She's Ready to Leave the Farm!

12-Yan, 2021
136 056 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • cows

    Celia KaiserCelia Kaiser9 soat oldin
  • I love y’all

    Clay RyalsClay RyalsKun oldin
  • Weston is an amazing ball player. I used to be a cheerleader many years ago for our high school basketball team. Hope he gets a scholarship. That boy will probably go pro. Very cool!

    Barbara NewmanBarbara Newman2 kun oldin
  • have y’all ever gave whopper a whopper?

    mirandavlogsmirandavlogs2 kun oldin
  • Always good to see the kiddo's enjoying bball I've been slacking a bit haven't been keeping up with youtube I've been dealing with life here great video

    mary Johnsmary Johns2 kun oldin
  • I shaved my husband of 27 years! He also hated to shave! I didn't mind doing it for him! Little did we know in our last years together he would become sick,and needed me to shave him! My husband was older than me,but we worked together and farmed together for years! We put up 4 chicken houses .in 1983. We now grow for Pilgrams, one of the largest companies in the world! He passed away in 2008.And yes I shaved him one last time ,before they took him out of our home! It was hard but I felt that I just had to, . The time was special to me, take care ,be safe. Keep farming and enjoying your family.

    Austin WilloughbyAustin Willoughby2 kun oldin
  • I never comment...but I just feel the need to tell you. You always create content that is wholesome & entertaining. I love watching your videos. Thanks for sharing!!!

    djy1962djy19622 kun oldin
  • They looked like they were having fun!

    Starlene KalinskiStarlene Kalinski4 kun oldin
  • Weston is great a basketball

    Fritz FishingFritz Fishing4 kun oldin
  • Great shots near 16:00 on video.

    R David BrungardR David Brungard4 kun oldin
  • I liked the clean shaven look.

    Andrea PiperAndrea Piper4 kun oldin
  • Put a hoop in the Barn/Workshop. Film the kids playing one on one. I would like to see you take a few shots Mr. Arms. LoL Really they need to practice. Emily needs to build up strength, the ball is still kind of heavy and she is light. I enjoyed the video and seeing Jacoby too!

    We Shall Not ForgetWe Shall Not Forget5 kun oldin
  • Awesome!! It is great that all of your kids are getting the encouragement to explore their talents and interests! Good job, Mom and Dad! May things go great for everyone this year!

    Shannon DeLongShannon DeLong5 kun oldin
  • Great video thanks for sharing

    Struggling Beekeeper Mark CottrellStruggling Beekeeper Mark Cottrell5 kun oldin
  • Yes, like the red & black shirt

    Debra K.Debra K.5 kun oldin
  • Their is nothing like a good basketball game. In my opinion, the daughter's game, the other team was comfiting some fouls that were not called.

    Tom Vicarri LtColDaddy71Tom Vicarri LtColDaddy715 kun oldin
  • No matter what you do, THANK YOU, for taking us along. I personally LoVe 💕 the Lumber Jack hoodie, it is gorgeous!

    Linda WallLinda Wall6 kun oldin
  • I really like the red and black buffalo plaid shirts.

    Robbie KenanRobbie Kenan6 kun oldin
  • Your children's games are important to you and because of that you should include them in your videos sometimes.

    Robbie KenanRobbie Kenan6 kun oldin
  • Where do you guys live like what town and state

    Jeff DaltonJeff Dalton6 kun oldin
  • You should feel proud of weston he looks great playing and is a real Bucket Machine

    Adiyn BurchettAdiyn Burchett6 kun oldin
  • I'm coming from you from here in Aitkin Minnesota

    GiGi DahlGiGi Dahl6 kun oldin
  • Yes I like the red and black

    GiGi DahlGiGi Dahl6 kun oldin
  • When you showed us when the heifers were walking I noticed that butterscotch was throwing her head around. For our goats when they do they we just give them a rap or a flick on the nose. Otherwise they are doing great!!!!

    Johannah McDonaldJohannah McDonald6 kun oldin
  • It's nice when a young person has a passion, it's even better when they are good at it. Good job young man👍👍👍✌️

    Budd 56Budd 566 kun oldin
  • Well Daniel, I have to give it to you Bud. I’m usually one of those guys that, is very peculiar on my shaving products. But after seeing how well it shaved your face, just on the first couple strips; I just had to give them a try. I ordered my box and can’t wait for it to get here; to see how awesome this looks. P.S (Any men or woman that go to Harry’s page to order, it’s VERY user friendly. Not a long drawn out process. Took me less than 3 minutes to place my order and receive my confirmation) Thanks again Daniel and especially for the discount code. 🙂🙌🏼🙏🏼

    Kdurden0901Kdurden09016 kun oldin
  • I sure do miss those days. My daughter graduated a couple years ago. And she loves playing ball. Both your kids are good at it. That sure must’ve been a proud moment every time you heard them call arms for three. LOL thank you for sharing

    Living Miracle HomesteadLiving Miracle Homestead6 kun oldin
  • Wow...I didnt recognize you without the hat. You look alittle like Seth McFarland. Is it me, or does all WNBA games look the same...

    TACO TACOTACO TACO6 kun oldin
  • Love all checker colors.

    Brenda NelsonBrenda Nelson6 kun oldin
  • So who ready to leave the farm?

    Mr robot XXMr robot XX7 kun oldin
  • Oh how I miss those days. Hectic days of transportation and scheduling. Uniform cleaning and nutrition supplies. Early ? Or ? Late dinner ? Overlapping games. Who’s to attend ? Embrace !! You will soon be missing it all. 😊❤️

    Lisa BrownLisa Brown7 kun oldin
  • Yep I play football

    Liam ClementsLiam Clements7 kun oldin
  • Weston has a smooth on point 3, fadeaway is on point too, very good player, enjoyed watching them both. GOD Bless

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins7 kun oldin
  • YEEEESSSSS on the red plaid, Plaid is my favorite Color!

    Whopants FranciscoWhopants Francisco7 kun oldin
  • Has Weston been seen by a scout yet? Pretty dang good!

    Nancy YotzNancy Yotz7 kun oldin
  • Your son Weston has a lot of potential with basketball. He seems to really passionate and enjoys what he's doing and that's the most important thing. He also shows a lot of skills in the way he moves compared to the other kids in that game. I wouldn't be surprised if Weston becomes a basketball star if he sets his mind to it.

    Kratos GodofWarKratos GodofWar7 kun oldin
  • that kind of stuff been banned for months with no froups over 10 for the most part, and early on, we were locked down, and many $1800 fines were handed out for walking in a public park, to not having a mask on in a public place, and no more the 30 people in a market at a time, now 2 weeks ago we are ack into lock down, no out side your home or land other then for medical, food shopping and medical workers, masks have been the law all along, both you and the store owner gets fined for no mask, and out numbers were so low they closed the covid wards in the hospitals for 2 months, but we shot up to 153 cases in a past few weeks so is total lock down, all events been canceled all summer and even now, no weddings, no dead people walking.. yet the whole usa about to hit a millon deaths and people do as they please, not a care for others

    Arnold RomppaiArnold Romppai7 kun oldin
  • Great video Daniel! Enjoy the time you spend with the kids events. They are really doing great, and having mom and dad there is something special.

    Marvin BryantMarvin Bryant7 kun oldin
  • Channel name is Arms Family. You should share all that you wish to.

    Adam GipsonAdam Gipson7 kun oldin
  • You got to show the heifers more

    Jackson UlmerJackson Ulmer7 kun oldin
  • #1 on the white team keeps on holding 0 for red

    Bailey The beagleBailey The beagle7 kun oldin
  • omgoodness that was some painful hoops! lol good effort girls

    patches. simonpatches. simon7 kun oldin
  • That number 20 and 40 for the team in black looks like middle linebackers

    Bailey The beagleBailey The beagle7 kun oldin
  • Weird not seeing him with the hat for a short period of time

    Bailey The beagleBailey The beagle7 kun oldin
  • 34 pts in HS, that's something else man. Way to go!

    Jared DavisJared Davis8 kun oldin
  • Red n black checkered is awesome!

    vivian zunigavivian zuniga8 kun oldin
  • Weston is good. I would not be surprised at all that he will get a scholarship

    Ansley KinnamonAnsley Kinnamon8 kun oldin
  • Pretty dang good is Right!

    vivian zunigavivian zuniga8 kun oldin
  • love the red and black hoodies!

    Kristina KinseyKristina Kinsey8 kun oldin
  • You’ve made this my favorite channel with you’re honesty and fun stuff!

    vivian zunigavivian zuniga8 kun oldin
  • Maybe find some tires to put your round cattle feeders in. Can’t tip them over. 😉💓

    Colene Vigness LenhartColene Vigness Lenhart8 kun oldin
  • Arms for 3!! That's all I heard!! Woohoo!!

    Beth NataleBeth Natale8 kun oldin
  • Hey Daniel...I've been shaving with HARRYS products for a couple years now. Great razors! I would never switch back to those "others."

    The Back Porch FarmerThe Back Porch Farmer8 kun oldin
  • WOW! Weston is a beast! Congrats to him on a great game!

    The Back Porch FarmerThe Back Porch Farmer8 kun oldin
  • It fits!!

    Corey WoodCorey Wood8 kun oldin
  • i thought it was his channel :-) lol

    Freddy FudpuckerFreddy Fudpucker8 kun oldin
  • Love your merch!

    Bobbie YounceBobbie Younce8 kun oldin
  • Brings back great memories of when I was in girls high basketball, many years ago! Thankyou for sharing! Emmalee and Weston are fantastic!

    Bobbie YounceBobbie Younce8 kun oldin
  • Where is Houston what is he doing

    Maria ResendezMaria Resendez8 kun oldin
  • Sry I rambled. Lol I watch and comment at the same time. for the cc again. 🤗

    Daisy KennedyDaisy Kennedy8 kun oldin
  • Lol what did u do with whopper?? Too funny. I love when you show the animals... 🤗🤗🤗 Nice job kids. 1 day at a time.🤗. I guess the girls don’t like sticking there head in a bucket to eat. Lol I love your dogs, they need love also. Ps. Nice job Emily, I used to play but I didn’t do as good as you. And I love seeing Jacoby great kid. 🤗 lol having a husband that was a traffic law inforcer,,,, nope we will drive.. lmao. They made the game.. nice job Weston. Thanks for sharing. Love watching. 🤗🤗 everything’s good on your channel. Huston let him do his thing.. fishing.. yaaa.

    Daisy KennedyDaisy Kennedy8 kun oldin
  • Em did ok for her experience but Weston was on FIRE! They both did great. I do love the red and black hoodie. Have a great week 😀

  • LOL! Telling a 60 pound boy to not let an unbroken 200 pound heifer push him around. LOL

    Mountain FisherMountain Fisher8 kun oldin
  • Your boy is pretty good at playing hoops.

    harold Dentonharold Denton8 kun oldin
    • Who does oldest son get his athletic ability from?

      harold Dentonharold Denton8 kun oldin
    • He can shoot the 3 ball. Especially from the upper right side of the 3 point arc.

      harold Dentonharold Denton8 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed this video. It feels good to see different things. Keep up the good work ALL OF YOU!!!!

    Flow PopFlow Pop8 kun oldin
  • Love the ball game videos. Post more of westons!!!!!

    trucker820trucker8208 kun oldin
  • Sure enjoyed watching the ball games. Weston sure is a great ball player, he will surely be able to play in college.

    Wanda MorrisWanda Morris8 kun oldin
  • I purchased a XLM-L2 flashlight that I saw on The Arms Family Homestead. It does not work, even after charging for 24 hours. Have sent messages to The Tackle Outlet, for all the good that has done.

    Gayle BarnesGayle Barnes8 kun oldin
  • Please don’t leave were can y’all deer hunt

    Twin CentralTwin Central8 kun oldin
  • awesome video

    Christine 666Christine 6668 kun oldin
  • Weston is so good at basketball and Emmalee looked good I think. I love watching them play I hope you show more. I love that checkered hoodie a lot. If I had the money I would buy it with the Sulfur Bulldogs on it.

    Sandra ThomasSandra Thomas8 kun oldin
  • That Arms boy (#0) is a good shooter!!

    Junkyard TailgateJunkyard Tailgate9 kun oldin
  • Westons is a straight baller🏀

    JonathanTheVlogger 9000JonathanTheVlogger 90009 kun oldin
  • I loved this vlog! Great to see the kids doing what they love. I’m in Florida but love to see the animals too.

    Gail WalkerGail Walker9 kun oldin
  • Y’all should post more basketball games

    Robert BaldwinRobert Baldwin9 kun oldin
  • So glad you shared the kids playing. They look great.

    Judy VititoeJudy Vititoe9 kun oldin
  • your son is awesome i used to be a cheer leader i can hardly sit in my chair lol

    Delorice CortezDelorice Cortez9 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the Family video

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon9 kun oldin
  • That Arms guy is good!

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon9 kun oldin
  • Love that Emmalee!

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon9 kun oldin
  • It’s Arms Family homestead. Your family vlogs are always welcomed.

    Pat IndvikPat Indvik9 kun oldin
  • Whopper says he likes being with creatures like him.

    Patty ShannonPatty Shannon9 kun oldin
  • One of my sons is actually a sports/ basketball coach here in the UK xx

    Yvonne BYvonne B9 kun oldin
  • I loved seeing the ballgames!!!

    Lily MarieLily Marie9 kun oldin
  • The first picture with DeeJay can be considered click bait because that is not what was going on.

    Vicci MauldinVicci Mauldin9 kun oldin
  • where was Emily's game i go to a school that has the bedford bulldogs and same simball

    Quintin VollmerQuintin Vollmer9 kun oldin
  • He is an awesome player and so is Emilee. Those were some might big girls they were playing against.

    MissMolly6201MissMolly62019 kun oldin
  • Weston is a good looking player. He can handle the ball, he has game awareness and a pretty shot.

    Mark AbramczykMark Abramczyk9 kun oldin
  • Weston has some skills he had a great game from what I saw. I have a grand daughter who’s life is basketball also, she is 16 and has been scouted since she was 13. We live in Northern Ontario and she has played for an elite team from Toronto. She has played all over the US. The virus has stopped all basketball since last March. Love your videos.

    garypm1949garypm19499 kun oldin
  • Looooovee watching the game. Miss it so much this way. Westin has great free throw % too. Good game. Ya’ll gonna miss it unless Em decides to follow. Middle school basketball is all about learning. Ball handling for the girls takes a lot of time invested. Good times!!!!

    TreynuggetsTreynuggets9 kun oldin
  • HI

    Coltin FevoldColtin Fevold9 kun oldin
  • Holy smokes, if it weren't for his voice, I wouldn't have recognized you without the hat.

    Jessica SteingassJessica Steingass9 kun oldin
  • Wow Weston has the bb blood in him an emmlee just the same

    Tara SandersTara Sanders9 kun oldin
  • You should try Billie shavers

    Case ArmsCase Arms9 kun oldin
  • Bet they get sick of that....ARMS FOR 3! Stay w it Weston! Just needs u to film him....34 points heckya! Good job Emalee!

    Bud HamesBud Hames9 kun oldin
  • BULLDOGS!!! w.w /Sapulpa

    W.W. OklahomaW.W. Oklahoma9 kun oldin
  • Wow, Weston's a great ballplayer. I miss the days of watching my kids play high school sports. But now I have grandchildren that will be playing before I know it! Thanks for sharing this part of your lives, and I know it's a big part of your lives when I look back at how much time we spent on those hard bleachers!

    PamPam9 kun oldin
  • Yup! Watching EmmaLee play looked just like watching my granddaughter play. It's amazing how sloppy the game is at that age!

    Ellis Family FarmsEllis Family Farms9 kun oldin
  • Do you post on other platforms such as Rumble or GAB? I really enjoy your content but will be deleting UZworld soon.

    Don MartinDon Martin9 kun oldin
  • Love love love black and red

    Cyndi SherrowCyndi Sherrow9 kun oldin