Houston Might Be Just a Little Bit SCARED!

19-Dek, 2020
176 730 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • You should name the calf Rosie

    Cori DawCori DawKun oldin
  • Houston you could call her silver sherry!

    Paul BurrisPaul Burris2 kun oldin
  • Pink girl

    The Trek Rider_OGThe Trek Rider_OG4 kun oldin
  • Mudder

    Logan CarleLogan Carle4 kun oldin
  • jack

    Drake LeeDrake Lee4 kun oldin
  • i think muk puk

    Billy bob bob BillyBilly bob bob Billy5 kun oldin
  • Shadow

    Bob BobBob Bob5 kun oldin
  • Hudson how about Mr. chicken

    AXNJXN2011 PowellAXNJXN2011 Powell6 kun oldin
  • ghost butter

    Creed WhiteCreed White6 kun oldin
  • Clara, mirra, or oreo

    Dilan PedregonDilan Pedregon6 kun oldin
  • Greyleen

    avgStan1234avgStan12346 kun oldin
  • Haha

    Gavin ReederGavin Reeder7 kun oldin
  • Hey Houston how about Smokey for your little grey heifer

    Fonda DeenFonda Deen7 kun oldin
  • Hey Houston how about smokey for the li

    Fonda DeenFonda Deen7 kun oldin
  • Mooer

    Anabelle FritschAnabelle Fritsch8 kun oldin
  • Landon

    samantha young9samantha young98 kun oldin
  • Love all your videos you guys are best youtoubers in the world

    Eman ReasatEman Reasat8 kun oldin
  • Shadow

    Sara ClarkSara Clark8 kun oldin
  • Can I & some goats

    Dakota CombsDakota Combs8 kun oldin
  • Snow

    _SUPREME -_- DOG_SUPREME -_- DOG9 kun oldin
  • Snow

    haganbrohaganbro10 kun oldin
  • Houston, name her Grey Lady.

    Sharon EstepSharon Estep10 kun oldin
  • Beauty could be a nice name. She will be a beauty after Houston cleans her up.

    Mary Lou WrightMary Lou Wright11 kun oldin
  • Winer

    april0863april086312 kun oldin
  • It should show that white face

    Cordell StelzerCordell Stelzer12 kun oldin
  • Don't say that to make wooden the champion

    Cordell StelzerCordell Stelzer12 kun oldin
  • on not snaper shadow

    Jo ValderasJo Valderas12 kun oldin
  • snaper

    Jo ValderasJo Valderas12 kun oldin
  • Daffodil

    Stephanie OsterStephanie Oster13 kun oldin
  • Herald

    Fishing BoyFishing Boy13 kun oldin
  • i LOVE Your Channel it is the best

    Janelle ArabianJanelle Arabian13 kun oldin
  • Nelly is a good name

    Janelle ArabianJanelle Arabian13 kun oldin
  • pearl hope bella i think these will be good names

    Hannah MontgomeryHannah Montgomery13 kun oldin
  • Houston you will learn to like your calf and she will like you. Just spend some time with it so it gets used to you. Calves like cake feed and maybe you can get her eating out of your hand 🤚

    Lori BaileyLori Bailey14 kun oldin
  • Name it suney

    Tyler ScottTyler Scott14 kun oldin
  • winter

    Jaydin FischerJaydin Fischer15 kun oldin
  • Houston

    Hayden MannHayden Mann15 kun oldin
  • Chops

    Alesha BuckleyAlesha Buckley15 kun oldin
  • Olive

    James ManneringJames Mannering15 kun oldin
  • What about coconut or coco or muddy

    Levi KarazinovLevi Karazinov16 kun oldin
  • name the neckest black and white cow milky way

    Aiden BalintAiden Balint16 kun oldin
  • please

    Bailey NelsonBailey Nelson16 kun oldin
  • oreo

    Bailey NelsonBailey Nelson16 kun oldin
  • White chocolate

    Rebecca MurlinRebecca Murlin16 kun oldin
  • Shasta

    Dakota HarperDakota Harper16 kun oldin
  • Grace

    Liam HuckinsLiam Huckins17 kun oldin
  • houston im late but you should name your cow flo my cows name is flo to so that would be awesome

    david melzerdavid melzer17 kun oldin
  • Gravy

    Bryce AndersonBryce Anderson17 kun oldin
  • Betsy

  • I love when Steve starts hollering. It makes me smile! Both of the heifers are really pretty. Whopper nodded yes. 😉

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountains17 kun oldin
  • Hudson I think you should name your calf Oreo

    Danielle BlockDanielle Block18 kun oldin
  • Smokey

    Makenna MunroMakenna Munro18 kun oldin
  • Houston should name the cow “Milk Chocolate”

    ro ss15ro ss1518 kun oldin
  • Supreme

    Eber RivasEber Rivas18 kun oldin
  • Oreo

    Adam MoomeyAdam Moomey18 kun oldin
  • Fawna or Fiona lol

    J PJ P18 kun oldin
  • name it mcrib

    Amy ScarboroughAmy Scarborough19 kun oldin
  • Oreo

    Josue JoseJosue Jose19 kun oldin
  • Elsie

    Gilbert MaldonadoGilbert Maldonado19 kun oldin
  • Stitch

    Melanie FreemanMelanie Freeman19 kun oldin
  • I think he should name his fade

    Tyler HillTyler Hill20 kun oldin
  • Frosting

    kimberly coolkimberly cool20 kun oldin
  • how bout Avery

    Nicole WoodNicole Wood20 kun oldin
  • I do 4h rodeo it whould be cool if I saw you

    hhquarterhorseshhquarterhorses20 kun oldin
  • cloudy

    Rajin RobertsRajin Roberts20 kun oldin
  • Oreo

    morgan weedonmorgan weedon20 kun oldin
  • snowbal

  • Thunder pls I want a shout out dont know if yall named her but I have been watching for a little bite and if yall are scrolling through the comments pls sub to them my favorite youtubers

    NannysGranddaughter BreashearsNannysGranddaughter Breashears21 kun oldin
  • crazyboy Houston

    Israel AndardeIsrael Andarde21 kun oldin
  • That bulls wanting them

    MarkusMarkus21 kun oldin
  • Silver

    MarkusMarkus21 kun oldin
  • I know a name that you can name your Cafe Houston Julie

    Jake StaverJake Staver21 kun oldin
  • Tie them up to a gator cart and use that to halter break them I did it before

    Jake StaverJake Staver21 kun oldin
  • name her bison

    wyatt Govreauwyatt Govreau21 kun oldin
  • Grasten

    Zach BuonoZach Buono21 kun oldin
  • sky

    Luke AmissLuke Amiss21 kun oldin
  • Moo moo

    Gage DunlapGage Dunlap21 kun oldin
  • That white one has RUN written all over her.

    michele ricksmichele ricks21 kun oldin
  • Hey I just want to invite you guys to my tournament when I go to karate next year I hope to see you at at one of the tournaments I'll be performing the crane cake from karate kid bye

    Donald AndersonDonald Anderson21 kun oldin
  • Buke snich

    James McgeeJames Mcgee21 kun oldin
  • Houston you should do stormy because he looks like a storm

    Hunter GromerHunter Gromer22 kun oldin
  • Stormy would fit her good

    Osmin FloresOsmin Flores22 kun oldin
  • Shadow is a good neam

    James PrestonJames Preston22 kun oldin
  • Shadow

    Jessica InmanJessica Inman22 kun oldin
  • I have a calv caled daisy its a dutifwl name forvthe calv

    TheAird2TheAird222 kun oldin
    • I spelled beautiful wrong🤣

      TheAird2TheAird222 kun oldin
  • sheala

    explore the journeyexplore the journey22 kun oldin
  • You should call him bobby

    Emily OwensEmily Owens22 kun oldin
  • I’m in 4-h and we have about 5 show cattle and a calf that one of our old show cattle dropped

    Fishingwith RoushFishingwith Roush22 kun oldin
  • Hay bubby

    Stephanie GrovesStephanie Groves22 kun oldin
  • Houston I’ll help you Houston to the goat get out

    Football BoysFootball Boys22 kun oldin
  • Toby is the best name

    Matthew D'AmelioMatthew D'Amelio22 kun oldin
  • Buck

    Andrea AndersonAndrea Anderson22 kun oldin
  • stich or steve

    Eli martinezEli martinez22 kun oldin
  • mow

    Kara FritzKara Fritz22 kun oldin
  • boo

    Kara FritzKara Fritz22 kun oldin
  • cous she is black and white

    Will DankenbringWill Dankenbring22 kun oldin
  • Housten you should name her oreo

    Will DankenbringWill Dankenbring22 kun oldin
  • Houston I got a name for your heifer 12 point

    Landon DishmanLandon Dishman22 kun oldin
  • My old show heifer died today

    Ty SzafranTy Szafran23 kun oldin
  • Emily I love your name butterscotch and I am sure you will do great with your animal

    Mari B'cariMari B'cari23 kun oldin