Kubota Dropped the Ball on This One!

2-Yan, 2021
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  • Well it’s past happy New Year’s now so happy New Year’s to you and your family to

    Melissa MattilaMelissa Mattila2 kun oldin
  • Love how the kids are right into helping and doing their part. Great video Daniel

    Wpr JerseyWpr Jersey11 kun oldin
  • Why not wood stove because you live around the wood woods India be a lot cheaper and you can heat your house with set to so you should get an outdoor wood

    Cordell StelzerCordell Stelzer12 kun oldin
  • This might just be a crazy thought, me also being a lefty. Why not move the existing handle over to the other side till you do get around to ordering and getting another handle? It beats loosing digits or injuring them I would think. Much love from So.Cal.💟

    Crazy Critter LadyCrazy Critter Lady13 kun oldin
  • ok he is 8 but what do you or your editor use to edit?

    RCPDRCPD14 kun oldin
  • I subbed.

    RCPDRCPD14 kun oldin
  • how old is Houston?

    RCPDRCPD14 kun oldin
  • A creek crossing your driveway.....wow..... Im in NYC, I have a Fire Escape! lol

    ElectriKElectriK14 kun oldin
  • Yessssss Steve cameo and Whopper chorus. 🐴🐮 😅😅

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountains16 kun oldin
  • A pellet stove is great.

    Jim HaleJim Hale17 kun oldin
  • A small Mini Split AC unit will Heat and Cool. They are easy to install cheap and use little A/C. I put a 2 ton in my 1200 sq ft shop and its awesome.

    ownerowner17 kun oldin
  • Idk if you guys have a lumbar yard around you. (Not like a menards) a place that actually cuts wood into sizes. We would always get huge bags of shavings from them for super cheap.

    Samantha FlynnSamantha Flynn17 kun oldin
  • The animals are saying hi. Lol love seeing them. Houston’s getting so tall. Hi Huston.

    Daisy KennedyDaisy Kennedy17 kun oldin
  • I love Gemma best little dogs.

    Corinne SpanelewskiCorinne Spanelewski18 kun oldin
  • Go to TarterUSA.com they have any kind of gates and panels you could need. They are a USA made products.

    Cynthia DavenportCynthia Davenport19 kun oldin
  • You could get regular training halter that are show halter's may help with Pearl's attitude and butterscotch's stubborn it helped me with my steers years ago

    anna landanna land19 kun oldin
  • Get a propane shop heater come out one of those tubular things that blows the hot air and circulates it around a big space like a shop. The nice thing about the wood stove is it’s almost free to run it if you go out there early in the day and get a good fire going because all your air tubes and fluids down to where it’s just running your shop will be warmer all day long as you’re going in and out. With any propane heater it’s gonna take a while to get it heated up, but they still work pretty well. They sell barrel kits that are pretty cheap and you can run the chimney through the wall easily. Another option in the shop is an oil heater but I don’t think you do enough oil change is there to make a huge difference, but burning used auto oil in those heaters is a great way to add some free heat.

    Shane ZettelmierShane Zettelmier19 kun oldin
  • If you get a sawmill you’re going to save a ton of money on that compressed sawdust bedding. Lol I like the ammo box conversion, Kabota should just start doing that automatically

    Shane ZettelmierShane Zettelmier19 kun oldin
  • Was hear

    Jalopy JoeJalopy Joe19 kun oldin
  • Profane heater with a small tank will do.

    Charlie Van OrnumCharlie Van Ornum19 kun oldin
  • What state do u guys live in?

    Ava WhelihanAva Whelihan19 kun oldin
  • Glad to see another left handed person put there

    josh mansfieldjosh mansfield19 kun oldin
  • Look up JL Gate Co I believe they make a custom panels or gates. Also, they do free delivery if you order a certain amount of panels.

    37 Roots Farm37 Roots Farm19 kun oldin
  • You and your buddy need to do a rc fishing pls it is cool

    Bryden KosbabBryden Kosbab19 kun oldin
  • Lol. Steve and Whopper were saying "Hi!" to you.

    Sharon BlevinsSharon Blevins19 kun oldin
  • Daniel check with a seed dealer in your area like pioneer. Thinking u might work something out with them just a thought The Breez

    Marvin WendelMarvin Wendel19 kun oldin
  • Daniel always a good post. Idea on feed handling. Your seed companies use a plastic box for bulk seed buying .the veggie boys show how they use them to store the feed for there animals If you see the box you would understand what I am saying. Alot better than the bulk bags u are using now The Breez

    Marvin WendelMarvin Wendel19 kun oldin
  • You shouldn't get a replacement buck by Hidden heights farm. They have pretty bucks

    Gareth BeeldersGareth Beelders19 kun oldin
  • Coming after our food""" Watch "Pigs Catch COVID - UK Bans Free Range Chickens! - War on Meat / Animal Ag" on UZworld. uzworld.info/player/video/rK7KbdaKd6qojGs Listen to this the next thing he also has another video on there killing off all the chickens in the UK trying to say they have bird flu they're starting to destroy our source of food they've already destroyed our income whoever controls the food and water controls the people and they want to feed us made up food and bugs WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STEP UP THE PLATE PUT A STOP THIS CRAP

    Bobby PinBobby Pin19 kun oldin
  • Tie pearl to one of your donkys it will fix her up

    Frank HanesFrank Hanes19 kun oldin
  • That handle is missing because of people getting off on that side and. Breaking or bending loader arm. And or tearing or catching their pants and falling to ground. "Some People" The older machines no toolbox consider urself lucky. But its definaltly in my opinion the best and most reliable machine out there. I bent the fender up from grabbing it when side landscaping a hill side sideways..lol

    Paul StaabPaul Staab19 kun oldin
  • Arms family can you make more videos on @buckhorndashunds

    Brennan FultonBrennan Fulton20 kun oldin
  • I bet they sell a $100 aftermarket toolbox though!!

    Koyagi241Koyagi24120 kun oldin
  • Does anyone want to see some of EmmaLee’s softball games?

    Lindsey ColeLindsey Cole20 kun oldin
  • When are you going to get your hats back in stock

    Logan CrownerLogan Crowner20 kun oldin
  • The animals are looking good. Houston's show heifer Pearl is still skittish. Love you guys. 🥰♥️💞

    Carrie GrosenickCarrie Grosenick20 kun oldin
  • animals are funny sometimes you never know what they are thinking

    Pople BackyardFarmPople BackyardFarm20 kun oldin
  • Put something a little smaller then the heifers so pearl will get used to having something smaller around her also try Bouncing exercise balls around her Get her desensitize

    Alisa WhitmanAlisa Whitman20 kun oldin
  • I'm the same exact way with the tractor since I am left handed

    Delaware gaming AndyDelaware gaming Andy20 kun oldin
  • at tractor supply they have a what looks like a jet engine you just need a outlet

    Tyler BaurleTyler Baurle20 kun oldin
  • Only opinion I would have on propane vs wood is... you have an endless supply of wood that won’t cost you anything but, takes longer to heat up the room. Of course, the choice is completely yours😁

    Linda SetoLinda Seto20 kun oldin
  • Please pray for me and my church family we lost our Pastor Fred Wolfe to COVID yesterday. He was our pastor for 30 plus years

    Robin FantRobin Fant20 kun oldin
  • On your tractor couldn’t you take the handle from the left side and re-install it on the right side? Beautiful waterfall! The sound of the rushing/flowing water is so peaceful.

    Suzanne EsenweinSuzanne Esenwein20 kun oldin
  • I always grab the fender on my Kubota too! SOO annoying lol

    Stump RanchStump Ranch20 kun oldin
  • Hello Daniel. I don't think Kubota dropped the ball on this. I just think you wanted a different ball. That's your option. I have been a Kubota fan since I first saw one in 1965, but have never needed to own one. If they add too much to their basic unit it could add thousands of dollars to production and lots of people would still want something they need. Personally I would just have different tool boxes that would connect over the one that's there so I can easily have what I need for different tasks and not have them permanently on the tractor. Daniel I appreciate all that you share with us. You seem to live the life of your dreams. God bless you and yours. Stay well and I do love you.

    Craig HalleCraig Halle20 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the video

    Tommy BoundsTommy Bounds20 kun oldin
  • Here in Pa. there are a lot of Amish sawmills and Loggers.. both places are good to get sawdust cheap..

    Catherine GraceCatherine Grace20 kun oldin
  • Daniel do you know anyone who fluid fills tires here in Sulphur or close by?

    Southern Okie HomesteadSouthern Okie Homestead20 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the video. We're looking for a new tractor. Old used ones are all we've ever had. It's such a big expense but if we decide to do it I'm thinking we'll be glad we did.

    Dennis and Annie's AcresDennis and Annie's Acres20 kun oldin
  • The handle isn’t silly. How it is a safety thing. Also companies do not make things for left handed people. It gets annoying.

    Justin PrewittJustin Prewitt20 kun oldin
  • I ordered the camp youth AFH hoodie and can’t wait for it to be here.... Great videos keep up the good work!!!!!!

    Aura ClanAura Clan20 kun oldin
  • Put a pig with her. Running around her feet and she won’t kick. We do with are show steer.

    Corey ShafferCorey Shaffer20 kun oldin
  • Love y’alls content, I also follow on FB. We are big in the heifer showing. One little tip on Butterscotch, you have her halter on upside down. You have her nose where her ears should be. I couldn’t tell with pearl though. If you have the notch where the handle of the halter coming out of the loop on top, you have it backwards. Handle to halter should be pointed down. That way they won’t slip out of the halter.

    KHuff80KHuff8020 kun oldin
  • They do that because of safety. Do to people jump on it with load up and it can come on some one. I work at a dealership.

    Corey ShafferCorey Shaffer20 kun oldin
  • The John Deere store has a nice box you can buy not to much

  • Steve LOVES YOU

    Cyndi CusterCyndi Custer20 kun oldin
  • Not sure how far you are from Abilene Tx but when we used to live there they had a custom gate company D.D. gate and panel if I remember correctly.

    Joshua MapelJoshua Mapel20 kun oldin
  • Get a ventless propane heater. I love mine. My shop isn't as large as yours, but it's a great, economical heat.

    wordvendor1wordvendor120 kun oldin
  • For the price you pay for a tractor those should be replaced or added on at no charge.

    Michelle TMichelle T20 kun oldin
  • Combo panels. We take cattle panels and overlay with 2inch x 4inch welded wire. Zip tied or wire tired to the

    Dee-Anna OwensDee-Anna Owens20 kun oldin
    • Zip tied to the cattle panels and tied to t post. Works fine for the young stock with goats.

      Dee-Anna OwensDee-Anna Owens20 kun oldin
  • say aiden

    Abraham FaulknerAbraham Faulkner20 kun oldin
    • say aiden

      Abraham FaulknerAbraham Faulkner20 kun oldin
  • can you say my name next video and iam a fan

    Abraham FaulknerAbraham Faulkner20 kun oldin
  • Put some ceiling fans and get something to slow them down to throw the heat back down in your barn. An old double barrel stack system, one to burn one to dry out. Have most of the stove pipe stay inside to keep most of the heat. Get some fin wrapped on the pipe. Cheap fan near bottom to blow across the floor. You gots the wood. Houston has no love for Opal. You can see it in his touch. He doesn't have that loving feeling. He needs to googoogaagaa her. Had a friend who taught her cow to push the bales into the shed. Just big doggies like the song. Cows can even be saddled to ride. It's boring there. Put a radio with sweet country music for them.

    Caroline LantzCaroline Lantz20 kun oldin
  • Put some gravil in the coral

    SA MTBSA MTB20 kun oldin
  • Here's a good shop heater to look at. www.amazon.com/STANLEY-ST-60HB2-GFA-Forced-Heater-Silver/dp/B07L357CT7/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=propane+heater+shop&qid=1609754779&sr=8-5 That ought to heat it up in there.

    jtdamommajtdamomma20 kun oldin
  • Ok...... Now we need to order a ammo crate 😅

    Deborah MeijerDeborah Meijer20 kun oldin
  • I think sheep on the farm would be really nice 👌

    Sutherland’s FarmSutherland’s Farm20 kun oldin
  • You know Bear needs his camera time!!

    Denise RawlsDenise Rawls21 kun oldin
  • A 55 gallon drum would do great and a lot cheaper than propane

    Shawn FoxShawn Fox21 kun oldin
  • I work at an assisted living facility..we use all sorts of handles..if the one you want is too expensive try one for a shower?

    Jessee Lisa BeattyJessee Lisa Beatty21 kun oldin
  • You have so much firewood around why not a barrel fireplace? Cheap and easy to build... Red Poppy Ranch just built one for his new shop if you want a recent video to watch...Luv ya's from Kentucky!!!

    Karl SchuppKarl Schupp21 kun oldin
  • I’ve have broken many show calves in my Life one trick I love to use on ones like Perl is to take a mop like one you would find in your house and rub them down everywhere also you could you a show stick if you have one they are a good thing to invest in early when you start showing when you pick one out make sure it’s taller than the kid to

    Lily SteinkeLily Steinke21 kun oldin
  • Consider a pellet stove for your shop. We have one in the house and one for the garage. The one in the house works off a wall thermostat just like any other heating system. They work really efficiently, clean and pretty easy on your back and wallet.

    Joseph SamuelsJoseph Samuels21 kun oldin
  • That is a very good decision on Wes’s part. At night water crossings are sometimes hard to tell and there is no sense in risking your life crossing it. As you know animals can sense your anxiety and Pearl knows that Houston is still a little scared or anxious around her and he is small. She may work with you but she still has her bluff in on Houston. He just keeps working her and be a little more controlling and she will come around. You would be better off putting you a wood stove in your garage. The propane won’t heat that concrete floor in there and a wood stove would be a better choice. Besides always like backing up to a wood stove better than propane! Once that floor heats up it will stay warm in there for awhile.

    Gary PollardGary Pollard21 kun oldin
    • Nyo

      Sandra RuckerSandra Rucker19 kun oldin
  • Yes. I actually believe you have the perfect size shop for a hanging heater. Propane maybe a lot more efficient. You might want to get a tank just for shop. Rather than running a line. Safer and you will have extra for emergency. Electric are good. But cost alot in power.

    Richard SimpsonRichard Simpson21 kun oldin
  • I love to hear Steve talk he Is definitely very vocal for a donkey

    Jackie HorsleyJackie Horsley21 kun oldin
  • Good idea with ammo can.

    Elwyn CusterElwyn Custer21 kun oldin
  • pellet stove

    Paula PetersonPaula Peterson21 kun oldin
  • get some vetericyn to help heal that brand make

    Paula PetersonPaula Peterson21 kun oldin
  • Hydro electric from the dam would power a heater for the workshop

    Patterson LandscapingPatterson Landscaping21 kun oldin
  • Hey my favorite family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Susan SpringSusan Spring21 kun oldin
  • The Kioti tractor "toolbox" is even worse, 1/2 the size of yours and cheapy plastic too ...Thanks for the idea for replacement.

    Dragonfarm2 TexasDragonfarm2 Texas21 kun oldin
  • How come you don’t build a bridge on your driveway to cross the creek?

    Mary KentMary Kent21 kun oldin
  • What’s your address I love the visit and Road name

    Michelle DavisMichelle Davis21 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!

    Nico CuaNico Cua21 kun oldin
  • You might want to put some fender washers on the bolts you got holding down the ammo tool boxwe've had problems with them cracking from the vibration of the tractor

    Joe MillerJoe Miller21 kun oldin
  • I love Steve

    Kelen EvansKelen Evans21 kun oldin
  • what happened to pearls but i hope she is ok

    Maddoxfeller FellerMaddoxfeller Feller21 kun oldin
  • What is wrong with her leg

    Kobe Miller - AES 2029Kobe Miller - AES 202921 kun oldin
  • Hi, Daniel did I miss something you called people concerned for Houston's safety haters?

    Irish RoseIrish Rose21 kun oldin

  • Emily great job on your cow .but Huston step it up buddy. And what is up with Steve I think he make alot of noise he want attention he cute.❤❤❤

    alliyah dogalliyah dog21 kun oldin
  • Daniel I am not sure if it fits a kubota but you need what Lester from Ima animal sanctuary got for Christmas. That way you can take everything with you on your tractor if it fits a Kubota. It might go with any tractor I dunno. uzworld.info/player/video/poyqptKQopSYnJY

    Jessica JordanJessica Jordan21 kun oldin
  • Green you can’t get on off on right side! No toolbox ether! Kubota by far the best bang for your buck!

    Joe SteenJoe Steen21 kun oldin
  • How did you get down to the water without Any dogs going with you?

    Sally RunnallsSally Runnalls21 kun oldin
  • Go to an HVAC supplier. Ask if they have a small "Scratch & Dent" furnace. That means it suffered a dent or something that now contractors wont buy it to install at a customer's house. HVAC guys buy Scratch & Dents when their available because of deep discounts. Anyway, you dont need ductwork or anything, just cut out the intake air side panel and air will suck in from there gas and electric and it will blow enough air to circulate all over the barn. Toasty. Light enough to carry, small size, just 110volt, probably a 1/2 or so gas line. You will marvel at how easy it turns out to be just doing it yourself. Most of my coworkers have something like this just sitting in the corner of a garage and it heats up fast and easy. Plug can be a good cord and gas line is easy to move around. Cheap too. Flue out the wall. If you go the extra mile and hang it from the ceiling, then no floor space lost.

    DarthreloyDarthreloy21 kun oldin
  • To get it out easily cut a x on the front side of the bag

    Linda WaguespackLinda Waguespack21 kun oldin
  • Spray with the zinc spay to prevent rust.

    Slipshank DSlipshank D21 kun oldin
  • Hi Dan,,, love your channel..My Wife and I watch daily... Just a word of caution,,, and an explanation::: I manage a KUBOTA Dealership here in Maryland... It is my understanding that KUBOTA purposely does not install that handle on the drivers right side due to liability reasons.... if an owner wants it and they install themselves it’s fine...However; please be careful...all your controls ie... loader Valve, HST pedal are on that same side... that’s why KUBOTA doesn’t put one there... afraid that by doing so, they may become legally responsible for injury by a owner that assumes that because the handle is there, KUBOTA is encouraging them to mount the tractor from that side......if you step on the HST PEDAL while re-entering a running tractor....( well you know what can happen.... same with bumping the Loader stick... Please be careful...ok..

    Frank BartoFrank Barto21 kun oldin
    • But the Toolbox is definitely “CHEAP”!!! Lol

      Frank BartoFrank Barto21 kun oldin
  • Love your channel! For the show calves, How about 1660-2-6 Horse 6 60" 16' 90230 Stockade panels from REDBRAND, they have 4 inch galvanized openings (baby goats can't get thru). Can be found at Tractor Supply in Ada, and Pauls Valley, Stillwater Milling in Davis, and Orscheln Farm and Home in Ada. Expensive, but might work for the challenge of several varieties of livestock temporarily sharing the same space. Y'all are doing great job!

    garden walkergarden walker21 kun oldin