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31-Dek, 2020
86 532 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Jesus loves you too

    Melissa MattilaMelissa MattilaKun oldin
  • I always enjoy watching you and your family you guys are lotta fun

    Melissa MattilaMelissa MattilaKun oldin
  • Hey wait a minute I’m an older mature woman I see I don’t go on Facebook I just go on UZworld don’t like Facebook

    Melissa MattilaMelissa MattilaKun oldin
  • High danial wow nice cows they. Look. Good heres giveing you hi. Five sincerly Mr.don williams

    Mr.donald. j WilliamsMr.donald. j Williams9 kun oldin
  • i must be one of the oddballs i watch alot of 45 min videos some longer some i start and if i lose interest i may change it but usually watch it to the end and i'm 64 and keep up with about 100 channels of all kinds ya'll tc and keep up the good work

    David LeFleorDavid LeFleor10 kun oldin
  • I'm hoping that the sale on my property will finalize to where I can have a place in agriculture, get certified in animal assisted therapy, and train wild Mustangs.

    Starlene KalinskiStarlene Kalinski12 kun oldin
  • I'm glad that you video all types of things. I get bored when things are the same and I absolutely love your talk!

    Starlene KalinskiStarlene Kalinski12 kun oldin
  • Thank you for all of your wonderful videos! I dont know what it is but I can feel God working in my family this year. I'm not sure his goal for us but I can feel him reach out and pointing us to people that are open and proud of their relationship with God. Thank you for sharing that.

    Edge of WildEdge of Wild12 kun oldin
  • As a regular viewer, it is funny that for the sake of Liberal Agenda you have to allow an extra visitor kid who is obviously NOT an arms family member. The name of the series? He is a contradiction to your video concept - especially with ZERO contribution, having a mediocre personality, no factor of enhancing your material. Is he making it better, other than a token totem? Is adding something to avoid looking "too white"? Are you this shallow? In other videos he either mumble unintelligibly, has lost fishing day fish-trap & refused getting it out of the water, & basically NO betterment to your series. SHOW THE OLDER BROTHER. HE is family. Make the channel about family & the occasional visitors / other friends & family.

    Jean MarstersJean Marsters14 kun oldin
  • I would like to see more on the donkey poodles

    Teresa NealTeresa Neal15 kun oldin
  • Love your channel. Love your willingness to share Jesus. God protect and bless your family.

    Tanya J.Tanya J.15 kun oldin
  • Happy New Year, and just for the record I really enjoy the channel. And I appreciate what you all share, thank you for that, may GOD continue to Bless you and may we never forget the Love of Jesus Christ. GOD Speed Arms Family!!

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony Perkins15 kun oldin
  • idk what you budget is but i know a lot of youtubers run around with dslr. The other option could be the gopro hero havent seen a bad thing about them and know a couple youtubers who use them as well. Good luck adn love your videos also love what you guys do. i grew up doing farm work and have been trying to get back to it. never would have thought that i could do all this on as little as you do gave me new hope i could get back soon

    the zookeeperthe zookeeper16 kun oldin
  • Kane's bowl cut cracks me up! Aww nice to see Cali. 💓 1 mil. I know you can do it. 💪

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountains16 kun oldin

    dave wagleydave wagley17 kun oldin
  • We retired Dec 31. How is that for a plan for 2021. Love your videos. thanks for sharing. God is good all the time. Bless you and your family.

    Rich n Terri MoberlyRich n Terri Moberly18 kun oldin
  • We love your faith and your family. Thank you for your channel.

    shelley griffinshelley griffin19 kun oldin
  • Daniel I've told you before I'm telling you again .. You a an amazing Christian man ..

    Pooters MomPooters Mom19 kun oldin
  • Cannon m90

    Christina ReillyChristina Reilly19 kun oldin
  • “Jesus loves ya!” Preach it, Brother! You have the right, the opportunity and the honorable duty with this platform. I am proud of you that you follow GOD’S instruction instead of listening to the negativity of mankind. You did good, Daniel Arms. Ya’ did good!

    spacecoastconservspacecoastconserv19 kun oldin
  • I have watch everyone

    Clear Creek FarmClear Creek Farm19 kun oldin
  • You should get a new buck from Hidden heights farm cause you said this is maby your bucks last breeding season

    Gareth BeeldersGareth Beelders19 kun oldin
  • sony has a good one.

    DAD OF TWODAD OF TWO19 kun oldin
  • That black and white goat at 4:06 looks like it might need some TLC...

    Jess-MommaMooreJess-MommaMoore20 kun oldin
  • Us Older Women like your veido 's on FB !Sometimes we just like to watch again !!!!! GOD BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY !!

    Jon BoyJon Boy20 kun oldin
  • Amen! The Lord has gave you a platform and im glad your not ashamed on proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ🙏👍 i seen you guys on fb and really enjoyed watching your videos!

    John EscaleraJohn Escalera20 kun oldin
  • That white alpaca is knocked up again...

    Daniel AshfordDaniel Ashford20 kun oldin
  • Do you milk your goats

    Sarah SchranerSarah Schraner20 kun oldin
  • Great job

    Addison MccoyAddison Mccoy20 kun oldin
  • A wonderful video. Thank you. Have a wonderful year. I definitely will stay subscribed & follow along. 👍👍

    Larry McGinnisLarry McGinnis20 kun oldin
  • Keep on "preaching" brother. It may be the only time some hear the gospel.

    Wesley WhittonWesley Whitton20 kun oldin
  • Yes, 2020 was ruff for me... With the Covid and the the restaurant having to close for a few months... Then in August I fell on a wet floor and broke my knee cap in 3 pieces, and 2 were shattered, and broke my patella... So I’ve had surgery, had to go to physical Therepy and learn how to bend my knee and walk again... That’s how I found y’all, with me being down and bored... I’ve really enjoyed watching your family and everything y’all do... You’ve cheered me up when down... I’m Houston biggest fan... He reminds me of my grandson... He just makes me smile... Congratulations on your everything you’ve accomplished in 2020... Wishing y’all a blessed year...

    Cassie SouderesCassie Souderes20 kun oldin
  • 2020... I stopped watching tv for the most part. It's hard for me to stomach Hollywood elites right now. I'm happy to watch regular people in their real lives. Keep sharing the gospel, yes we are called to spread His Word! May the Lord Bless your family this coming year!

    Kathy YoderKathy Yoder20 kun oldin
  • Great offsider Houston!!

    Down on Boddington FarmDown on Boddington Farm20 kun oldin
  • God Bless

    Elwyn CusterElwyn Custer21 kun oldin
  • The operating temperature of the Canon EOS M50 is from 32 to 104 F degrees. So if you are getting down to 32 F degrees you might experience technical difficulties. First check the temp of the camera when it freezes the picture. Use IR thermometer to read camera temp. Metal can get colder then room temp. Second change to new batteries and change to new SD card. You can also try using hair bungee's to put a pocket warmer on to the camera to keep it above freezing.

    Ray ThompsonRay Thompson21 kun oldin
  • Nikon. Best camera I have ever had, used a canon for 2 yrs and it honestly sucked. Poor weather = bad pics or video.

    Chaundelle GagnonChaundelle Gagnon21 kun oldin
  • 2019 was a bad year for me and I couldn't wait for 2020. 2020 was even worse, of course. So I have high hopes for 2021 but not high expectations. Nice video. Sorry to see a Canon camera messing up. Happy new year!

    Wayne VWayne V21 kun oldin
  • Umm...it looks like one of your goats had something hanging down to the ground! An udder? Maybe a growth on an udder? It was crazy!😦

    Candice ChristensenCandice Christensen21 kun oldin
  • Daniel, you’re right!! Someone did need this video. I needed to hear this video. It took me a couple days to watch it. I just thought hmmm...I’ll catch up later on. I wasn’t in the mood for a homestead video. I bounce around on YT channel “genres, depending on the day’s mood or motivation. 😜 But I’m sure glad I did! I wish we could connect in person. If you are willing to ever chat, look us up. We have a channel here and IG, our email is on there. Thanks friends!! 🙏🏼

    Juggling Life With PurposeJuggling Life With Purpose21 kun oldin
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR ARMS FAMILY!!!! Another good video and good luck getting to 100000 subscribers as good as your content is it should'nt take long.

    Sheri GarrisonSheri Garrison21 kun oldin
  • I am def one of the new 2020 subscribers! I enjoy your channel. Thank u for sharing

    Jenn FettersJenn Fetters21 kun oldin
  • You speak as a Man that Holds Gods words.....

    R JalomaR Jaloma21 kun oldin
  • Jesus loves you too

    gerri rajskigerri rajski21 kun oldin
  • I especially love this video as I plan to create a channel for our new adventure as goat farmers in Kentucky. I thank God everyday for finding your channel and the reminder to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    gerri rajskigerri rajski21 kun oldin
  • It works - all of it! Keep it up! It doesn't hurt to mention Jesus and look at the positive side of everything. Blessings to all for the new year!

    Susan TreadwaySusan Treadway21 kun oldin
  • Daniel, I enjoy your videos, no matter the subject. But I've tried to watch your friend, Dutch, but he skips around and takes so long to get to the point that I can't listen to the whole video. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy you and your family and appreciate letting us in. Best to all.

    Carl PetersCarl Peters21 kun oldin
  • Daniel good vid. God will see your family through. Love the sawmill thought. Enjoy the new year.

    Debbie JordanDebbie Jordan21 kun oldin
  • Send your Canon 150 to me. I know you don't have my address, yet.

    Stan SmithStan Smith21 kun oldin
  • My primary goal for the year is to find a side hustle, something else I can do to help my family out to make money to help us out. Don't know what that could be living on a small piece of land & have an hour to drive each way to work. I'd also like to start raising rabbits, but I need to talk my wife into that. ;)

    Stephen O'SullivanStephen O'Sullivan21 kun oldin
  • Make a tree house at the creek

    michele ricksmichele ricks21 kun oldin
  • God bless!!!!! My New Years hope is to get more and better videos out. I'm a Disabled Combat Veteran and I do hunting, fishing, and trapping videos trying to show other disabled people you can still get out there. I really enjoy ya'lls videos, I watch them all.

    The Wright's TrappingThe Wright's Trapping21 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

    P DaigleP Daigle21 kun oldin
  • I watch mostly UZworld and movie's not much TV lol. Keeping up with all the channels I watch is something else, I think watch about seventy some channels. It's actually better watching UZworld than it is TV. I always watching y'all doing what you do, sharing your thoughts, life, and animals and your views, and your talking about anything and everything.

    Jason SuttonJason Sutton21 kun oldin
  • Super guilty, I watch darn near everything post from beginning to end... I really like the planned addition of a little religion to the channel (more than you’ve been subtle on the few times so far)

    Brandon meadowsBrandon meadows21 kun oldin
  • 👌👍😉

    Driver DanDriver Dan22 kun oldin
  • Check your Facebook Messenger!! Contact me about a business opportunity!!! jeremy@parissupply.com or 859-567-0130. Love your videos!!

    Jeremy PeaceJeremy Peace22 kun oldin
  • Thank for a fun 2020 to watch you your wife and your kids grow and share a sneak peek at your day to day life I have enjoyed it and many days I get the laugh that I need thank you and good luck in 2021

    Charles JarrellCharles Jarrell22 kun oldin
  • My goals for 2021: grow closer to God, seek and find His will for my life hoping to live in such a way that I can use the spiritual gifts He has given me to bring miracles to the needy around me, daily. That’s the life that sounds the most fulfilling to me, pouring it out for others.

    Bon Bon'sBon Bon's22 kun oldin
  • Amen, you are so honest and that's why I watch you all.

    Steve DeWerffSteve DeWerff22 kun oldin
  • When Dusty's Buffalo's got out that's when I started to watch you. But it was in the summer I think when I started watching a lot of different animal videos. Key word GOAT'S!!!! Now I watch three of you in Oklahoma my brother lives in Oklahoma City.

    Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger22 kun oldin
    • P.S. I watch everyone for hour's. And I mean like 1-14 hour's max in hour's. Lol.

      Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger22 kun oldin
  • One of my favorite things in 2020 was finding your channel! Seriously. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching y'all! Thank you, and have a great New Year!

    Lana K. from New MexicoLana K. from New Mexico22 kun oldin
  • Kevin has baby goats. That started just before Christmas and on Christmas Day.

    Danielle SchnobergerDanielle Schnoberger22 kun oldin
  • Whyhy don't you dehorn your goats. I noticed on other sites then do.

    Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. BillyCool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy22 kun oldin
  • Oh Daniel, I want to say is thank you! 🙏

    Russell ShoemakerRussell Shoemaker22 kun oldin
  • Love your channel. I am so happy for you and your families accomplishments for 2020. Wishing all of you great things for 2021. Happy New Year!

    ToniAnn ZimmermanToniAnn Zimmerman22 kun oldin
  • I Liked wen Houston said we are not a girl

    Whistle Disel2Whistle Disel222 kun oldin
  • You made me think. I have no goal set for 2021. I really need to think on this one. I do want to be debt free that is my long term. Short ????? Thank you for your willingness to bring the gospel to your page. I do missions over seas with my Church. May God continue to bring you the ability to teach and reach that in its self is the mission field

    Maria SarriaMaria Sarria22 kun oldin
  • Do i have keep watching this nightmare....of

    Garden growerGarden grower22 kun oldin
  • Daniel, what a heartfelt message. We pray for you, your family and your overall business with the Channels. We love you. God bless you and Jesus is Lord. You’re a great 👍 representative of Jesus.

    md b777md b77722 kun oldin
  • Daniel, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Jesus into your talks. I love Jesus and am always happy to se someone like you not being ashamed of his faith. Please continue to bring Him up anytime you feel that he needs to be given thanks for what he does in your life. PS. Our church currently has the heading into the mission field sign at the end of our driveway.

    Karla BlankKarla Blank22 kun oldin
  • me and my kid are going to start a bis.

    Chris 187Chris 18722 kun oldin
  • My sister has a UZworld channel. Old Lady Angler. She fishes. Mostly in Florida where she lives. (She loves Arkansas too) She uses GoPro cameras. She seems to have trouble with them quite often.

    Debra K.Debra K.22 kun oldin
  • This is the first time I've seen ducks there.

    Debra K.Debra K.22 kun oldin
  • Have to tell you that was pretty entertaining, but what gave me the biggest smile. At the end, you looked up and I thought you were going to tell us something else you had planned and with a smile you said. By the way Jesus Loves Ya!! Gave me the biggest grin, because I know it's true. Guess I just needed to hear that today. Thanks!!

    Daniel ZukleDaniel Zukle22 kun oldin
  • Love you and your family Daniel.. All the best in this New Year...

    Dee MulloyDee Mulloy22 kun oldin
  • Amen Brother!

    David HamilDavid Hamil22 kun oldin
  • Is that goat udder dragging on the ground normal?!

    #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
    • #manyarecalledbutfewarechosen

      #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
    • #theadversaryneverrests

      #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
    • speaking of #dusty, did he ever catch the #biggerthanawolf, #fasterthanacoyote, #dutchacabra? 😆

      #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
    • #lockdownanomoly But also, #foodchaininsecurity made #homesteadingshows fly.

      #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
    • It’s specifically a problem, bringing a camera, from warm to freezing. Slow that transition, and you should be ok. It’s from condensation that forms, when that temperature transition, is too fast.

      #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown22 kun oldin
  • i think a pavion will be nice

  • Thank you

    Tom BeebeTom Beebe22 kun oldin
  • Can I get an amen for this video

    Kp Hunting and fishingKp Hunting and fishing22 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the 14 years in law enforcement

    Anda CochranAnda Cochran22 kun oldin
  • 2021 I see you again !! Lol !! 2020 all the new animals just ain't your video !! I have cried I have smiled and I have LMBO !! Love you all Jacbi too !! Bless you All !! Thanks !!

    Joan HarkinJoan Harkin22 kun oldin
  • That'll do! Thank You ✝️

    Daniel SDaniel S22 kun oldin
  • We appreciate you sharing your faith. Congratulations on your growth this year, we can only dream of growing our channel like that. But keep up the good work! We love watching.

    Humble Beginnings homesteadHumble Beginnings homestead22 kun oldin

    alliyah dogalliyah dog22 kun oldin
  • Yes, giving people another chance is my down fall, always give them the benefit of doubt untill they remove all doubt

    Anna Markham-RobertsAnna Markham-Roberts22 kun oldin
  • I can't remember what the elect fence that you got a heard of hogs about a year ago .... of course hogs find food for deer

    Anna Markham-RobertsAnna Markham-Roberts22 kun oldin
  • I have enjoyed your presentation in 2020 and am looking forward to 2021..yes sir sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is great. You beat Satan at his game today keep up the great work. Happy New Year from the Smith’s.

    Gerald SmithGerald Smith22 kun oldin
  • Pastoring a country church - thanks for the encouragement of your testimony. Glad God used it in your life.

    Bluestone Baptist Church Danielsville GaBluestone Baptist Church Danielsville Ga22 kun oldin

    alan barameralan baramer22 kun oldin
  • I applaud your stand on preaching the Word.

    barbaranniebarbarannie22 kun oldin
  • Tip 1: Make make a voice backup on your phone. If the camera fails you will save, what you say and edit what you said to photos. Tip #2: Google Burt Ward and Dog Food. Claims to help a dog live 30 years? Something to check out. God Bless, Happy New Year!! Stay Safe!! Thank You Arms Family!!

    TC Games65TC Games6522 kun oldin
  • Congrats Daniel. You are a great example for all of us! Have a blessed and Happy New Year brother!

    RidgeLifeRidgeLife22 kun oldin
  • i love it when Houston is fishing and having fun and i am glad that he can take care of his own gun.

    riley simmonsriley simmons22 kun oldin
  • Daniel. I don't post very often but I was given a word/precognition that this spring that you should get/buy one beef calf and five baby piglets for you to raise for your family and family members. Keep on doing what you're doing.

    Deborah From DC's Peterson City HomesteadDeborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead22 kun oldin
  • IV been watching for over a year now and I love being a part of your family each time.. I wish I could meet DJ, I think she's great along with all of you!! Im 66 yrs old and have done so many things that you all do!! I will watch you guys as long as your on!! Blessings Be to you and yours!!!!

    Donna. R HallDonna. R Hall22 kun oldin
  • Following God blessed your family. This country was built in Gods name and he’s got us in his hands

    Trudy MillerTrudy Miller22 kun oldin
  • So a few videos back when u had trouble leading perl when u lead her put your hand up so your lead rope is up and your thumb is away from he mouth u will have better control tell Emmalee the same she it doin great ❤️❤️ Houston u will be great in 4h if she buck then just stand like a statue

    Jarett BevittJarett Bevitt22 kun oldin
  • Wonder if there is moisture in your camera you might try get a dry bag and let it sit for a couple of days just not too long cause I need my Arms Family homestead fix 😎

    Drew MakaturaDrew Makatura22 kun oldin