EmmaLee's 2020 Deer Hunt! {Catch, Clean, and Cook}

20-Okt, 2020
398 042 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I’m gonna try that Spidey marinade sounds like it will be good thanks for hooking me up looks like a good marinade for meat and chicken and venison

    Melissa MattilaMelissa Mattila21 soat oldin
  • Way to go

    Abigail KovellAbigail KovellKun oldin
  • That is a gorgeous 8 point buck!!

    Paul BurrisPaul Burris2 kun oldin
  • You guys are awesome

    Pam ColemanPam Coleman3 kun oldin
  • What happened to me qwiet jucobi

    Nathan StraderNathan Strader3 kun oldin
  • That is Awesome way to go Emmalee!!

  • Good job that was big!!😁😁

    Hillary GraberHillary Graber5 kun oldin
  • You are a good hunter Emmalee

    Lil DudeLil Dude5 kun oldin
  • I love watching you guys hunting deer I cannot wait to go hunting in my 28 acres

    Lil DudeLil Dude5 kun oldin
  • I was laughing so hard at the beginning the snacks

    Taylor EngleTaylor Engle7 kun oldin
  • Good job

    E & G AdventuresE & G Adventures10 kun oldin
  • I wonder what caliber rifle that is

    Hunter eadyHunter eady10 kun oldin
  • Make bug I want your brother there get a five-point Panda you you got to eat nice and I like it thanks but the good army I love my knee also you someone me cuz we got like 50 minutes and yeah you probably got 18 and I might shoot you a picture of mine I got like it was supposed to be on Temple but the family it's a 6-1 because I want broke and Robin Scooby-Doo really hard anchor and I hope you get another a boy Phoenix tear Oaxaca next year happy New Year

    Bella NowlandBella Nowland11 kun oldin
  • she is soo good at deer huntining

    Isaiah RiosIsaiah Rios13 kun oldin
  • Nice buck Emily

    Paul PerringtonPaul Perrington15 kun oldin
  • where is bear the dog

    Nicole WoodNicole Wood17 kun oldin
  • good job at cooking the meat!!👍

    Hayden TerrellHayden Terrell18 kun oldin
  • I think you guys have a great channel keep everything going the way it is

    Robert MulhollenRobert Mulhollen20 kun oldin
  • I made dear me meet I tried it was called the cheese stick you take the dermy you roll it then you take your favorite chips then you crunch them up you put all my plate then you put it on the stove I don't know how many hours but I've got but it is really really good very good my favorite chips are Doritos or potato chips or the blue Doritos the blue packs of Doritos

    Don AltesDon Altes20 kun oldin
  • Those look like some fresh 🥚

    Nick BravoNick Bravo21 kun oldin
  • I've never had deer but hear it's good.

    Erica MErica M22 kun oldin
  • I ordered the Everglades Seasoning pack and while I like the flavor, they all have MSG as part of the additives. So, since I have a lot, I'll use it but in small quantities.

    Susan TreadwaySusan Treadway23 kun oldin
  • Such good dogs! Don't forget to give them a morsel of venison.

    CherylCheryl23 kun oldin
  • Nice buck Elimny

    Keith SmithKeith Smith23 kun oldin
  • What happened to me with a shot but couldn’t find it anywhere - it was good we’re good but not good bud and then we couldn’t find it so

    Fortnight pro pro ProFortnight pro pro Pro24 kun oldin
  • Speed e sauce

    Debra DarlingDebra Darling26 kun oldin
  • Congraduations guys I love your content keep it up

    William ThompsonWilliam Thompson26 kun oldin
  • Love this video

    Autumn GabbardAutumn Gabbard27 kun oldin
  • Shoot it

    tiffany bennetttiffany bennett27 kun oldin
  • Get a "Rottweiler" they don't need any training to track a kill.

  • You should try blackstrap stuffed with jalapeño peppers cream cheese and bacon

    Lyndon SummersLyndon Summers29 kun oldin
  • good job but i almost left when they were talking about competition i shoot what ever buck i see

    Joshua PorodJoshua PorodOy oldin
  • Teaching Kids Or Anyone Else Deer Hunting Is An Important Thing To Learn From. Don't You Agree?

    Jasmine OwensJasmine OwensOy oldin
  • Good job gril

    judy laneyjudy laneyOy oldin
  • hey new to the Chanel just wondering why you gut your deer at your barn or house and not in the woods.

    Ranger EmmonsRanger EmmonsOy oldin
  • I shot a 5 point like housten mine was a little bigger than his though

    William ThompsonWilliam ThompsonOy oldin
  • That uncle tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    KateRob SteeleKateRob SteeleOy oldin
  • Nice hunting. Those dogs come in handy! 👍🏼👍🏼 How did Toby break his arm? Why didn’t his sister try the deer meat? You’re converting your wife slowly into a deer meat eater! 😁 🦌

    alan30189alan30189Oy oldin
  • Nice book Graduations

    Stacy Acquisto-GibbonsStacy Acquisto-GibbonsOy oldin
  • Hey you worked with my dad I’m Tody Perez’s son

    Preston PerezPreston PerezOy oldin
  • I am eleven and shot a eleven pointer

    Scott KneppScott KneppOy oldin
  • Good job kids and congrats on the cooking my wife never says I cook anything good

    David ShellyDavid ShellyOy oldin

    bob arquettebob arquetteOy oldin
  • shootmoredear

    Amanda ParkerAmanda ParkerOy oldin
  • 6:35

    Hudson HusungHudson HusungOy oldin
  • Congrats got a 8 point today

    Kasty lixKasty lixOy oldin
  • Just found your youtube channel and loving it already!! I was wondering how old EmmaLee is?

    Regina HighRegina HighOy oldin
  • Can we hang sometime

    Colby DuggerColby DuggerOy oldin
  • Hey Emma lee is cute

    Colby DuggerColby DuggerOy oldin
  • I got my first buck this Rifle season it is a fork in horn

    Jfunky 10Jfunky 10Oy oldin
  • You are supposed to shoot-behind the shoulder

    Ben DoverBen DoverOy oldin
  • Hi

    Ben DoverBen DoverOy oldin
  • Nice Buck!! also you better keep track of Emmalee she is a purty girl(:

    Cason PopeCason PopeOy oldin
  • Proud of you 2 kids, Down in New Mexico we soak ours in salt water for 24 hours then in Italian Dressing for 24 hours, then you can cook on the grill or fry it, hard to tell its Venison or elk. also use this on Dove, and wrap in bacon

    Don GreetanDon GreetanOy oldin
  • good job

    Ainzley CaldwellAinzley CaldwellOy oldin
  • good job

    Landin SlemecLandin SlemecOy oldin
  • Ncndcnc b

    Kason PerkinsKason PerkinsOy oldin
  • I shot a deer is near season with the boat and then ducting turn to the right and I hit it in the back of the head

    Amy BroadnaxAmy BroadnaxOy oldin
  • In Alabama the hunting has been bad to start but the season is so long from November to February

    Caleb RolandCaleb RolandOy oldin
  • Nice job emilee

    John ThompsonJohn ThompsonOy oldin
  • I shot a deer

    Kristine MittelstadtKristine MittelstadtOy oldin
  • Nice buck , no shame to her kill ! I'm perfectly happy to get a legal spike myself, the only competition I have is my son . He gets a charge to outdo me ,lol

    Roy PhelpsRoy PhelpsOy oldin
  • Ive killed 2 here in my area that would top out over 200 on the hoof , both 10 points , but fas as for my eating, id rather kill spikes or button heads on doe days when I was married id choose what I wanted her to shoot, the biggest was a 7 point 2 year old . My lifetime hunting and fishing license have paid for themselves , deer ,turkey, run my buddies traps , when he used up his tags

    Roy PhelpsRoy PhelpsOy oldin
  • Nice buck Emily and I have seen all your videos 👍👍

    Pokémon GuyPokémon GuyOy oldin
  • I use Everglades seasoning all the time it is off da chain like the videos you do thank you be safe God Bless

    samuel goldensamuel goldenOy oldin
  • Should have put another one in him

    Savage LucasSavage LucasOy oldin
  • Good job i shot my first deer two weeks ago it was a really big 8 point

    David HenrichsmeyerDavid HenrichsmeyerOy oldin
  • Congrats Emmalee

    RK swiftyRK swiftyOy oldin
  • I don’t get what the point of killing these beautiful animals for fun I live on a farm and I’m a country boy but pls just stop stop stop

    Fat foreheadFat foreheadOy oldin
    • Like god damn this isn’t funny killing these beutiful creatures that god created to live good lives not to kill

      Fat foreheadFat foreheadOy oldin

      Ting Mee KiawTing Mee KiawOy oldin
    • Just cannot imagine that even such young kids are encouraged to enjoy THE KILL of such INNOCENT BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY HEARTWRENCHING YES JUST STOP STOP the KILLING FOR FUN!!

      Ting Mee KiawTing Mee KiawOy oldin
    • Thanks for agreeing they are such amazing creatures that don’t deserve to get killed

      Fat foreheadFat foreheadOy oldin
    • Yes totally agree with you Deers are Gods loved creatures

      Ting Mee KiawTing Mee KiawOy oldin
  • Great video can’t wait to take my daughter out hunting in the future I have 7 more years ! Lol ! Kids can’t big game hunt intell 12 in Colorado !

    Just killing time FishJust killing time FishOy oldin
  • Mr.daniel my daddy has told me of you let a deer sit in salt water about 2 days and it would get the blood/game taste out of it he just started letting me hunt by myself but I have to be in hearing range of him I'm 12 and I'm trying to get my first so yea. And congrats Emilee

    Hunter MeekHunter MeekOy oldin
  • Hi

    Bentley CliftonBentley CliftonOy oldin
  • Hi

    Bentley CliftonBentley CliftonOy oldin
  • congratulations! you got me beat this year Emma! lol nice looking 8 pointer!

    Ricky HammondRicky HammondOy oldin
  • How big is that gun

    Patricia BrownPatricia BrownOy oldin
  • Hunters

    Elena VerdeElena VerdeOy oldin
  • I killed a doe soooooooooooooooo big

    Alison WagesAlison WagesOy oldin
  • Good buck Emily I haven’t even killed a buck yet but I killed like 11 does and I’m only 11 and we hunt in Oklahoma high fences but I live in Fred Texas

    Tucker HattonTucker HattonOy oldin
  • Congrats Emily nice buck

    Dylan HalleckDylan HalleckOy oldin
  • What kind of gun is it

    Rosalyn LadnerRosalyn LadnerOy oldin
  • New York’s greatest speedie sauce

    Fanaticjrockcold YtFanaticjrockcold YtOy oldin
  • That's a buck and a half, congrats Young Lady.

    Mark NasatkaMark NasatkaOy oldin
  • We go hunting with my dad no luck yet I hope we get one soon good Job

    Jessica HudsonJessica HudsonOy oldin
  • omg deer tenderloin is the beeessstttt

    paperprincesspaperprincessOy oldin
  • Emily call 828-593-1820

    Donald AndersonDonald AndersonOy oldin
  • Open call

    Donald AndersonDonald AndersonOy oldin
    • What happened we didn't want to be friends with you cuz you're pretty cool and mean you love me something tell your brother nice to your so maybe so maybe you can visit card with Carolina my state and maybe you can go to my hunting spots and maybe come together so hopefully I'll see you and my real phone number is

      Donald AndersonDonald AndersonOy oldin
    • What am I like I really want to be friends with you cuz you look pretty cool and and just let us know I've even started before and tell your brother want to be friends with him too cuz I just turned 10 and I hunting for my first buck

      Donald AndersonDonald AndersonOy oldin
  • Emily I'll challenge you to a deer hunting contest if me k o n n e r Anderson can kill a bug maybe we can be good friends if if you Emily win from killing just a buck how about a 19-pointer buck the me and you can still be friends and maybe we can talk to each other sometime k o n n e r that's my name see you Emily send me a picture of your book my dad's Facebook is Donnie Anderson

    Donald AndersonDonald AndersonOy oldin
  • I got a doe nit that long ago

    Cara’ Gaming channelCara’ Gaming channelOy oldin
  • You are most killed my dear

    Marlene GameiroMarlene GameiroOy oldin
  • What gun does she shoot

    William WatkinsWilliam WatkinsOy oldin
    • I shoot a 308, and 7millimeter 08

      William WatkinsWilliam WatkinsOy oldin
  • That’s a horrible shot what kind of shot is that that’s like a one pointer

    Araceli TrejoAraceli TrejoOy oldin
  • I quikscope deers, they take a minute

    Eric Diaz-OrozcoEric Diaz-OrozcoOy oldin
  • Bro these are campers, I hunt in the mountains

    Eric Diaz-OrozcoEric Diaz-OrozcoOy oldin
  • Idc

    Hey JHEHey JHEOy oldin
  • Enjoyed the video! I’m from Tulsa/Sand Springs area. Family still in Oklahoma. My cousin is a master Taxidermist in Sand Springs area or close to it. I’ve subscribed!

    Tony DoeTony DoeOy oldin
  • Ur Daughter is cute

    Ricky HopkinsRicky HopkinsOy oldin
  • all the bucks new there was a pretty girl around

    Myah RichardsonMyah RichardsonOy oldin
  • awesome deer emmaleev thats a big body deer

    Kashius CaugheyKashius CaugheyOy oldin
  • I think Jemma disserves a bit of that deer too lol😂 she did pretty good finding that deer for you!

    Riding&Learning About Horses&PoniesRiding&Learning About Horses&PoniesOy oldin
  • Where I am at the deer are not ruting

    Nick fishing GreenNick fishing GreenOy oldin