Urban Creek Fishing In Our Home Town

8-Sen, 2020
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  • yes baby !

    Brady MankinBrady Mankin17 kun oldin
  • Some of my fondest memories are fishing with my dad.

    larry shawlarry shawOy oldin
  • Great video

    charles dietzelcharles dietzelOy oldin
  • Make more with fishing

    Kinzie willifordKinzie williford3 oy oldin
  • Hey you know fishing bluegill are really easy if he's bread I know they say bread falls up early fast but if you munch it together like a little ball it's a good bluegill

    Susan MonroySusan Monroy3 oy oldin
  • It is public land. But Houston and jacobi are so cute i'm 8 to

    Sylas EricksonSylas Erickson3 oy oldin
  • You guys make me smile all the time, thank you for the entertainment

    Oscar RitsonOscar Ritson3 oy oldin
  • (Save the turtles) says Huston 😄😄😄👍

    Nabil AshrafNabil Ashraf3 oy oldin
  • You should come to North Carolina we have monster sunfish one time I caught a 10 incher

    ツツ Jayden on 60 fpsツツ Jayden on 60 fps4 oy oldin
  • Man Houston and jacobi are gonna look back and think man I was someone who was a good person

    Troy SumasTroy Sumas4 oy oldin
  • I watched this when I still had my xbox

    Troy SumasTroy Sumas4 oy oldin
  • Love how you spend so much time with these two boys and your other children. This is building a strong relationships and guiding them on how to be good men and a lady.

    Marsha CercaMarsha Cerca4 oy oldin
  • Houston that wasn't a fish that was a bait😜

    Bill SmithBill Smith4 oy oldin
  • I love tour vidios

    Uziel PedrazaUziel Pedraza4 oy oldin
  • Brings back lots of memories.I Learned how to fish in the Brandywine creek in PA, with my dad.I wish more people would spend time fishing with there kids like you do. Great video.

    Pa Timber GhostPa Timber Ghost4 oy oldin
  • Your hitchhiker even took you to diner

    Cayden PalmerCayden Palmer4 oy oldin
  • You have got a good son

    Brentley GuyBrentley Guy4 oy oldin
  • Love ur content

    Tyler OrrTyler Orr4 oy oldin
  • I enjoyed this video. My husband and kiddos have fished those same spots you were in when we would go to the park to camp in the summer. Have caught perch small bass and cat fish. He passed a few years ago but we have those wonder memories Just like your making with Houston and Jakobi.

    Ladonna PhamLadonna Pham4 oy oldin
  • Love this video! Shows that it's not all about the end game some times its just about doin something.

    Dragonlily AcresDragonlily Acres4 oy oldin
  • Go catfish fishing in your bass pond for the catfish you released a year ago please

    Cooper WiseCooper Wise4 oy oldin
  • Yes, the daily adventure is what makes life interesting! Think if you always caught the big fish. It would be boring after awhile!! And, Plastic bottles are the worst. Wish they never were invented.

    Kris BakerKris Baker4 oy oldin
  • I need to pop over there and teach you guys to fly-fish, makes the small creek so much more fun

    Bob LillardBob Lillard4 oy oldin
  • Thanks for not scrapping this video!! This is awesome! Love your adventures!!! Those signs are really cool.

    The Junkin Colvard'sThe Junkin Colvard's4 oy oldin
  • Thanks for sharing. Thanks for showing dads.

    Becky TaulBecky Taul4 oy oldin
  • I think Huston needs a doctor....... You know something is wrong he says he doesn't want to fish, and then says it's boring. Lol!

    Michael LinkMichael Link4 oy oldin
  • But you did it together

    Dennis SchornDennis Schorn4 oy oldin
  • Daniel, when we travel to Arkansas and Oklahoma to visit family, we don't do anything really special, except to visit and spend time with family, and , at my age, that's better than a trip to a theme park or whatever. At 75, it's a little hard for me to walk around the creek, or walk anywhere else. But the time spent with family is oh so precious and means more than almost anything. Of course, our Lord is the top, #1!

    Jeanette FrantzJeanette Frantz4 oy oldin
  • You should go magnet fishing

    Brady BjorumBrady Bjorum4 oy oldin
  • I still like your videos. You know I remember when I spent time with parents it was so great. I miss it very much.

    Angie k HainesAngie k Haines4 oy oldin
  • From what I understand, fishing isn't just about catching fish, it's also about sharing the experience with you're fishing buddy's and talking about anything. It's still rewarding when you catch some even if you let it go. Littering is one of my top three pet peeves. I would say something to someone that littered, but feel I might get shot so I usually keep my mouth shut. That wouldn't be good.

    Clifford S.Clifford S.4 oy oldin
  • Boy the caddie-dids are loud lol

    Pamela MartinPamela Martin4 oy oldin
  • ❤️

    Kelley StaubleKelley Stauble4 oy oldin
  • If you ask most kids what they did this weekend they’re going “Nothing“ you got your kids out there and they’ll have a story to tail, they got some exercise and fresh air and sun. I would say most kids don’t even get that and that would be a pretty big adventure for them. As for the signs, I would just get some long two by fours and paint them white or something to blend in with the spray foam and put a couple up there and that will give you some strips of wood to put screws in to hang that stuff.

    Shane ZettelmierShane Zettelmier4 oy oldin
  • jacobi..... the man of many words!! so cool that he's part of the family!!

    trevor clapsadletrevor clapsadle4 oy oldin
  • nice you could take the kids to a creek from your hometown..Nasty that some people just put their trash anywhere.

    fishingnana72fishingnana724 oy oldin
  • HOUSTON you forgot to tell me to subscribe and like you site.

    Bill HauckBill Hauck4 oy oldin
  • It’s good to have normal days. I really enjoyed this video. I use to fish a lot as a child. Fishing is the best way to make memories for the boys. They will always remember days like this.

    linda christisonlinda christison4 oy oldin
  • I love to hear Houston say save the turtles... Good Job

    Nedra DavisNedra Davis4 oy oldin
  • Daniel it was nice watching you and the boys hanging out, and it looked like the deer were happy to see someone fishing and not tossing trash 👍, i really enjoyed the video 😊👍💕💕💕

    vivian williamsvivian williams4 oy oldin
  • I bet Deejay wouldnt be caught with a dead battery!

    Cary BrownCary Brown4 oy oldin
  • It was a nice outing. Enjoy anytime you take the boys fishing. Nice alternative to all the politics that are in sports now ruining the game

    Wesley HackneyWesley Hackney4 oy oldin
  • Those look like squash.

    Mary K Kay's Artful JourneyMary K Kay's Artful Journey4 oy oldin
  • I liked this video. You should watch uzworld.info/player/video/poito5SudNXIepo he is always finding stuff in the creeks. ❤️💯🙏🏻

    Mary K Kay's Artful JourneyMary K Kay's Artful Journey4 oy oldin
  • I look for videos from you and the family every day. It wouldn’t matter if you were making a video about the chickens I would watch it. I love watching your family grow. 😊

    Leslie J.Leslie J.4 oy oldin
  • Where is the link you said you were post for Brandons give away?

    Leslie J.Leslie J.4 oy oldin
  • Before I even saw the ‘shop’ segment of this video, I was thinking how nice it was just to see a normal ‘day in the life’ video with you guys. Loved it.

    Pettway Family FarmsteadPettway Family Farmstead4 oy oldin
  • Getting ready to drop a deuce

    beeef supremebeeef supreme4 oy oldin
  • My husband and I drove from far west Texas to your area this past weekend to explore, and wow! Its a beautiful peaceful place for sure, and to this desert girl, all the green and trees are so pretty! I do believe this part of OK is going to be our escape from the oil fields! So inspired by your videos to not let anyone poo poo our dream!

    tanya mcgeheetanya mcgehee4 oy oldin
  • Your making memories, that's all that matters. You'd be surprised what Houston remembers about the time he spends with you. And Kobe too. You are a king in their eyes. God Bless.

    Suanne DormanSuanne Dorman4 oy oldin
  • Daniel Armes you are an amazing man!!! Love your family videos here in Virginia!!

    JoAnne DowdyJoAnne Dowdy4 oy oldin
  • A bad fishing day is still better than any day at work! Especially with a couple of your best buddies!😊

    Tammy SchnedlerTammy Schnedler4 oy oldin
  • Thanks for sharing Rustic Woodworks and Family! I loved watching several of his videos! I always watch your videos too! Love to all the Arm’s Family!

    Linda BergsjoLinda Bergsjo4 oy oldin
  • such a great life!!!!

    The Farm on Route 66The Farm on Route 664 oy oldin
  • I think it's awesome that you are able to have an adventure with your son. It will be something he will remember and cherish for the rest of his life.

    Deb DayDeb Day4 oy oldin
  • It a great day

    Lanette PriceLanette Price4 oy oldin
  • Hey this was a great video you being a Dad and friend

    Lanette PriceLanette Price4 oy oldin
  • Hi Arms Family! I was sent one of your videos to watch on FB. A friend thought they would bring me some joy since i lost my husband in July 2020. These videos sure have brought me some great joy. . I really get a kick out of watching Jocobi and Houston fishing. Reminds me a lot of my time spent with my dad fishing, the sure joy of the time i spent with my dad . Yes i am a tomboy ( girl)..lol Thank you for doing these videos. Please keep them coming. They sure have been helping with my depression and anxieties right now. BTW Please think about getting Houston and Emmalee a horse. As well as seriously think about doing an RV restore or rebuild. That would be so cool to watch.. Thanks and take care. Be Safe!

    Tiny MarTiny Mar4 oy oldin
  • That's sad when you go somewhere that is so beautiful and people don't have enough pride to clean up after themselves. When we go fishing I take a couple plastic bags, one for our trash and one for the crap we have to pick that others left behind.

    Missy RetzlaffMissy Retzlaff4 oy oldin
  • So nice that you take the boys fishing and walking.

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon4 oy oldin
  • Beautiful water fall.

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon4 oy oldin
  • Nice hair cut🔥🔥🔥

    Aaron ClarkAaron Clark4 oy oldin
  • The Adventures yes..thanks.

    Mike SweeneyMike Sweeney4 oy oldin
  • God bless y’all love 💗

    Sherry Malarchik- MarshSherry Malarchik- Marsh4 oy oldin
  • Ask Deja to give us a gallery show of her work and put it in the store. Orrrrr every once in a while do a live auction. Preview one work a week. Heck you can announce piglets are ready or is it Dutch.

    Caroline LantzCaroline Lantz4 oy oldin
  • I like these spur of the moment video's. Some of the best moments in life happen when you're not planning anything.

    Patricia FlemingPatricia Fleming4 oy oldin
  • There comes a point when it isn't about exciting content but about what a family you like is doing.

    M.K. CarolM.K. Carol4 oy oldin
  • Sometimes the simplest of pleasures are the best. 😊 Plus you’re building memories together. That’s always a blessing.

    Brandi ValentineBrandi Valentine4 oy oldin
  • It’s sad what we humans do to this beautiful earth.

    Liz HrubikLiz Hrubik4 oy oldin
  • That’s something that parents don’t enough of these days, spend time with their kids, everyone is too busy with, computers, iPads, cellphones! So well done Daniel I’m sure the boys enjoyed it, despite Houston saying he was bored! Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

    Wendy HWendy H4 oy oldin
  • The best part is the boys thought they were just fishin.

    Jeff MorrisJeff Morris4 oy oldin
  • Daniel there are ignorant people everywhere who throw their trash where they want and dont care, its the same in my town. Im just wondering with all your fishing videos has anyone ever gotten caught with a hook? My cousins and i were fishing when we were young, a long time ago lol, but one of them got a hook right through his top eyelid, off to the hospital we went.

    Lisa EvansLisa Evans4 oy oldin
  • Don't the police arrest tresspassers out there ? You n Dutch have 10,000 pictures of the same people on your property.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf4 oy oldin
  • Why didn’t you pickup the trash?

    Debbie MarksDebbie Marks4 oy oldin
  • Hey, Mr. Arms you are such a inspiration to me love your vids!!!

    Diego SanchezDiego Sanchez4 oy oldin
  • does jacobi live with you

    Jessica SquiresJessica Squires4 oy oldin
  • I think Jacobi needs to become your new fishing partner Daniel 😄

    Julie FobairJulie Fobair4 oy oldin
  • Any video is a good video. When Houston and Jacobi get older they'll always have these videos to come back to look at.

    Chrissy DChrissy D4 oy oldin
  • Would be good to teach the boys the pick up trash and leave the place looking better than they found it.

    Chrissy DChrissy D4 oy oldin
  • Loved the video! More parents could find the time to be outdoors with their children together doing whatever. Fishing, hiking , bike riding, camping. keep the videos coming.

    Linda Gilgosch-DemayoLinda Gilgosch-Demayo4 oy oldin
  • Doing a cleanup day with the kids would be a great video. Help support the town and the environment.

    Kevin HooperKevin Hooper4 oy oldin
  • I like your flag

    Dale SearcyDale Searcy4 oy oldin
  • Yes fill the hole wall with your friends

    O'Donnell's Aussie HomesteadO'Donnell's Aussie Homestead4 oy oldin
  • I'm glad you Disney strap it

    baseball champbaseball champ4 oy oldin
  • There gords

    Sydney Grace everythingSydney Grace everything4 oy oldin
  • Seriously they should go back to the Road signs about fines if caught littering anywhere. Lazy people who litter just don’t care who has to clean up after them!

    Pauletta VickeryPauletta Vickery4 oy oldin
  • Welcome back Jacobi I missed you!!!

    Christine BrophyChristine Brophy4 oy oldin
  • At leased. Jacbie caught 1. Glade to see you.

    alliyah dogalliyah dog4 oy oldin
  • What I've used on signs like that is air craft cable on each side, self tapper and some cable clamps. Works great. That way if you get a wind in there you will have them move but not fall off the wall because the wind takes them

    Jordan VilJordan Vil4 oy oldin
  • What type of jig did you use?

    John JonesJohn Jones4 oy oldin
  • Your videos are real life and that makes them great.

    Trudy EaganTrudy Eagan4 oy oldin
  • " A Mistake " If you go through life and never make A Mistake, you have not made anything. It's not so much a mistake but a LESSON, to learn from. Love to see the kids and you doing the best for them.

    Noel AbellNoel Abell4 oy oldin
  • one day I might like to see you

    WOLF MEATWOLF MEAT4 oy oldin
  • 👍

    snapstringsnapstring4 oy oldin
  • Your looking at my whole childhood. People are pigs but if just one life is saved from covid.

    David HickenbottomDavid Hickenbottom4 oy oldin
  • Love the flags!!

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky4 oy oldin
  • You know, you spent time with Houston and Jacobythats priceless! They will one day look back and realize how great you were teaching them that taking a day for fishing is a way to spend time with them! If tjat makes sense!

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky4 oy oldin
  • Hey Brother Danial, I'm so happy you're working with Brother Brandon, We just love them such a sweet families promoting godly things with clean content. God bless you all.

    TinaMarie GregoryTinaMarie Gregory4 oy oldin
  • Who else wants to go hunting with Arms Family?? uzworld.info/player/video/a2bTcZmqc5PYhoQ Fishing using Natural Poison

    Global Indigenous LifestyleGlobal Indigenous Lifestyle4 oy oldin
  • It was a great daily adventure today. Thank you.

    JJ JacobsonJJ Jacobson4 oy oldin