Tree Trimming WAY TOO Far From the Ground!

7-Yan, 2021
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  • Danial you did. The. Right thing by. Knowing. When. To. Stop because it. Was. Way. To. Highanother man might have pushed. His. Luck and got killed. Or hurt it's always not. Good. Extending yourself you. Did. The. Right. Thing .I wish. You and. Your. Family All the. Best may god. Bless you and. Watch. Over you Sincerly. Mr. Don williams.

    Mr.donald. j WilliamsMr.donald. j Williams7 kun oldin
  • GOD bless u and yor family! tell your wife AMEN!!! 45 thumbs up Daniel!!!!!

    Joe AnonemouseJoe Anonemouse7 kun oldin
  • You are a brave man, willing to try this! Just what your cousin does and what Dusty does with those CRAZY BISON ... both of those jobs scarce the crap out of me. But you were wise enough to know when to call it QUITS!! Yes your wife and kids need you!!

    Sharon NowlinSharon Nowlin8 kun oldin
  • I have a thought that i wondered if you would speek to other families on here ...i watch arms family the most so decided to ask you.....i watch you love the vidios also enjoy when the children participate well heres the problem i watch for heuston and kobii and the hunting with your lovely little lady emma ....i also enjoy watching growjack but have not been able to place comments on the vidios...well theres the problem if the vidios contain children fb freeze coment can we the watching public praise the wee ones they are proud of what they do but we cant say how proud they make us watchers....MY IDEA for the ability to say well done little ones comes down to all you parents who show us the good folks watching your children learning and joining you. i wondered one vidio a fortnight dedicated from you parents to those events giving us the chance to add comments on what we liked or were wishing we could comment on in the childrens vidios....not that your family come second but that i can not find a vidio of jacks that i can make this suggestion on...i know it means work from you on there behalf but to me its important the children know they are apreciated and i for one would love a way to do so....therefore father arms can you on my behalf and maybe others who think like me talk to jacks father and the dutch family and others who post their family if you can think of others to ask if you fathers can post once or even better twice a month a vidio with no children in but favouring their events so we the watchets can say thank you little ones and well done to them....thank you for reading this long winded post i hope you can help as watching the children and being unable to comment is frusterating when you wish to add praise or comment on a vidios worth ....thank you for your wonderful vidios i enjoy every one bless you all xxxxx

    Lorraine CourseLorraine Course8 kun oldin
  • I think Deejay won! Remember, happy wife happy life. 😂 Love you guys and appreciate all the inspiration and laughs. God Bless.

    Chicken River HomesteadChicken River Homestead9 kun oldin
  • When’s the goats having babies?

    samatar alisamatar ali10 kun oldin
  • I found that when using a pole saw make a under cut on a branch first then the top cut, it won't hinge and will drop below the cut.

    KAP1960 partonKAP1960 parton10 kun oldin
  • Daniel your so brave!

    Kelley StaubleKelley Stauble11 kun oldin
  • I love the way you love each other! That’s what makes a strong family😊👍🏻

    Kelley StaubleKelley Stauble11 kun oldin
  • Song of the day, awesome.Thanks for your witness for Our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.

    Donna KytleDonna Kytle11 kun oldin
  • I highscaled out of a 180 foot genie underground in the mines. My favorite job ever, making the stope safe for my coworkers. You should teach DJ the ground controls in case the basket controls me it does happen!

    tammy barbretammy barbre11 kun oldin
  • A under cut would have made it drop straight down and not swung to the porch just so you know if you rent one the lifts again

    Shawn FoxShawn Fox11 kun oldin
  • @ArmsFamilyHomestead Could you put the song of the week in the video description? Or maybe make a public playlist with the songs selected in it?

    Matthew ThompsonMatthew Thompson12 kun oldin
  • DJ, I love your song of the week and your encouraging messages to go with it.. Thank You 🥰

    Carol WalkerCarol Walker13 kun oldin
  • Daniel tie a hinge knot to the main trunk as high as you can reach. A hinge knot must be heavy rope. Tie a good knot around the trunk above the saw cut using the same heavy rope, tie around the trunk below the saw cut leaving a bit of slack rope between the knots so you can cut the tree without hitting the rope. Cut in the middle the top portion will swing but will be held in place at the bottom of the cut with the hinge knot.

    Daniel RobinsonDaniel Robinson13 kun oldin
  • I just ordered me a hat😄😄😄 1st time for ever buying anything off anyone on UZworld would be awesome to get the hole family to sign it

    Bobby HolsingerBobby Holsinger13 kun oldin
  • You guys have the nicest place, I'm working toward something like that ,love the show and family!

    ThunderThunder13 kun oldin
  • Definitely good to try new things. Excellent wisdom in knowing what's above your skill level. Comforting to know you did not try it alone!

    Caroline PetersenCaroline Petersen13 kun oldin
  • You still had some feet to go in the lift 😂

    Blevins Family FarmBlevins Family Farm14 kun oldin
  • That's pretty high glad your ok that's dangerous work

    Gavie JamesGavie James14 kun oldin
  • If I lived closer I would come over an cut that tree down for u

    Neeley DevNeeley Dev14 kun oldin
  • Suggestion, when you limb a tree, on branches larger then 5 inches, under cut the branch about 1/4 the thickness, so you don't strip the bark off the tree below the cut. Also this would have prevented the branch from swinging and launching into the porch, as it would break and drop before getting to the bottom of the swing. I had one branch that pulled a 6 foot long bark strip, when I forgot to do it once. Luckily the rest of the branch was getting removed also.

    RichRich14 kun oldin
  • Wasn’t to happy about the beeping sound totally freaked my dog and me out. Sry had to mute the video.. 🥺🥺 but glad u got a new toy to help you out, be careful. And DAM that’s a l o n g way down.. yikes lol

    Daisy KennedyDaisy Kennedy15 kun oldin
  • I would use that lift to get up there and put a couple of ropes on the tree and then tie them off to some other trees with a lot of tension pulling them away from the house and then get as high as you can and start cutting into the tree below the rope, but anchor them with a lot of tension on it or get a tractor or your truck on the other side to pull it away as you guys are cutting it down but if you get enough tension and tie it off to the bottom of other trees even if you cut the bottom it won’t fall on the house. You could also just get up there with a shotgun and start pruning it, I’m sure that lift would be safe to shoot a 12 gauge from. Lol

    Shane ZettelmierShane Zettelmier15 kun oldin
  • The one you want down, above your skill and comfort level, always good when you can admit that and not getting hurt because you paid for the equipment. Say no to live another day! This is why I love your channel and you. God bless and stay safe 🙏❤

    Jennifer AikenJennifer Aiken15 kun oldin
  • It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the bottom.

    Tiffany FontenotTiffany Fontenot15 kun oldin
  • DJ. Are you ok? You sound like your voice is horse or crackling!

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky15 kun oldin
  • A new title for you tree trimmer!

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky15 kun oldin
  • Where is your safty belt?

    Steffanie RopickySteffanie Ropicky15 kun oldin
  • Have you listened to GLORIOUS GOD by Lauren Talley? This song lifts my spirit SO high EVERY time I listen!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏❤️

    Deb AnnasDeb Annas15 kun oldin
    • Also this song was written by two 11 year old boys!!

      Deb AnnasDeb Annas15 kun oldin
  • I need some advice I have had this one goat for about three years now and I just go another one and they have been fighting should I just leave them out together and let them work it out or should I separate them and let them be together for a little while every day

    Bryson LafoneBryson Lafone15 kun oldin
  • Great job! Kept me on the edge of my seat! LOL!

    Peggy BowePeggy Bowe15 kun oldin
  • My dad used to climb up a tree and do that kind of thing by hand with a hacksaw. Crazy stuff.

    YarcofinYarcofin15 kun oldin
  • Hey Daniel, if you want limbs to drop straight down instead of swinging like someone swinging on a rope, try cutting up from the bottom about a third of the way and then go to the top side and come toward the cut you just made from the bottom. You will find that the limbs will drop straight down and away. It would also be a good practice to bring another saw in case something should happen that you would need it. God bless you all and keep you healthy and safe.

    Rick PrestonRick Preston15 kun oldin
  • If you two have differences, you need to talk them out in private, not in public. The Bible gives us two instructions for having a good marriage. Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church. (That means sacrificially) Wives, see that you honor your husbands. That means, show him respect and appreciate all he does for you......even the little things. God knew that women need the security of being loved and cherished and husbands need to be respected and appreciated. God bless you both!

    Joanne McMurrayJoanne McMurray15 kun oldin

    Terry MinnickTerry Minnick15 kun oldin
  • Please look at posting your content on other sites like RUMBLE. I enjoy your content and would like to use another platforms to view. Same content just upload to multiple sites. It would give you multiple audiences pools and allow for more growth outside of UZworld. Thanks.

    Andy FranklinAndy Franklin15 kun oldin
  • I am so glad to hear someone else call them a toboggan. Everyone makes fun of me for it! I grew up in east central Indiana and that is what my family called a “beanie”.

    Humestead HomesteadHumestead Homestead15 kun oldin
  • How come you didn’t wear a safety harness?

    Tiny Female ShooterTiny Female Shooter15 kun oldin
  • When cutting a tree limb always make sure to cut a inch or two up from the bottom it will just drop straight down if not it will hinge and go where you dont want it to go

    Dylan ByrneDylan Byrne15 kun oldin
  • Come on Danial under cut the branches first then cut from the top you won’t get the saw caught how long you been cutting wood it’s one of the first thing your taught when cutting 101

    Bruce J Galletta JrBruce J Galletta Jr15 kun oldin
  • Use the man lift to the a rope to then get your tractor then tie it to it then cut the tree down with a chain saw and pull it away from the house with the tractor

    Bruce J Galletta JrBruce J Galletta Jr15 kun oldin
  • Rope with a pulley attached to your truck pulling pressure on tree away from the house then you should be able to cut it down without an issue

    Josh MayoJosh Mayo15 kun oldin
  • You overcame your fear of heights because it was necessary. Good for you , proud of you . And you know when to say that’s over my comfort zone 😀 good for you !! 💕🙏💕

    Carolyn MesserCarolyn Messer16 kun oldin

  • An old man told me when I was younger that the fall won't kill you, it's that sudden stop at the bottom that'll get you !! I'd done the same thing you did.

    Scott SouthardScott Southard16 kun oldin
  • That beeping🤯

    Tammy LemoineTammy Lemoine16 kun oldin
  • Best way to learn this way or to learn tree spike n boot with tree strap

    4 legged travels w' Zoey n Glacier4 legged travels w' Zoey n Glacier16 kun oldin
  • NOPE! I’ll stick to the ground. I’m deathly afraid of heights! Made me sick just looking at you up there couldn’t watch had to fast forward to you were back on the ground

    Anne StaAnne Sta16 kun oldin
  • That was amazing job you dun there to the trees an it is to safe the wen you a up there an how much a the hats 👍🧢

    Mick's backyard AquaponicsMick's backyard Aquaponics16 kun oldin
  • I remember doing that I was in a 85 foot lift the highest I went was 70 feet I carried extra underwear I even had a safety harness Daniel a harness would of been a good idea a little sense of security

    Mystic MeadowsMystic Meadows16 kun oldin
  • Great video Trooper! 👍💙

    Mastin FowlerMastin Fowler16 kun oldin
  • Just saying the big business seem's to just say wait time in shipping but they come in 3 days or less maybe a nancy/schummer thing..everything is politically affected today...seems big multi business has no issue with be closed down but mom pops sure have been closed down or shipping is long long wait times...nwo this is what the new today will look like they stay in control..

    MaryMary16 kun oldin
  • Next time wear a harness!!! It's the law,,

    Ardene HansonArdene Hanson16 kun oldin
  • Hey just letting you know that your daughter Emily if that’s her name I forgot she is really cute and I was just wondering if she was single or not let me know I’m not being mean or nothing

    Jayden AndersonJayden Anderson16 kun oldin
  • My comment is this. Any trees next to the home should be firewood.. The damage they cause is very bad. Cost me 38K on damage before I realized it...

    Sea SaltSea Salt16 kun oldin
  • Always, always remember the words of our hero -- Clint Eastwood -- "a man has got to know his limitations". Nothing wrong stopping when ya reach that point. Ponder this if you will, if you were a risk taker you would have been a firefighter or stunt man and you were neither of those before. I understand the high cost of professional tree companies, heck I even understand what friends charge that work for them that will come out on weekends and do it. We try to do everything our self and that includes tree trimming. But I have a huge cottonwood that is too close and I will have to hire it out as well as the elm tree branched out over powerlines. Hard ground and electricity do nothing for my retired LEO body. Stay safe my Oklahoma friend. Wife looked awful cold, better keep her inside by the fire.

    sunhawk61sunhawk6116 kun oldin
  • Nice tree trimming. Where’s the animals. Can you put a bit about them in with videos.

    Marilyn PawlukMarilyn Pawluk16 kun oldin
  • Might could have told your cousin you had a lift, would he help. --- Good days wouldn't mean much without the bad ones to compare them to.

    Duck LandesDuck Landes16 kun oldin
  • Do not look down

    Claire MillerClaire Miller16 kun oldin
  • I always said, that its not The Fall That Hurts, Its That Sudden Stop!!! So your very first analogy was spot on. 😉 😎 Just Stay SAFE!!! Whatever task youre involved in. AND!!!! Ya had some good tunes when ya got offa that lift, & on the tractor!!!

    Waterburner Zero SixWaterburner Zero Six16 kun oldin
  • Tie you a climbing rope to top of that tree next to house have it tied off tight as you can get it to a different big tree opposite the house and wedge cut at base the pressure from top of tree will make it fall away from house

    Matthew McDanielMatthew McDaniel16 kun oldin
  • Do an under cut first on the limbs. Then they will fall straight down. Glad you called it. Get someone that is a lumber jack. He will fall that tree on spot with proper cuts and wedges. Good call Sir.

    Mike RogersMike Rogers16 kun oldin
  • Its good u respect your limitations 🥰👍

    O'Donnell's Aussie HomesteadO'Donnell's Aussie Homestead16 kun oldin
  • U guys are awesome. Love watching you. I love seeing you two pick at each other, it's soooooo cute. Beautiful family, God BLESS stay safe.

    Tina HugheyTina Hughey16 kun oldin
  • It’s always that “sudden stop” that’s ALWAYS a problem. LOL

    hazmatt1975hazmatt197516 kun oldin
  • Did Mrs. Arms make sure your life insurance premiums were current before you went up, Daniel?

    ed2276ed227616 kun oldin
  • Great video buddy it's not the fall that will get you it that sudden stop that hurts lol 😂😂😂 take your tractor notch the tree put you a rope in pull it and cut it

    Brian ForrestBrian Forrest16 kun oldin
  • Check this

    Michael GreenMichael Green16 kun oldin
  • I have a lot of oaks on my small 1 acre home and I have a very cool tree man i use for felling trees once on the ground i cut them up and use as fire wood

    JC QuickJC Quick16 kun oldin
  • Ware a harness! Breaking osha code with video evidence.

    Nick TorzalaNick Torzala16 kun oldin
  • Could you have tied the tree off up high and cut it down from the ground with a couple of guys pulling the rope while you cut?

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountains16 kun oldin
  • i guess you are as stupid as you look

    Josh DanielsJosh Daniels16 kun oldin
  • Dead tree took out my side of the duplex I used to live in, you REALLY need that gone. Just me, Id take out any close to the house and replant some a bit off.

    EviL IrisHEviL IrisH16 kun oldin
  • Amen Djay

    Mama BearMama Bear16 kun oldin
  • Put a rope in it , and tie to tractor and notch it and cut it down like a normal tree .

    Kent AilorKent Ailor16 kun oldin
  • I think it would be nice if the misses would sing the song of the week to us!!! Don't you agree!

    Tom BruceTom Bruce16 kun oldin
  • We call them beanies in South Africa, but the thought of wearing one in the heat we are having right now is not on & I’m not a fan of anything on my head, but your merch looks exciting! Sadly I can’t afford to buy anything, but I’m sure they 100% cotton, made in USA?? Which is long lasting & warm in winter ❤️❤️❤️ Please get a tree feller in to do that tree? Thanks Daniel & DJ

    Wendy HWendy H16 kun oldin
  • Noticed your wife was holding the life insurance policy in her hands😂

    Reggie EdmondsReggie Edmonds16 kun oldin
  • 12 gauge is good for limbing dead trees ;-)

    TheGsellersTheGsellers16 kun oldin
  • Tie a rope to as tall to the top as you can and anchor it to a tree away from your house or use the truck to pull it away. Then cut it down like you would a normal tree.

    Tina TTina T16 kun oldin
  • I received me hoodie within a week from when you sent it off. So happy.

    Bonnie DunkinBonnie Dunkin16 kun oldin
  • I'm scared of heights and like you said it's not the falling but it's at sudden stop good luck be safe

    Debra WileyDebra Wiley16 kun oldin
  • Makes you think $2000 to take a tree down doesn't seem all that bad.

    Dee MulloyDee Mulloy16 kun oldin
  • 2 grand to cut a tree down is highway robbery. A good tree cutter could have dropped it where ever you wanted it put it. That tractor is your friend Daniel

    Allan MillerAllan Miller16 kun oldin
  • Thank you for quitting when you discover you are out of your skill range! We love one piece!

    Trellen RusseyTrellen Russey16 kun oldin
  • Wow!

    Liz HrubikLiz Hrubik16 kun oldin
  • Daniel get a winch and winch the top of the tree to were it has tension and when you cut it at the base it will fall to the tension of the winch

    Buck OutlawBuck Outlaw16 kun oldin
  • Omg Daniel another great video and content again, um quick question, when are you starting your tree service lol....Arms Family Tree Service, have to admit that looks good lol love you guys and can't wait for the next video

    Jim Horrocks Oklahoma WoodCaneCraftsmanJim Horrocks Oklahoma WoodCaneCraftsman16 kun oldin
  • I thought you were going to play the song kind of disappointment. Glad you're okay

    Thomas GentryThomas Gentry16 kun oldin
  • 👌👍😉

    Driver DanDriver Dan16 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Sawyer WagerSawyer Wager16 kun oldin
  • I would not be concerned about falling, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom you should be concerned about. Make sure you always wear and attach a safety harness when in the bucket because you can easily be thrown out of the bucket when moving.

    garypm1949garypm194916 kun oldin
  • Daniel, I can't help but notice that party you have peeking out the back of your hat. Throw your subs a bone and let us see what you got going on under that ball cap! Lol

    Andrew BenoitAndrew Benoit16 kun oldin
  • In Canada, what you are referring to as toboggans are known as touques, and a toboggan is a flat snow sled with a curled up front, that goes down hill really fast. LOL. Just some Canadian quirks for you.

    Roy ClemoRoy Clemo16 kun oldin
    • And Daniel, you didn't show us what broke when the limb hit the porch. I did that to my shed, but thank goodness only a small bit of shingle damage. Giggles..

      Roy ClemoRoy Clemo16 kun oldin
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I NEED A CHILD SIZE DONKEY POODLE SHIRT. My granddaughter watches (asks for) " Can I watch donkey poodles?" Wednesday she said, "Can I watch Arms Family?" She's 3.5 years old, know your names with exception to your older son's.

    Julie NelsonJulie Nelson16 kun oldin
  • God is good! Better late than never. Love my stuff!

    L WallaceL Wallace16 kun oldin
  • We had tree people out next door to take a tree down. It was fascinating to watch. They had ropes to get the branches to fall where they wanted them to. I think if you undercut the branch first it should fall straight down.

    Carol BCarol B16 kun oldin
  • Tree service is crazy expensive! Great job camera lady!

    Julie NelsonJulie Nelson16 kun oldin
  • While higher up.. can you tie a rope around the tree to put tension on it to pull the top ths way you want when cutting it down

    Chrissy DChrissy D16 kun oldin