Tilapia Catch and Cook From Our Bass Pond!

20-Sen, 2020
100 347 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I love eating catch up with fish

    Dawson CarderDawson Carder8 soat oldin
  • My grandfather always gutted his catch before filleting

    ginger Rocksginger Rocks9 kun oldin
  • Tilapia are nothing but bones, I've tried them, and they are trash.

    fred grovefred grove22 kun oldin
  • You should use shrimp and little bits of hotdog

    S HodgesS HodgesOy oldin
  • Thats using a little bit more

    Cecyl FischerCecyl FischerOy oldin
  • I love it

    Cecyl FischerCecyl FischerOy oldin
  • For those little fish a slip bobber setup is fantastic. We have brook trout that are a bugger to catch and the slip bobber setup works fantastic for them. Works for smaller fish that are picky when there is a bobber.

    Nicole OttoNicole OttoOy oldin
  • Corn

    Zach SampleZach SampleOy oldin
  • Canned corn

    Alexis LentAlexis Lent2 oy oldin
  • Try to use peas or corn for tilapia

    Michael WademanMichael Wademan3 oy oldin
  • Bluegill

    Tina HinsonTina Hinson3 oy oldin
  • You need to use corn and do a shiner catch and cook

    Carson ReeseCarson Reese3 oy oldin
  • and i watch your show for plastic bottle fish trap and know im watching it all the time

    Melissa FisherMelissa Fisher3 oy oldin
  • try corn

    Melissa FisherMelissa Fisher3 oy oldin
  • Bass

    Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey Johnson3 oy oldin
  • Sunfish

    Colton ThompsonColton Thompson3 oy oldin
  • Fish and catchup is good

    Colton ThompsonColton Thompson3 oy oldin
  • Try Worms

    Colton ThompsonColton Thompson3 oy oldin
  • Hi Houston

    Demarcus PrioleauDemarcus Prioleau3 oy oldin
  • Catfish is a good fish to catch😅😇👍

    O'Donnell's Aussie HomesteadO'Donnell's Aussie Homestead3 oy oldin
  • Use cheese I've caught 2 pound tolopea on cheese try it

    Keaton LongKeaton Long3 oy oldin
  • Igvhhgu

    Kerry WhalleyKerry Whalley3 oy oldin
  • corn

    family selbfamily selb3 oy oldin
  • bass

    Dylan MoxhamDylan Moxham3 oy oldin
  • Catfish Plz

    jacob saganitsojacob saganitso3 oy oldin
  • To be honest, I would love having a big yard. I've always wanted goats donkeys cows and other farm animals. It looks so quiet too. Know that your back in the woods and not where so many neighbors can bother you. Where it looks so beautiful at times and when it rains its relaxing and not annoying because of it hitting metal. I would love that.

    Diamond GoldDiamond Gold3 oy oldin
  • In Africa we catch tilapia with doe and worms

    Muhammad NathaMuhammad Natha3 oy oldin
  • Try swai catch clean cook

    Willis JpWillis Jp3 oy oldin
  • Do you have any catfish in your pond?

    Gwen MilamGwen Milam3 oy oldin
  • Try bofishing

    Gibb ShurgarGibb Shurgar3 oy oldin
  • Going to be a cook too

    LindaJohnson77480LindaJohnson774803 oy oldin
  • Every body in my neighborhood has a lake in there back yard and there all kinds of fish but I’ve caught so many HUGE tilapia and they are TASTY

    Kameryn’s VlogsKameryn’s Vlogs3 oy oldin
  • U should try bread dough

    1:6 Alex John1:6 Alex John3 oy oldin
  • Use a cast net

    Tj IsdagoatTj Isdagoat3 oy oldin
  • when we were kids out camping on a lake, there was a father and son fishing. The dad rented a boat, they went out at dawn and they didnt even have a nibble. My dad felt sorry for the kid and told him to come over with his fishing rod. Dad wadded up bread and tossed a few in then the kid cast his rod with a bread ball. HE CAUGHT HIS FIRST FISH EVER!!! He was so excited. But then we felt really bad for the kids father because he wanted to help him catch his first fish and Dad kinda stole his thunder. The father was pretty upset. We felt bad.

    Robin CRobin C3 oy oldin
  • I’m a huge fan❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Brayden CurtsingerBrayden Curtsinger3 oy oldin
  • Catch clean and cook a crawdad

    Shawn David GlendeningShawn David Glendening3 oy oldin
  • Talipia in China.. are raised in the sewers and drain gutters... having raised Talipia in my Aquaponics system.. were fed onky the best foods in super clean water.. i would drink after the plants cleaned it.. and the fish fed the plants... which I also ate!

    Donalee PaulDonalee Paul3 oy oldin
  • Rainbow fish

    Actions SpeakActions Speak4 oy oldin
  • I eat my fish in Catsup too lol

    Carol NoeCarol Noe4 oy oldin
  • bass bayt

    Shannon JoinerShannon Joiner4 oy oldin
  • Use hole corn

    Travis RobersonTravis Roberson4 oy oldin
  • Fish food

    Parker MaxwellParker Maxwell4 oy oldin
  • Have worms on a floater

    Ansie AbbottAnsie Abbott4 oy oldin
  • Hi Guys, Tilapia is probably most popular eating fish here in the Philippines as they are everywhere and in abundance,

    DIYJoe AllenDIYJoe Allen4 oy oldin
  • bullhead

    jerry objerry ob4 oy oldin
  • try aligator gar

    twindromtwindrom4 oy oldin
  • What do you mean by Chinese grown tilapia?...is that a racist or bias statement 🤔

    Vidyanand RamnarineVidyanand Ramnarine4 oy oldin
  • im 12 and his voice is deeper then mine

    ryan kilgoryan kilgo4 oy oldin
  • Haha we eat ketchup on our fish also.❤️

    North-n-South HomesteadNorth-n-South Homestead4 oy oldin
  • Chicken turds work

    Boys RbackBoys Rback4 oy oldin
  • NO!!!!! LOL Dipping it in ketchup? LOL. Loved hearing Daniel telling Houston to stop smacking. "Come on Dad, that just means it's good."

    Eryn HuntEryn Hunt4 oy oldin
  • Sorry Arms family I am not a fan of Tilapia really bad experience good luck!

    nicolette frazeynicolette frazey4 oy oldin
  • Just love to see you guys, so much like my Grandpa's farm and when Dad had Free time

    Anna Markham-RobertsAnna Markham-Roberts4 oy oldin
  • I was having a heart attack because the pan handle was in the front of stove, i was always taught to put it in the back of pan or over the middle of stove so it wont get caught on a shirt or hit accidentally. Unfortunately my cousin was small and had a pan of boiling water fall onto him because my aunt hit it with her sleeve when handle was in front and knocked it off the stove.

    Lisa EvansLisa Evans4 oy oldin
  • My brother swears by corn. Small hook with a corn kernel on it! He just grabs a can of corn and takes it with him with a can opener. Hes even caught big bass, just put more corn on the hook

    Lisa EvansLisa Evans4 oy oldin
  • For a little guy, Houston does a really good job of acting like a "professional" on the videos. Not too much silliness and he does a GREAT job at the end each time too! Good job Houston!!!

    Maggie HMaggie H4 oy oldin
  • Cook a turtle

    St _HuntingSt _Hunting4 oy oldin
  • I know one way to catch tilapia fish you need a mustard hook and some bread

    Dinotamer15 DinoDinotamer15 Dino4 oy oldin
  • Crappie catch clean and cook

    Bridgett RandolphBridgett Randolph4 oy oldin
  • I use ketchup but I like crappie better

    Bridgett RandolphBridgett Randolph4 oy oldin
  • Here in South Florida we can catch them on worms. They will also like to hit a hook being trolled behind the boat

    Kim CritchleyKim Critchley4 oy oldin
  • Try stinky cheese!

    Gayle PoseyGayle Posey4 oy oldin
  • Momma meeting

    Brentley GuyBrentley Guy4 oy oldin
  • I haven’t had rabbit for ages Gramma fried and made gravy DNF boiled potatoes. Yummy

    Peggy CarperPeggy Carper4 oy oldin
  • have you tried corn meal balls bait like they use for cat fish?

    douglas Bdouglas B4 oy oldin
  • If their going to die anyway way not use a throw net and harvest them for winter!

    Dorothy FowlerDorothy Fowler4 oy oldin
  • Tilapia love worms

    Judy SullivanJudy Sullivan4 oy oldin
  • My grandpa always always makes soup of rabbit

    Elih’s OutdoorsElih’s Outdoors4 oy oldin
  • Use a fish trap with dog food

    baseball champbaseball champ4 oy oldin
  • We use honey mustard salad dressing from Ken's or tartar sauce lol.

    Sharon SiebertSharon Siebert4 oy oldin
  • Catfish also are bottom feeders.

    Sharon SiebertSharon Siebert4 oy oldin
  • Funny we had tilapia tonight for dinner. It was wild caught all the way from the market lol.

    Sharon SiebertSharon Siebert4 oy oldin
  • Wild cat are good eating, try a feral cat catch and cook Deep fry or roast like a chicken.

    james balsterjames balster4 oy oldin
  • they make great tacos, clean , filet and season pan fry. steam flour tortillas add cabbage tomato with spicy dressing.

    james balsterjames balster4 oy oldin
  • More talapia catch and eat videos please. By the way, I'd give my right arm to have one good memory of hanging with my dad when I was little. Houston you are so blessed.

    shirleyknits123shirleyknits1234 oy oldin
  • Do you video in Arkansas

    Aaron JolliffAaron Jolliff4 oy oldin
  • Do you live video in Arkansas

    Aaron JolliffAaron Jolliff4 oy oldin
  • i throw out some dogfood and cach the minnows with a little net

    Cristen CoxCristen Cox4 oy oldin
  • i cach monster talapia on minos

    Cristen CoxCristen Cox4 oy oldin
  • I'm curious where u live in Oklahoma oologah to be exact

    Wade MartinWade Martin4 oy oldin
  • use Hershey’s chocolate in your crawfish trap trust me it works

    KarmaKarma4 oy oldin
  • About 14-16 weeks that bun be ready for catch lean and cook! 🐇🥰

    nata Geenata Gee4 oy oldin
  • Can you guys at least try a walleye catch clean and cook

    Tucker GileTucker Gile4 oy oldin
  • Try Lindy rigs for the tilapia and I also have a question why don’t you guys have crappie The bass Pond and that good forage

    Tucker GileTucker Gile4 oy oldin
  • If it's good and you're with friends, it's ok to smack.👍🤗

    Jerry GibsJerry Gibs4 oy oldin
  • I've caught tilapia on seaweed. I'm not sure the type of seaweed but it's like a deep green dense foliage rosemary. Hope you have success. Blessings of safety and health. ☝🙏🇺🇸💪👉...

    Jerry GibsJerry Gibs4 oy oldin
  • Tilapia eat vegetable matter. Have you tried whole kernel corn on #8 or 10 wire hook? Might work. I’ve never fished for them

    Larry McGinnisLarry McGinnis4 oy oldin
  • I caught a carp on bread

    Greylon RobinsonGreylon Robinson4 oy oldin
  • Eating fish in ketchup is spot on. I do the same thing. :)

    John GuestJohn Guest4 oy oldin
  • Dont like talapia........

    Shaun RobertsShaun Roberts4 oy oldin
  • Houston... you probably already knew it but make sure Thumper has a stick to chew on. Rabbit teeth will grow too long if they don’t have something to chew on.

    SarahSarah4 oy oldin
  • Catch and cook shiners just fry the bodies and eat them whole

    Fishazon 33Fishazon 334 oy oldin
  • Tilapia is better when put on pepper and grilled

    Riad fadRiad fad4 oy oldin
  • Snake head

    Jake AbdennourJake Abdennour4 oy oldin
  • I hafe oring tlapia

    Rouzell SwartRouzell Swart4 oy oldin
  • I wanna see Houston eat a can of sardines HAHA not really them are nasty and I am pretty sure Emily would show him up on those! Great video you guys I enjoyed it! Been looking forward to this one since your Instagram story! Tell Houston I said hello, and he and I need to go fishing and have a fish off since I cant seem to get you to go! LOL I am ready to see the kids put a smack down on a big buck to!

    Pure Living For OutdoorsPure Living For Outdoors4 oy oldin
  • Catsup on fish never. Tartar sauce maybe. There is a mother rabbit out there somewhere wondering what happened to my baby.

    Lochan AcresLochan Acres4 oy oldin
  • Daniel believe or not u catch tilapia fish with bar soap, it’s truly odd but that’s what google says

    Marga DanksMarga Danks4 oy oldin
  • Check with Sawyer Ridge for certain, but I think rabbits are an 8 week grow out.

    Jerry BJerry B4 oy oldin
    • 12-15 weeks is usually a decent butchering size.

      Sawyer Ridge FarmSawyer Ridge Farm4 oy oldin