like that.

    FourWingedAngelsFourWingedAngels4 soat oldin
  • GG

    fair firasfair firas5 soat oldin
  • Awwww he really does have a afro 😆😆😆😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️

    Tawn JoansTawn Joans10 soat oldin
  • Fucking! Omg I love you

    Rafter D ranchRafter D ranch2 kun oldin
  • Good work on framing

    Chamary stigersChamary stigers3 kun oldin
  • SUCKS. Stretchig too long. babling. improvise the vedo and minimize your commentary.

    indrajit sinhindrajit sinh4 kun oldin
  • Thick with 2 C's

    Paw Perfect DieselPaw Perfect Diesel5 kun oldin
  • Your beard looks really nice in this video. Just so u know lol

    Amanda IsAwesomeAmanda IsAwesome6 kun oldin
  • bonjour. pour faire avancer les taureaux, il faut que le couloir soit etroit pour qu il ne puisse pas se retouner.congratulations. pierre france . .

    Pierre LESTRADEPierre LESTRADE9 kun oldin
  • It be like roping a bus at 80 mph. Lol

    readytostartshootingreadytostartshooting11 kun oldin
  • What where you guys sticking in their mouths?

    Adrienne FraschettaAdrienne Fraschetta12 kun oldin
  • 18 mins I’m calling animal control

    Ark from a pro ArkArk from a pro Ark12 kun oldin
  • And I thought it was bad working with sheep 😧

    Katie BiddleKatie Biddle14 kun oldin
  • I’ve actually never have never saw people own a bison

    B rat hgghB rat hggh14 kun oldin
  • I love y’all’s videos I am a big fan of y’all i really want a farm and I want to hunt and fish it is probably fun

    Mailey CooleyMailey Cooley17 kun oldin
  • I like your Great Pyrenees dog

    Jonah ClarkeJonah Clarke17 kun oldin
    • At least I think you got one

      Jonah ClarkeJonah Clarke17 kun oldin
  • I think you missed clanging a gate, by a ton of buff's ears

    cjP LolcjP Lol21 kun oldin
  • Knew a lady that had Bison here in Indiana that got gord in the thigh and died.

    Alan HayesAlan Hayes22 kun oldin
  • With the hair

    Shawn McclureShawn Mcclure24 kun oldin
  • Big Joe looks like Jacoby

    Shawn McclureShawn Mcclure24 kun oldin
  • As someone that also raises bison Marisa gives me anxiety! Her nervousness around them would make me worried for her safety. You can’t have one foot in and out with these animals

    Sara ShephardSara Shephard24 kun oldin
  • Silly. gringo. You make me laugh.

    Gabriel PerezGabriel Perez25 kun oldin
  • I just love to watch those Bison. Thank you Dusty!!

    Joyce GandyJoyce Gandy25 kun oldin
  • Thank God for people who care for these beautiful animals.i couldnt do it though.

    Marvina BigbyMarvina Bigby26 kun oldin
  • Those bison would make fantastic Bison Burgers. Yum yum. If you have never tried them I suggest you do. Delicious.

    Foxy and LucyFoxy and Lucy27 kun oldin
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, cups galore! YEA! Starting a new decal/clothing business-always busy but lots of $$$ coming in. Good luck!!!

    Pamela GermanyPamela Germany28 kun oldin
  • I think Big Joe needs to be sedated somewhat just to get him through the chutes. Hot shot shot-cattle prod maybe. Good luck!!.

    Pamela GermanyPamela Germany28 kun oldin
  • Can a bison actually jump or crawl over a wall. I saw him coming up on the side. Can they actually lift their weight over?

    Carole LainCarole Lain29 kun oldin
  • I would NEVER use a cattle prod on one of those critters!!! Unless they were coming after me..... BUT...i sure wouldnt want to make one mad !! All that clanging metal is awful...

    Mindy McIntoshMindy McIntoshOy oldin
  • Looks like a lot of noise and chaos. I've been told by local bison farmers that the trick to working them is to take it real slow and quiet, with only familiar voices present. Otherwise, they can actually collapse in the chute from excitement, and have to be drug out.

    William SmithWilliam SmithOy oldin
  • Great job 👍

    Jessicas FlockJessicas FlockOy oldin
  • Theyre so neat

    Dionne DunsmoreDionne DunsmoreOy oldin
  • Noticed , no wood corrals.

    John C GonzalesJohn C GonzalesOy oldin
  • I rember when the bison escaped

    Braylee LawsonBraylee LawsonOy oldin
  • I have wanted Bison for a long time. I think I will stick with cattle.

    Army Mobility OfficerArmy Mobility OfficerOy oldin
  • work on the noise of the steel. That sound can make anything go crazy. See if that helps keeping the animals calm. Have a good one

    Vikrant singhVikrant singhOy oldin
  • Sniikess their powerful

    Deborrah DutraDeborrah DutraOy oldin
  • I think if he started using a Hotshot it would ruin Big Joe I seen it happened with cattle

    Karen ZepetaKaren ZepetaOy oldin
  • Man...that was intense..........and I learned something....that thing?...Bison ranching is not for me!!!!

    Greg KerrGreg KerrOy oldin
  • I love them, they are such gorgeous creatures

    Lu WrolstadLu WrolstadOy oldin
  • Dang... that little dog is Not afraid of that bigO beast

    indiefolkindiefolkOy oldin
  • I new it would not go welll

    Dalton SvatekDalton SvatekOy oldin
  • use a bull whip on all those suckers

    Karla SmithKarla SmithOy oldin
  • Eow good video

    Josh GuerneyJosh GuerneyOy oldin
  • They were giving the equipment a good work out.

    Regina RothRegina RothOy oldin
  • Mercy. I used to work vet shack. 1000 head a day. Meanwhile on the farm our Brahma bull jumped out the TOP..of our cattle trailer. It "did" have a roof. Thanks for the memories!

    Cheri MolinaCheri MolinaOy oldin
  • Some thoughts on his operation there. Several things that are stressing out the bison: Getting herded into the corrals and shoots, the clanging of that metal, and the darn dogs. Put the dogs up, indoors. They aren’t doing anything that I can see, but stressing out the bison. That would eliminate a little bit of the stress the poor bison are going through. I’ll mention this on his YoTube channel, as well.

    alan30189alan30189Oy oldin
  • Dunbar never fails to do the most ! , Big Joe is going to need a little more work, Daniel you were a great help with Dusty working those shoots ! 😊👍💕💕💕

    vivian williamsvivian williamsOy oldin

    HomelessHomelessOy oldin
  • i know

    Gunner VanBebberGunner VanBebberOy oldin
  • Nice new state of the art system aint got nothing on Dunbar lol

    CurisityKilledTheCat NoneCurisityKilledTheCat NoneOy oldin
  • I remember the first time lol

    CurisityKilledTheCat NoneCurisityKilledTheCat NoneOy oldin
  • Oh ...ya...I think I'll be a buffalo farmer.

    Denise Vander-HeydenDenise Vander-HeydenOy oldin
  • Wow! That’s some huge animals!!

    Glenda FiteGlenda FiteOy oldin
  • interesting video, fyi we had problems locally with a herd that got loose. If they are not with a decent size herd they can get aggitated and want to join a her of any animal, folks often forget they are wild animals. fyi and,kept%20happy%20through%20pasture%20rotation.Keep sharing and stay safe, blessed Christmas and NEw Year!

    Ana LarsonAna LarsonOy oldin
  • Did you change your page name? I thought this was The Crocker Family channel?

    Eclectic Soul ASMREclectic Soul ASMROy oldin
  • Big joe is a tank! He was like “nope! Not gonna happen guys!”

    Shane KelleyShane KelleyOy oldin
  • You're talking about stressful or exhausting it's got to be mentally exhausting as well because you're probably hoping that you're not going to get trampled or run over. Guess that's the same thing eh. Well glad you're all safe hopefully big Joe come around more times you try to get him in there maybe he might figure that you better cooperate cuz it's just going to keep happening. Hope you had good hun

    Michele DonathMichele DonathOy oldin
  • By the way have a blessed 🙌 🙏 Christmas

    m km kOy oldin
  • Afro Joe stubborn as hell lolll

    Maximus AureliusMaximus AureliusOy oldin
  • Try carrots or something

    Kathy UlbrichKathy UlbrichOy oldin
  • Help yourself out. Don’t feed em #2for a few days. Then make a loop,everything open. They will walk the loop eating. Then on worming/shot day only the head/squeeze gets them/you stressed.

    Frank LloydFrank LloydOy oldin
  • I'm from Miami, Fl. Raised in the city... never been on a farm but is taking an interest in large animal/live stock veterinary medicine. In vet school rightnow. And watching this gives me anxiety because what do I do when a bull escapes😭😭. Im not about that farm life but I love watching this channel. Im working with cows rightnow and I can only imagine treating a big bison bull.

    T. Delrio-WrightT. Delrio-WrightOy oldin
    • My guess get the heck out of their way. Then bribe them back into their fencing. But you might want to ask your teachers. Because I've never handled big animals like that before. But that's what I think they did before when their bison escaped but that was the herd not a bull. Still most animals respond fairly well to bribes of food. Good luck becoming a vet. Sure wish my niece had decided to do it after all. She was thinking of being a large animal vet. But didn't want to go through all these schooling. So instead she wants to be an ER nurse. Considering how is a little kid she helped my mom with her PICC line I think she'll do good.

      NirrrinaNirrrinaOy oldin
  • There are those of us that enjoy your channel Daniel even if we root for DJ. Please be careful. Here is a suggestion "sedation".

    Tammy HughesTammy HughesOy oldin
  • Be safe

    Tracie PennyTracie PennyOy oldin
  • Hey

    Tracie PennyTracie PennyOy oldin
  • Now I see why no one wants to raise bison!!

    Clifton CarmichaelClifton CarmichaelOy oldin
  • I have to say my heart was just beating crazy the whole time. why don't they talk to him hey ho come on things like that

    Ali AshAli AshOy oldin
  • Why not use food to lure him into the chute? And oil the hinges on those gates!

    jettagirljettagirlOy oldin
  • Have you tried using some sweet feed or pellet bits to lure them in the chute.

    Mark SmithMark SmithOy oldin
  • You are fearless Daniel. You were all over that chute system like a spider monkey. I was fearing for the hinge points when you were trying to get Joe into the chute. That huge frame rattling those massive panels and gates spoke volumes. Glad no one was hurt. Holy mackerel! Dusty has his hands full with that pussycat.

    Amy BAmy BOy oldin
  • Rock on

    Alex GuerreroAlex GuerreroOy oldin
  • Y'all are nuts! Those bulls would squash you like a bug if they had a chance. I grew up on a cattle farm and that was like a daycare compared to what I just watched.

    Lee WLee WOy oldin
  • I remember Dunbar escaping the First time! I was freaking out n laughing my butt off! I love to watch you work the Bison or do anything! Dusty, your gonna have to come up with a Shoot and practice letting Big Joe just walk straight thru one n get used to it. Maybe Dunbar also! Put it in the pasture n leave it n let them see it n try to get them to walk thru...I don't know about a cattle prod, That might ruin him n you! Scary thinking about it! That some mighty big power those animals have! Good luck!

    Karen SweetKaren SweetOy oldin
  • Wow!

    amantedelenguaje2amantedelenguaje2Oy oldin
  • Dunbar for speaker of house.2020. He is the man.!!!

    Bob SymondsBob SymondsOy oldin
  • OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!!!

    Karen CoxKaren CoxOy oldin
  • I have just started following/watching the Cross Timbers you tube channel. Guess this video must be the first one of yours that I watched. I cracked up laughing when you said donkey poodles!! I could not imagine what animal you were referring to!! So I looked around your videos - are the alpacas the donkey poodles? I am again ROFL at the name!!!

    cet765cet765Oy oldin
  • That was crazy. I think I'd be investing in some really strong fencing and weld it to the top of the shoot. The heck with them trying to climb out! 😲. Wow

    L WallaceL WallaceOy oldin
  • Big joe is real bison

    Mike BongeMike BongeOy oldin
  • This drives my nerves crazy watching this. These are huge animals.

    Cathy GriffinCathy GriffinOy oldin
  • Big Joe will not forget you and that orange paddle DANIEL so be careful and never go out into the field where he is loose or you will be just a grease spot on the ground. Maybe A bucket of grain would’ve helped instead.

    Bobbie MooserBobbie MooserOy oldin
  • Big Joe's afro looks like its been styled.😂

    Phyllis StriderPhyllis StriderOy oldin
  • Bison 🦬 are so cute 🥰 luv them 😍

    Siti Sakinah Abd RahimSiti Sakinah Abd RahimOy oldin
  • Check out the scratcher at Tom pemberton farm life, Dunbar and big Joe would love a scratcher.

    Carla WalkerCarla WalkerOy oldin
  • Wild critters, a 1260 pound bull, and a 660 pound cow, what could go wrong? Appreciate the stress level, way past mine. Glad you were there to help. I guess working as a cop helps. You deal with situations most people don't have to. Still, you don't have to deal with bison every day. Imagine a herd farther than the eye can see. They were hunted almost to extinguition. Appreciate Dusty's love for those critters. Enjoy your break, hope you're successful. Thanks for sharing.

    Dana NelsonDana NelsonOy oldin
  • The bison are beautiful ... their voice is so different. That is some system! Wow, that looks dangerous too he is huge and determined!!! Scary ... Big Joe is something else, he knew what was going to happen. Unreal!

    Jean BurginJean BurginOy oldin
  • I his sweet bison cow Eleanor she is so cute and sweet

    Christy LaneChristy LaneOy oldin
  • AWESOME video. I absolutely Love watching working the bison so of course I'll go watch Dusty's too. As always I LOVE all y'all's videos!! See ya on the next video.

    Lisa BoardwineLisa BoardwineOy oldin
  • Woukd love one of your hoodies

    Mohini ThanmaungMohini ThanmaungOy oldin
  • Again?! Holy cow You better keep em stable

    :Maddie::Maddie:Oy oldin
  • I think its funny he makes fun of the bisons hair looked like an afro but I could say the same about his beard

    LTX UniverseLTX UniverseOy oldin
  • Dunbar has a history

    Deborah PelletierDeborah PelletierOy oldin
  • I'm so grateful to have two little Dexter cows😉😂😂

    Candice ChristensenCandice ChristensenOy oldin
  • I like dusty videos

    Susan SpringSusan SpringOy oldin
  • What about loud fire crackers or shoot a gun? WOuld that get Big Joe to move? Do it behind him, so he runs towards the other direction? ALthough, the adrenaline rush, might not be a good idea!

    tama yeager gibsontama yeager gibsonOy oldin
  • Something about an animal that can ram metal cages with their head, and break them, that terrifies the crap out of me! lol Think of the power! The HEAD! They do that with their HEAD!

    tama yeager gibsontama yeager gibsonOy oldin
  • You know, I ran into a lady who gave vodka to her pigs when she needed to process them. If you added some to their grain, they may get mellow for you... I say may...

    Bob AldridgeBob AldridgeOy oldin
  • That was fun to watch!

    L ML MOy oldin
  • Sorry great job Houston that's a great hog to take down

    Dan ButlerDan ButlerOy oldin