Sportsmen Givin' Back Banquet and Meet up in Pensacola Florida!

6-Okt, 2020
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  • keep your mask on Houston just cuz you're on a plane don't mean you're safe God bless you

    Pauline GarciaPauline Garcia2 oy oldin
  • How you doing my favorite family on UZworld I hope everything is good God bless all of you and keep on doing what you do best

    Jose AlbinoJose Albino2 oy oldin
  • Excellent channel

    Alan CummingsAlan Cummings2 oy oldin
  • That is rude when Houston butts in on people's conversation.

    Linda DewLinda Dew2 oy oldin
  • That’s my town! Wish i knew you were coming.

    dhatch04dhatch043 oy oldin

    Terry MinnickTerry Minnick3 oy oldin
  • Awesome stories of how you impact other lives, You never know the end result. Ripple effects!!!!

    Tony RobertsTony Roberts3 oy oldin

    Anders langeAnders lange3 oy oldin

    Terry MinnickTerry Minnick3 oy oldin
  • I love you you guys

    Heather EckerHeather Ecker3 oy oldin
  • This was a great video.

    Cathy GriffinCathy Griffin3 oy oldin
  • The barge broke the bridge we had to go around it too

    Parker MossParker Moss3 oy oldin
  • Love your videos people watch and see you as family you it's awesome love your place, animals

    Amy Van HoyAmy Van Hoy3 oy oldin
  • I am following you all from Myanmar n its making my Covid lockdown bearable watching you all

    Mohini ThanmaungMohini Thanmaung3 oy oldin
  • Thanks for all you do. Everybody! Prayers!

    Tammy HughesTammy Hughes3 oy oldin
  • Where is everyone’s masks

    Oppo BashtonOppo Bashton3 oy oldin
  • Is Weston in Collage

    Callen AutryCallen Autry3 oy oldin
  • Yep I miss home

    airplane247airplane2473 oy oldin
  • Hey I live in Pensacola

    Josh LipscombJosh Lipscomb3 oy oldin
  • sorry pretty lil Arms girl... NO *L* in samon...... hahahahaa its Samon! l is quiet!

    brian kleinkopfbrian kleinkopf3 oy oldin
  • I wish I could have been there and see the little girl hang on you.😇

    O'Donnell's Aussie HomesteadO'Donnell's Aussie Homestead3 oy oldin
  • Great video thanks for sharing 🥰🙏💜

    Sharon CheeseboroSharon Cheeseboro3 oy oldin
  • Just watched Hidden Oaks. Thanks for showing me a way to learn what I am doing. I just recovered from a severe head injury and can not work any longer so I purchased a 20-acre farm to try my hand at homesteading. I have not done any video's as to what I have done the first month, but I wish I would of. I will be watching hidden oaks now so I can learn from their mistakes. Hopefully, with GODS help I can get this farm off the ground. It is really overgrown and I am working 14 hours a day right now with a backhoe to clear the trees and debris from the land. Give me prayers, I will need it. My friends say a smart man wouldn't have taken on what I have taken on, so I guess that proves my head injury is worse than I thought. LOL.

    Hoffer Family Homestead IndianaHoffer Family Homestead Indiana3 oy oldin
  • Another interesting video! I saw someone comment negatively about masks. I’m not putting anyone down for taking a break from them-I’d gotten pretty relaxed about them myself for awhile. I’m back to wearing them religiously-positive cases are on the rise here. Take care-God bless!

    Carolyn FultonCarolyn Fulton3 oy oldin
  • Skanska losing their barges🙃

    Quinton RenfroeQuinton Renfroe3 oy oldin
  • 60 degrees in flip flops.. its like you belong here!!! Welcome to FLORIDA

    Lauren and Eric HyslerLauren and Eric Hysler3 oy oldin
  • Hey, I live in pensacola, welcome. Also I wouldnt try to go over the 3 mile bridge it has a barge in it

    BobBuildzBobBuildz3 oy oldin
  • I love you guys!! Please be safe and wear a mask.

    Dirk LeFloreDirk LeFlore3 oy oldin
  • My grandpa watched your videos and wanted me to tell you that he loves them and likes watching the farm! Thanks for sharing!

    Ben MoormanBen Moorman3 oy oldin
  • When y’all leaving I am coming Saturday morning

    Parker MossParker Moss3 oy oldin
  • Absolutely love this channel it’s my favorite such a beautiful family as well keep up the great work !!

    Ruben VegaRuben Vega3 oy oldin
  • Is it just me or have they gone to Florida 3 times this year lol

    Stacy GlazeStacy Glaze3 oy oldin
  • Your daughter eat sardines I still want her

    Aden HarrisonAden Harrison3 oy oldin
  • Lol. I'm a Pensacola native that's actually the perfect weather...we wear flip flops pretty much year round ..there are a few days we don't but not many...Have fun...

    Stephanie McbroomStephanie Mcbroom3 oy oldin
  • I think it’s really cool that you guys go to Pensacola beach because I go to Panama City beach

    Michael CagleMichael Cagle3 oy oldin
  • The water there is much more beautiful than Pismo Beach clear...our water is darker...and it’s almost always 60 degrees in that area...and with fog...

    Tiny Female ShooterTiny Female Shooter3 oy oldin
  • Lol I live in Pensacola Florida 😂

    KyloKylo3 oy oldin
  • I went to hidden oaks homestead and today video was about them plucking chickens and cutting them up to eat I was like what I just watched lol Was a learning experience I have never seen that I mean I know it happens that’s what they where raiseing the chicken for

    david reeldavid reel3 oy oldin
  • I went over to your new friend's channel and they have a channel that will be great, I enjoyed their content and the way they presented it. My wife's family is from Oklahoma and her oldest brother is from Gene Autry, Oklahoma so I'm sure you aren't too far from him. We visit him about once a year and it's almost time to go again.

    William MooreWilliam Moore3 oy oldin
  • What kind of camera do you use

    connors outdoors adventuresconnors outdoors adventures3 oy oldin
  • You look a little shagy need to trim up a little

    Earl DenioEarl Denio3 oy oldin
  • I live in Pensacola Florida

    Brooklyn ShayBrooklyn Shay3 oy oldin
  • the whole family should just move to fla..

    dell wrightdell wright3 oy oldin
  • love it guys

  • Emma Lee, you need to try some wasabi and ginger on that sushi!

    Donna MooreDonna Moore3 oy oldin
  • Even when it's not a "good" beach day...Vitamin SEA is good for the soul :D

    Heritage Homestead of Cape CodHeritage Homestead of Cape Cod3 oy oldin
  • 60 degrees? we in Florida put sweaters on heehee turn on heat at 55

    Rusty GurgignoRusty Gurgigno3 oy oldin
  • Judy be careful with sharks

    Alfredo VelascoAlfredo Velasco3 oy oldin
  • Thank God yall left when you did! Hurricane Delta is headed that way.

    Lucy JohnsonLucy Johnson3 oy oldin
  • Oh damn... wifey said "We're going" hhaahhahahah

    Kris BrownKris Brown3 oy oldin
  • Must be the bum advice people are getting on the internet.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf3 oy oldin
  • Wait!!! How did I not know about this in Pensacola?

    Taylor FenoglioTaylor Fenoglio3 oy oldin
  • Well, no one is wearing masks there either.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf3 oy oldin
  • Let's try Chicago.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf3 oy oldin
  • let's check out Detroit, that doesn't look like Deteoit.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf3 oy oldin
  • So that's what goes on in Pensacola.

    Blabber WulfBlabber Wulf3 oy oldin
  • Haha ughhhh we have to go Garson bridge

    Chloe McMillionChloe McMillion3 oy oldin
  • Thank you that was lovely. So glad you had a great time, good to have you back on the farm safely! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from South Africa

    Wendy HWendy H3 oy oldin
  • Your kids look like they are having, fun I wish my family is as fun as yours

    ツツ Jayden on 60 fpsツツ Jayden on 60 fps3 oy oldin
  • Crazy how Hidden Oaks is already on my youtube subscrbe.🍀🌸

    T MT M3 oy oldin
  • I love the California role it’s by far the best

    Brady LinamenBrady Linamen3 oy oldin
  • I know y'all love the beach and it's a long drive to get there, smart to fly and rent a vehicle. The seashore always does you good. I tried living on the beach and waking up to it everyday at first was nice, but after a couple of years it lost it's magic. I left and came back to my home town and haven't been back since, over 20 years ago. And never regretted coming back. The beach lost it magic too.

    Amanda SummervilleAmanda Summerville3 oy oldin
  • Thats perdido not pcola🤯

    Dustin SmithDustin Smith3 oy oldin
  • Thank you Houston. I was wondering when this was filmed.

    MrWenckeMrWencke3 oy oldin
  • Dang wish I would have seen y'all were in Pensacola

    Randy GranthamRandy Grantham3 oy oldin
  • Hello everyone!!

    Lynda KemplandLynda Kempland3 oy oldin
  • On Oct. 20,2020 I am sending positive energy out to the universe. Imagine if it went global? Blessings

    Ann ThweattAnn Thweatt3 oy oldin
  • wow no social distancing or safety precautions in place here. I hope no one gets sick or dies...

    Eva Kiefer-FerraraEva Kiefer-Ferrara3 oy oldin
  • That’s where my uncle lives haven’t seen him in years

    Alex McBrayerAlex McBrayer3 oy oldin
  • Houston did not have his mask covering his nose and mouth on the plane and even spoke on the plane without his mask covering the exhalation, particulates and aerosols that can circulate for 3 hours! He is old enough to know better. You were sitting beside him and he was being videotaped. This behaviour could put at risk all of the people travelling on that plane, and could put Houston at risk as well! I just do not get it, why he would have a mask on his face but remove it from his nose and mouth. We would have still been able to hear what he was saying even through his mask. Unacceptable! I am now going to unsubscribe from your channel due to this irresponsible behaviour.

    Kathleen WalshKathleen Walsh3 oy oldin
    • Calm down Karen

      Christa ThompsonChrista Thompson3 oy oldin
  • yeah, boy, when that hurricane hit (Sally? I can't keep up this year!) and hit pensacola...I thought...oh, bet they are glad they didn't invest yet...Florida and the panhandle get a lot of storms...used to live 30 miles from Freeport, Tx. and many many years ago, owned a beach house in Crystal Beach ( East of Galveston) was great and my daughter (only child) always had friends we brought with us for weekend beach seeing the kids being kids, playing in the water and sand...good family time! Now, there is another storm expected to be a cat 4-5 and will hit mostly Louisiana or Mississippi...what a crazy year this is....

    Ginger ReidGinger Reid3 oy oldin
  • Don’t get COVID

    Blake ColvinBlake Colvin3 oy oldin
  • OMG I didn't know they were coming to Pensacola. I live in Pensacola! I know my sister would have driven me because she's really into the homesteading families 2 and I've told her about arms family Homestead. I know they come to Pensacola for vacations but that's their family time and nobody wants to bother them at that time but this was a meet and greet dang it. Hopefully another chance comes up and I'll be able to meet them. I am just so in love with you stand he is so adorable I'm 60 year old grandma and he would fit right in with all my other grandkids. He is a hoot well I wish the family nothing but love and joy and peace especially now that Daddy has retired from the Oklahoman state troopers. God bless them all!

    Catherine SizemoreCatherine Sizemore3 oy oldin
    • Okay I've been using the microphone and once again it messed up on his name. It's supposed to say Houston LOL

      Catherine SizemoreCatherine Sizemore3 oy oldin
  • 🤔... here in california theres no salmon in a California roll... it's imitation crab...

    Steve RobinsonSteve Robinson3 oy oldin
  • Small World

    Daniel SDaniel S3 oy oldin
  • please be safe y'all....

    Eva Kiefer-FerraraEva Kiefer-Ferrara3 oy oldin
  • Arms Family great, but Jimmy Houston no mask, and his ideas a thumbs down.

    Marcel BerbersMarcel Berbers3 oy oldin
  • I love California rolls!!!

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountains3 oy oldin
  • Beautiful video again! Thank you for sharing your family and famous "friend", lol and also your love for the Lord Jesus!

    Glenda BaldwinGlenda Baldwin3 oy oldin
  • Out of all your videos I have watched on your you tube this was by far the best. Listening to jimmy houston proclaim the word was priceless.

    phillip vaughtphillip vaught3 oy oldin
  • The beach looked Beautiful!!!! Arms Family I am so glad you had a blessed time in Pensacola... Maybe one day we will get to see Fl again. Welcome back to the great state of Oklahoma!!

    Christy JurinaChristy Jurina3 oy oldin
  • How come your at an event in Florida that only a few are wearing a mask?

    Robert GlasemannRobert Glasemann3 oy oldin
  • Was really blessed to see young Houston getting into the Worship at 7 mins 26 secs! Good on you Houston!

    Paul SinclairPaul Sinclair3 oy oldin
  • Hi.... Thank you for sharing your video homestead chicken farmer garden 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 👕🐔🐓🐥🐕🐖🐈🌱🐐🐄🐟🐠 🎣 🎥👍👍👍

    Batpherlang KharkrangBatpherlang Kharkrang3 oy oldin
  • I love y'all you always make my day.

    Waynette CrenshawWaynette Crenshaw3 oy oldin
  • Y'all should go fishing out on the beach

    hunter kornegayhunter kornegay3 oy oldin
  • If you would give like a year in advance notice to us Texans, I could save up to meet you all. I'm NOT into fishing or swimming in non-clorinated water, but I just wanted to meet you and your family. If it weren't for being inside due to the virus...I never would have watched you. Thank you.

    Stephanie WigginsStephanie Wiggins3 oy oldin
  • I could listen to Jimmy all day long

    Sissy SimpsonSissy Simpson3 oy oldin
  • you got your UZworld

    Sissy SimpsonSissy Simpson3 oy oldin
  • Awesome wish I had been watching I would have love to have met you guys. But cleaning up after hurricane and getting ready for another one. Not a lot of free time. Love you family and your videos. Maybe next time 😄

    Sonny BlackSonny Black3 oy oldin
  • Awsome video! Would like to hear all of Jimmy Houston talk. Y’all are such a wonderful family and Emily and Houston want to be with the parents!

    Stacy DavisStacy Davis3 oy oldin
  • Looks like fun times for sure. So wicked to meet someone on the beach & find out she watches. Stay safe & take care of you all. Thanks for sharing eh :))

    Cypress BlueCypress Blue3 oy oldin
  • And another hurricane headed that way

    Marcy WilliamsMarcy Williams3 oy oldin
  • Please come to ireland

    Daire DooleyDaire Dooley3 oy oldin
  • I enjoyed this video because it showed your love of God and that it’s not all about life events appreciate you Arms Family

    Bill MillsBill Mills3 oy oldin
  • flip flops in cold weather, just turn your heater on your cold feet, lol im 6-5 365 its a big guy thing, lol

    JR GINN IIIJR GINN III3 oy oldin
  • I hope everyone was wearing masks including your children.

    Kelly SillsKelly Sills3 oy oldin
  • So glad you all enjoyed the beach together and Emalee met a friend. Both of my cats are in the bed with me. My four dogs want to sleep with me too. No way. You guys can let the little donkeys sleep with you guys. Lo How is the rabbit doing?

    Denise PopeDenise Pope3 oy oldin
  • Houston I went into the Altana Ocean in Dec. long long time ago came home in a winter coat snow boots/// OH OH BUT IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL THERE WITH THE WAVES THE SOUND !!!

    Linda PetersenLinda Petersen3 oy oldin
  • And you want to live there?

    Bill DBill D3 oy oldin