Houston's First Deer Harvest!

18-Okt, 2020
360 593 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • im a kid but i go hunting to but with a bow

    Fran KefferFran Keffer8 soat oldin
  • Algum brasileiro ai?

    Valdiron vieira souzaValdiron vieira souza13 soat oldin
  • Hey I got a 5 point and I am happy

    Tanner HitchcockTanner Hitchcock3 kun oldin
  • Congratulations

    Deriva GGDeriva GG4 kun oldin
  • Show me a deer in the first year

    Drake LeeDrake Lee4 kun oldin
  • When I shot my first deer we were about to go an d then we saw one and then I started shaking so so so bad put then he asked do you want to shoot 3 seconds later Powwwwwww Started shaking so bad I could barely get out of the tree stand

    Hillary GraberHillary Graber5 kun oldin
  • Good job Houston😁 God bless you and he loves you

    Hillary GraberHillary Graber5 kun oldin
  • Why would you kill

    Katrina BousteadKatrina Boustead5 kun oldin
  • Big buck

    Marcie DobbsMarcie Dobbs8 kun oldin
  • Was that his first dear

    Drake LeeDrake Lee8 kun oldin
  • Congratulations Houston I missed a two pointer twice and saw a big eight and shot it and killed it on November 29

    Parker RobbinsParker Robbins8 kun oldin
  • that an ok deer for you first deer 😉😉😉😉😉😉 an I subscribed and liked the video

    Evan SwigertEvan Swigert10 kun oldin
  • Hosten your buck was bigger than my first!!!

    Andrew SwigertAndrew Swigert10 kun oldin
  • Nice shot 👍👍👍👍👍👍 well done

    Survival TipsSurvival Tips10 kun oldin
  • Good job don't miss the. Next one

    Beverly BelgardBeverly Belgard12 kun oldin
  • I've been tracking a eight point for my first buck for two month's since the start of youth season and still haven't got it and you killed a buck on the first day.Congrats Houston

    Carson HillCarson Hill13 kun oldin
  • ok KILLER your room is a DEADLY place

    Leola's AdventuresLeola's Adventures14 kun oldin
  • Then I’ll think you’re really good hunter and by the way my name is Hunter and I have to go for a training course to do hunting in my country I live in Washington I have a 22 cricket for kids I’m thinking only hunt squirrels but I’ll upgrade to a hunting gun where I can hunt deer I think you’re really cool kid Houston when can I see you I saw sorry UZworld or I Bird his name is Roth a.m. when you saw him because I’ve been watching your videos a lot if you see a snake ever I know how to handle one and if you need to handle on I know what you could do go get a a a BC pipe and then go get some Styrofoam then put another sign how to make a snake is is ABC pipe with a coat hanger screwed and now so I can make your homemade snake tools if you want to come to our house I’ll send you the next comment and I really like your shows and bye

    Marie RobbinsMarie Robbins14 kun oldin
    • My wonderful son left a praising comment, thanks for reading all of that 😀😩

      Marie RobbinsMarie Robbins14 kun oldin
  • congrats houston

    Megan VoglerMegan Vogler15 kun oldin
  • You should get his first deers head mounted on his wall for him thats awesome lol

    the magnet dipper treasure hunterthe magnet dipper treasure hunter15 kun oldin
  • Man your son has killer aim lol

    the magnet dipper treasure hunterthe magnet dipper treasure hunter15 kun oldin
  • He has shot bigger books and that he should not shot that

    BA GriffinBA Griffin16 kun oldin
  • Why you guys don't hunting lights

    dwain wellingtondwain wellington17 kun oldin
  • I did it for I did a four point charter sniper and I’m 15 years old

    Collin LaneCollin Lane17 kun oldin
  • My first buck was at one point

    Celine MontgomeryCeline Montgomery18 kun oldin
  • My 1st buck was a 10 point and my grandfather said he was throwing deer around since he was little but my deer took all his and my strength he was big

    Callen SweattCallen Sweatt18 kun oldin
  • Nice first deer Houston!

    Celeste WalkerCeleste Walker19 kun oldin

    Jake_77Jake_7720 kun oldin
  • I just shot my 9th deer yesterday it has like no teeth so I'm thinking the deer is like 8 years old and my deers hed is huge

    Jude BowmanJude Bowman20 kun oldin
  • Good job houston nice I just shot and 8 year old we've been chasing this deer for 4 year's that buck is like 95 inches my two bucks but my first buck this year is like a 108 inch deer and my second deer is like a 120 inch deer but last year my dad killed 2 deer in a roe a 165 inch deer and a 172 inch deer and nice shot Houston I saw 13 deer my last hunt but I shot 9 deer and killed 9 deer and every deer I shot died.

    Jude BowmanJude Bowman20 kun oldin
  • cool mam

    Jack PROUDLOCKJack PROUDLOCK21 kun oldin
  • My name is

    Houston HowellHouston Howell23 kun oldin
  • Why you got to kill for no reason stupid

    Rachel WoodsRachel Woods23 kun oldin
  • Congratulations!

    Ashlyn LaganaAshlyn Lagana25 kun oldin
  • the deer is i little small but that would be the one that would shoot for my first time but i got a 14

    Elizabeth LappElizabeth Lapp25 kun oldin
  • I know that’s a pretty big buck but sometimes I can’t watch animals die but good job kid

    Ally 2097Ally 209725 kun oldin
  • Wait a sec 1 sec latter bang he dead on the ground congratulations Houston bud

    William ThompsonWilliam Thompson26 kun oldin
  • Dang he’s a tiny old thing but he sure is gonn taste good good job Houston!

    Gabriel WhiteheadGabriel Whitehead27 kun oldin
  • Wut gun cal did he you'd i you'd a 243 and killed 5 in 2 years

    Christopher M BrignacChristopher M Brignac28 kun oldin
  • Good job and I love your vids!!!

    Campbell BrownCampbell Brown29 kun oldin
  • Who has taxidermies in their room???

    Mason Lustig5672Mason Lustig5672Oy oldin
  • My buck was that big on last day of youth

    Rachel TaylorRachel TaylorOy oldin
  • Guys cmon hit the lil ones sometimes like houston but keep those bigger ones because then you get bigger deer when they have big parentss that equals giant bucks or does but i think hunt other grounds next year let tem get big then the following year hunt your property you shold have some big bucks just like the saying Let them go let them grow

    Kent NoackKent NoackOy oldin
  • Good job buddy!

    The Kennedy KlanThe Kennedy KlanOy oldin
  • Good job kid

    Grady GamingGrady GamingOy oldin
  • twice as much to clean

    Vipex ClapsVipex ClapsOy oldin
  • I went hunting in Bainbridge GA and killed a 10 point buck

    Connor CuetoConnor CuetoOy oldin
  • We’re y’all hunting

    Connor CuetoConnor CuetoOy oldin
  • That was a nice buck and a nice shot Like if you agree

    Cooper CaseyCooper CaseyOy oldin
  • Poor deer 🦌

    Gmaneight 123Gmaneight 123Oy oldin
  • Let’s go dude good job I watched this like 200 times!!!!!

    Gage’s vlogs And gamingGage’s vlogs And gamingOy oldin
  • Why the he’ll does a dead deer live in his room Rip dear 🦌

    One shot YoshiOne shot YoshiOy oldin
  • Good job you Houston

    Brayden DunwoodyBrayden DunwoodyOy oldin
    • Good job used in

      Brayden DunwoodyBrayden DunwoodyOy oldin
  • dang this was uploaded pretty close to my birthday

    Everie RuskellEverie RuskellOy oldin
  • Part 2 plzzzzzzzz

    Isela MartinezIsela MartinezOy oldin
  • I hunt an

    Isela MartinezIsela MartinezOy oldin
  • Well done 👍

    Matthew Le RouxMatthew Le RouxOy oldin
  • Does Houston have a phone.

    Braelynn HerringtonBraelynn HerringtonOy oldin
  • Hey good job. I got my first buck this year too!!!!!

    Keagan KuenziKeagan KuenziOy oldin
  • Good shot kid

    Crazy KidsCrazy KidsOy oldin
  • People say 243s are to little for deer I killed two Deer with mine

    Zack HilliardZack HilliardOy oldin
  • great job Houston!! I killed me a spike.

    Tyson Scott AyersTyson Scott AyersOy oldin
  • This kid is evil

    Hudson HendershotHudson HendershotOy oldin
  • I missed a huge 8 point on thanksgiving morning

    Alyssa CrewAlyssa CrewOy oldin
  • I just killed my first one on 11-27-20

    Alyssa CrewAlyssa CrewOy oldin
  • Isn’t he too young to shoot a gun in Jen a fucking deer 🦌 Ian reporting this wow!

    Colton MainColton MainOy oldin
  • I love it his face is so funny after he shot a deer

    Weston StannardWeston StannardOy oldin
  • Haha

    Weston StannardWeston StannardOy oldin
  • This is my second time watching this!!🤣🤣😂 watched it two hours after it happen then watched it 2-3 months later

    Mr JamesMr JamesOy oldin
  • 1 dislike = 1 family member dying Loooooool

    HypedNinjaHypedNinjaOy oldin
  • no joke pls stop hunting deers bc i have a pet a deer

    Jill NicholsonJill NicholsonOy oldin
  • Great job great job

    Genise BarrickGenise BarrickOy oldin
  • good job houstoun

    dan hoarddan hoardOy oldin
  • £€¥£₩€₩¥£€₩£¥

    Krystal Buckingham-FamilyKrystal Buckingham-FamilyOy oldin
  • Aight kid get the mini gunner

    Elijah ZepedaElijah ZepedaOy oldin
  • Why would you shoot him he just a little guy

    ZenZenOy oldin
  • That’s like the easiest hunting, where I live you actually have to go up and down mountains and trails in order to get an Animal. You guys are lucky!

    Jaxon’s BakeologyJaxon’s BakeologyOy oldin
  • you rock Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜

    Brigid ConteBrigid ConteOy oldin
  • Good job

    Willow Mist FarmWillow Mist FarmOy oldin
  • Great job!! My family loves you guys 😊 we’ve been watching you all for a long time ....I guarantee we’re your biggest fans 😂 we pray y’all have a good Christmas and God bless you !!

    Kayla_ ParksKayla_ ParksOy oldin
  • BENTLEY said he had no intention

    Bentley CovertBentley CovertOy oldin
  • I love you I wish I could come to your house but I live really far away

    Liz BrundageLiz BrundageOy oldin
  • Good job bud!👍

    Norma NelsenNorma NelsenOy oldin
  • He did so good

    LeaAnne DolbeareLeaAnne DolbeareOy oldin
  • I dont hunt so forgive me! Do you want a higher "point" buck or lower?

    Anna RiversAnna RiversOy oldin
  • Y’all r cruel

    Penguin StudiosPenguin StudiosOy oldin

    Justin KerkaertJustin KerkaertOy oldin
  • Love that you get your kids out and let them choose

    Justin KerkaertJustin KerkaertOy oldin
  • This year I also shot my first buck and it was also like a little 5

    Justin KerkaertJustin KerkaertOy oldin
  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Jeanne staplesJeanne staplesOy oldin
  • who's weston

    Jeanne staplesJeanne staplesOy oldin
  • That deer is way too young

    Richard WierRichard WierOy oldin
  • So I researched if there was snow in Oklahoma and I found some but idk what cities can anybody tell me what cities there is snow p,ease

    Pyro ZoomPyro ZoomOy oldin
  • It was like an opossum

    la ketchy dogla ketchy dogOy oldin
  • I love hunting I'm 8

    Tauna FTauna FOy oldin
  • Also in the buggy who was that other boy is he ur son or a friend

    Theslayer GamingTheslayer GamingOy oldin
  • Anyone else hear Daniel say you like big bucks and u can not lie 😂👍

    Theslayer GamingTheslayer GamingOy oldin
  • Hey love ur vids guys sorry I haven’t watched in a month or so I moved houses and been busy good job Huston I’m not actually that Much older than Huston I’m 13 bet everyone is best friends with him at school I’m from England btw love the vids keep it up

    Theslayer GamingTheslayer GamingOy oldin
  • Where is the video for Houston getting that huge wild pig? You showed a snippet on "your story" on Facebook. No video!!!!!!!

    Mary BraceMary BraceOy oldin
  • You’re frecen asum dude

    Abbie ForknerAbbie ForknerOy oldin