Squirrels Won't Stand a Chance Now!

5-Yan, 2021
109 990 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • i got a 22 for christmas and safety first i love yall

    Eli PaladinoEli Paladino5 kun oldin
  • Is squirrel season still open there? I would love to see him get one

    airsoft legendairsoft legend6 kun oldin
  • He acts like me with my gun shooting wild dogs, deer and a ton of pests.

    Jumpingzac - RobloxJumpingzac - Roblox6 kun oldin
  • Why is this kid putting headphones on shooting a 22 hahaha

    Kaden FarmerKaden Farmer6 kun oldin
  • God bless u Daniel. I enjoy your videos and I appreciate your honesty. It is great to watch Houston with Jimmy. I like u, watched his fishing shows when I was young before the internet and thoroughly enjoyed them and learned some new fishing stuff. Love your channel. Thank you!!

    Joe AnonemouseJoe Anonemouse6 kun oldin
  • Houston should make his on Channel LOL😂😂

    Sams outdoorsSams outdoors8 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day ❤️❤️❤️

    Unstoppable Game PlaysUnstoppable Game Plays8 kun oldin
  • Where did you get the gun

    Kholty ?Kholty ?9 kun oldin
  • Get him a 20 gauge when he’s older

    Landry CoyLandry Coy10 kun oldin
  • Houston at least you didn’t forget to put a bullet in the gun when hunting that happened to me this year.

    Beau EdwardsBeau Edwards11 kun oldin
  • we are big fans here at bellholleroutdoors

    Bell Holler OutdoorsBell Holler Outdoors12 kun oldin
  • With a 22

    Luke MitchellLuke Mitchell12 kun oldin
  • Why do y’all wear earmuffs

    Luke MitchellLuke Mitchell12 kun oldin
  • You both have a beautiful land and I plan to be that way myself one day

    Ben WatsonBen Watson12 kun oldin
  • I am Houston’s age and I got a .243 for Christmas

    Wyley OsikWyley Osik12 kun oldin
  • Why was he wearing earphones 22 isn't loud at all

    nuggets vlogsnuggets vlogs13 kun oldin
  • Un less u use. Magnum rounds I shot magnum rouds this weekend on a buddy of mine it was kidda loud

    Gabriel SaludaresGabriel Saludares13 kun oldin
  • Ok the 22 round is not loud so no need for ear protection

    Gabriel SaludaresGabriel Saludares13 kun oldin
  • I remember Lt. Dan Combs with OHP used to hit a BB with a 30 30 after throwing them in the air. GREAT that he is learning at a young age.

    Wayne WilsonWayne Wilson13 kun oldin
  • Houston knows his safety!😀

    Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson13 kun oldin
  • Sounds like Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

    OUTDOOR AFOUTDOOR AF14 kun oldin
  • OMG how can he shoot big guns my dad let’s me shoot only.9mm and 5.56 so yea but he’s a pro shooter 😀😀😀😀also subbed to your channel

    Gun SellerGun Seller14 kun oldin
  • 7:16 Houston: I swear! Me thinking: oh lord his butt about to get wipped

    Hobbs OutdoorsHobbs Outdoors14 kun oldin
  • Houston "Dead Eye" Arms 😇

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins14 kun oldin
  • What a moment Houston driving Jimmy. What a Buck WOW, GOD Bless

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins14 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised that kid didn’t shoot anybody, the whole time his finger was inside the trigger guard when there was a live bullet in the chamber teach the kid some gun safety before someone dies.

    Noah NationNoah Nation14 kun oldin
    • I was waiting for the gun to go off when he was talking to jimmy with his finger in the trigger guard

      Maverick MillesonMaverick Milleson13 kun oldin
  • Hey Houston I don’t think you need to tell the intro because I’m subscribed also tell Emily to shoot more elk I’m a hunter to

    Hunter AndersonHunter Anderson14 kun oldin
  • I want to be friends with Jimmy !

    Weekend Off-GridWeekend Off-Grid14 kun oldin
  • Good clean family fun.

    Weekend Off-GridWeekend Off-Grid14 kun oldin
  • He looks nervous LOL 😂

    Casey ProcopCasey Procop15 kun oldin
  • Do you eat them? Or just slaughter them?

    Cheryl KaakeCheryl Kaake15 kun oldin
  • I've been watching Jimmy Houston since a kid and I'm getting old.

    Harvey Rouse JR.Harvey Rouse JR.15 kun oldin
  • Why earmuffs with 22

    Amy VaughnAmy Vaughn15 kun oldin
  • I'ma Survivor Sanctuary has a pet feral pig named Pig Trudy. Pig Trudy is extremely friendly. Lives with all the other littles & loves her humans so much. She couldn't be more different from a normal feral pig. Lester also showed the damage they do to his fields & they've killed some of the babies there. He has nice big but not to big trap to catch entire families. He demonstrated it too. So while I'll always feel a bit sorry for them. Shoot them!

    NirrrinaNirrrina15 kun oldin
  • Remind him if he kills it he has to eat it. Nice shooting

    Cynthia JordanCynthia Jordan15 kun oldin
  • Just wondering do you teach the kids how to shoot with out having something to prop their gun on? Do you teach them and have them practice in different shooting position so they become accurate in them such as standing, sitting, kneeling and laying down? In NY state when one takes the class to get their hunting license they have to shoot in all of those positions.

    Nancy FurmanNancy Furman15 kun oldin
  • That is good that an"s no amley

    Carter WilsonCarter Wilson15 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy Jimmy Houstons videos of his pet deer family and seeing those BIG bucks that come and hang out in his yard. And as for Houston's raccoon traps, get a bottle of that Hershey's strawberry syrup and squirt some inside those foothold traps on top of the dog food and marshmallows. They love it so the smell of it will draw them to the traps. If there are raccoons around I bet he'll catch one the first night he uses that strawberry syrup.

    Calvin H.Calvin H.15 kun oldin
  • Those deer are beautiful ❤️ 🦌

    Susan MaserSusan Maser15 kun oldin
  • The legends when I was growing up Jimmy and Roland and Bill watching them on TBS

    P CP C15 kun oldin
  • Heck man! I am 45 years old and I would drop everything to go shoot .22 rifles with Jimmy Houston... Heck I might come up there just to rake the mans yard!!!

    tevelerteveler15 kun oldin
  • Thank you. Again you all make me smile on a day I did not think I would be able to. Thank you

    Where In The World Is Juliet?Where In The World Is Juliet?15 kun oldin
  • Nice little 22 Houston. Good shooting. Love the sights on that rifle. My eyes water in the winter time and peep sight is more accurate for me than open sights. I think you doing a great job for not having a scope.

    Paul PerringtonPaul Perrington15 kun oldin
  • Great video thanks for sharing Daniel

    MrAbro42MrAbro4216 kun oldin
  • Good day

    Becky TaulBecky Taul16 kun oldin
  • Way to shoot Houston! Love all your videos, Daniel!

    Kathy MalloneeKathy Mallonee16 kun oldin
  • Such a great life you are giving your kids. They will have great memories to always look back on.

    Jim HaleJim Hale16 kun oldin
  • Get a skoop

    Owen SnyderOwen Snyder16 kun oldin
  • Hey sir u was talking bout hog trap check out hollis farms on youtube he has a round type that drops and looks to work good....

    Trapper LeeTrapper Lee16 kun oldin
  • What. Type. Of. 22. Rife do.. you. Have

    Jordana RamjiitJordana Ramjiit16 kun oldin
  • I love all your videos.

    The Junkin Colvard'sThe Junkin Colvard's16 kun oldin
  • The first time I ever shot a shotgun it knocked me on my butt I think I was 17. LOL nice job Houston! And yes I love the land that he lives on. He should put up a rental cottages so people could come and rent out colleges on his land and relax. Yeah that’s a pretty awesome thing put the deer feeder there so you guys can sit on the porch and watch them pretty lucky I wish I could go back in my years I would totally move into the woods LOL. Thanks for sharing

    Daisy KennedyDaisy Kennedy16 kun oldin
  • He’s a better shot than I am.

    Eubanks Family HomesteadEubanks Family Homestead16 kun oldin
  • By the way a wile back in the video were you burned grass there was a creature in the back round

    Earl RudEarl Rud16 kun oldin
  • U live in Texas

    Out doors With SKBOut doors With SKB16 kun oldin
  • You should feed some wild hogs out and fatten them up and slaughter them. You can take and build a 10 by 10 floor with roof and 2x6s around the pen like a cow fence and spray them down daily to clean them and the pen clean and you feed and water them every day to fatten them up and they are worth eating then

    Trev HollandTrev Holland16 kun oldin
  • I’m gona say the 17 was shooting high if jimmy sighted that thing in say at 50 yards on 4x and then you zoom it all the way in those 17s and 22s will shoot high!

    Trev HollandTrev Holland16 kun oldin
  • I do enjoy the ones that you think are boring and I also think your land is lust as beautiful as Jimmy's...❤ Thank you for sharing

    Nedra DavisNedra Davis16 kun oldin
  • Our kids future is gone anyways.

    Paul E Clemons JrPaul E Clemons Jr16 kun oldin
  • Your continuance of deer feeder is jus going to cause pigs to ruin that field more An more .. I take completely away..An I feel it’s time to bury that pig Houston shot ..

    Darren’s Mopar ExpressDarren’s Mopar Express16 kun oldin
  • See that's the thing - it was really a very interesting video - so thanks guys and keep em coming - God Bless

    Lance PearsonLance Pearson16 kun oldin
  • I'm surprised that you are still getting pictures of Turkey Buzzards....they have migrated south of us in central Missouri.

    Duane TaylorDuane Taylor16 kun oldin
  • Great video guys.

    Brody Jump-fly-die-fryBrody Jump-fly-die-fry16 kun oldin
  • I get to escape from the Real World watching your videos, Thank You 🙏 Lots of Love.

    Sheila BauerSheila Bauer16 kun oldin
  • First off.... good for Houston on watching the muzzle when y'all were starting out there. Question.... where did you get those clay bird holders?

    Abbott's guns and hobbiesAbbott's guns and hobbies16 kun oldin
  • Great video daniel. Looks like Houston is getting the nak of that 22. Cant wait to see a catch n cook video. Much love from Michigan to you and yours

    Lisa PrzygockiLisa Przygocki16 kun oldin
  • way to go houston keep up the good work!

    CarolinatrappingandoutdoorsCarolinatrappingandoutdoors16 kun oldin
  • My friend bought a goat from yall his name is mark Clifford Scott he like you to call him cliff

    Raiden MossRaiden Moss16 kun oldin
  • Where did you get those metal stands that are holding the clay pigeons ?

    Chris & LynnChris & Lynn17 kun oldin
  • Wow Houston good shooting!!

    Kimberly ClarkKimberly Clark17 kun oldin
  • That young man needs a 22 Henry lever action

    Richard GuntrumRichard Guntrum17 kun oldin
  • I am personally a so good at ranching

    Toni HillToni Hill17 kun oldin
  • I simply love your channel ❤. Each video is a learning experience. I'm a city girl never have I ever shot a gun but it looks like so much fun watching you and your family. Happy New Year guys stay Blessed

    Bridget HarveyBridget Harvey17 kun oldin
  • Teach them young, teach them right. He will feed a family for life. You are an Awesome Dad and he is a great shot. 👍🏻

    Mike RogersMike Rogers17 kun oldin
  • Build a 2-3 foot fence around feeder area to keep hogs out, but deer can jump. 50(or more) foot of wire fence in a circle is what we do in Louisiana.

    andy wrightandy wright17 kun oldin
  • I must be doing it wrong... I don't take a breath and hold it, I let my breath out and hold it. And I leave both eyes open. If I close one eye I lose depth perception, and my vision is blurry when I open it again. --- I wish I could shoot squirrels in my yard. They are a huge pest, they dig burrows in the levees and cause millions (billions) of dollars in damage due to flooding. It's hard to keep track of firearm, hunting, and fishing laws here in California. They make up new laws all the time, never have any votes on them, and never really announce them, so what was legal yesterday may not be legal tomorrow. And many of our laws are written so they can be "interpreted" in various ways. They call them "wobbler" laws, and depending on interpretation can be a misdemeanor or a felony. And if considered a felony it could count as a strike in California's Three Strikes Law, which means if you get 3 felonies, even if they are non-violent offenses, you could be given Life in Prison. And they can't figure why so many are leaving California.

    Duck LandesDuck Landes17 kun oldin
    • Duck, you aren't the only one who wishes you could shoot the squirrels in your yard. We have a tall wooden fence around our entire yard, and the squirrels run across the top of it and drive the dogs nuts and us with their barking.

      Mary BMary B16 kun oldin
  • It not cool

    spring creekspring creek17 kun oldin
  • how do yall get feeders off the ground enough so the hogs dont get it?

    Lip RippersLip Rippers17 kun oldin
  • Put a couple sardines in those raccoon traps. You'll thank me later😃

    Cityfied RedneckCityfied Redneck17 kun oldin
  • love the videos but please teach him not to have his finger on the trigger

    timy turnertimy turner17 kun oldin
  • Let’s get the arms fam homestead to 900k

    Jessica JohnstonJessica Johnston17 kun oldin
  • Just love hearing Houston screaming

    Francine LevineFrancine Levine17 kun oldin
  • Any time you can spend with your kids is UNO#1 in my book, Thx for the vid.

    William McCaslinWilliam McCaslin17 kun oldin

  • I subscribed to you and jimmy Houston outdoors. Your both living the dream keep it up.

    Will’s outdoor experienceWill’s outdoor experience17 kun oldin
  • 👍👍

    Brent RollinsBrent Rollins17 kun oldin
  • Oh lord. 🤣😂. He is going to make me wet myself from laughter. Then he yells I swear. 😂🤣😆

    Jonathan CraftJonathan Craft17 kun oldin
  • Daniel try watching Yawt Yawt on facebook. he uses one of those traps like you are talking about. Houston is getting pretty good.

    Dave WhiteDave White17 kun oldin
  • Huston definitely doesn't have stormtrooper training lol considering he hasn't had much practice but he has a good trainer so in sure he will be lighting matches in no time

    Drew MakaturaDrew Makatura17 kun oldin
  • a shotgun would pretty much destroy those clay pigeons. Houston know the difference between the two types of guns yet?

    Judy Ann GieseJudy Ann Giese17 kun oldin
  • Target shooting is great but you start loosing us old ladies with your raccoon and squirrel trapping/shooting :( Killing deer for the meat is understandable but killing squirrels and raccoons just to kill them is hard to swallow for those that aren't "hard" country.

    dprrescuedprrescue17 kun oldin
  • Houston, I think you're a natural. Never stop trying to get better.

    Brad CashBrad Cash17 kun oldin
  • where can i get a stand like you have for your deer feeders

    Alan ChaseAlan Chase17 kun oldin
  • check out Hollis farms for wild hog trapping

    Mike DuckMike Duck17 kun oldin
  • Holding your breath as you pull trigger keeps you from shaking.

    Vandy GibsonVandy Gibson17 kun oldin
  • Catch, clean and cook those limb grippers. My people don’t like much wild game except me, but my daughter always asks me to get her some tree chicken meat. She loves those tree rats!!

    Tom NewtonTom Newton17 kun oldin
  • My 5 yr old just got his first BB gun.. He's anxious to use it..

    Vandy GibsonVandy Gibson17 kun oldin
  • Jimmy has a place and so do you , have places that make me think this is what happened would be like because it's so beautiful with the animals running free and it's just wonderful and thank you and thank Jimmy for sharing it with the world God bless arms family God bless Jimmy Houston's family

    Ali AshAli Ash17 kun oldin
  • As a 4H shooting sports leader eyes & ears protection ALWAYS are needed!

    Dell JohnsonDell Johnson17 kun oldin
  • I hope it’s not lost on Houston how lucky he is to hang out with Jimmy Would be an experience of a lifetime for a lot of people. Good shooting young man !

    Prairie Haven VenturesPrairie Haven Ventures17 kun oldin