Did We Make the Right Decision?

20-Dek, 2020
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  • unless you work them plowing or herding horses are a money pit

    Joydean BeauchampJoydean Beauchamp3 kun oldin
  • You guys are too cool ,Doug from Georgia

    Douglas HardyDouglas Hardy4 kun oldin
  • God bless yall !!! hard work pay off . Yes you can make big bucks of your merch.

    Scott JewettScott Jewett7 kun oldin
  • How about catch clean cook aprons?

    Janie FugateJanie Fugate14 kun oldin
  • 7

    Barbara ThurstonBarbara Thurston16 kun oldin
  • Bunker Branding. Maybe see what they have to offer regarding handling your Merch. They are also an amazing UZworld family.

    StephanieStephanie21 kun oldin
  • 🐝Honey 🐝

    ACE KingACE King23 kun oldin
  • Ice fishing on Shawano Lake Wisconsin

    Nancy HambyNancy Hamby25 kun oldin
  • Labradoodles are the sweetest ever. You’ll love them.

    Colene RitchieColene Ritchie27 kun oldin
  • I got one of your camo hoodies for Christmas

    Stone HaynesStone Haynes27 kun oldin
  • Idea?? Jacobi @ Arms Silent But Strong ?? Love you guys!! Blessings 💞☺

    Sunshine AlwaysSunshine Always27 kun oldin
  • Teespring still has your merch too.

    bethany santillanbethany santillan27 kun oldin
  • i like your wife's Apple watch

    Josie AndersonJosie Anderson28 kun oldin
  • I’m so with you DJ. People just need to use your head

    Brenda ElftmanBrenda ElftmanOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    Thomas AdamsThomas AdamsOy oldin
  • I would love a baby Gemma!

    Pat SmithPat SmithOy oldin
  • Make it a "family" business. Have the kids and a couple of friends help. Pay them per hour, make them put half their pay check per week. Teach them to operate the business from top to bottom. Depending on their age bracket is where they start in the business. Teaches wonderful life skills help with college accounts, inventing, math. Family bonding!

    Tia FennerTia FennerOy oldin
  • I think you'll find out things in your store will settled down after Christmas. Hang in there. If business stays up then you know it's time to hire a couple part-time people. :) God bless, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

    Pat CPat COy oldin
  • Take care. You’re right about us, not in our normal lives wearing a mask. It’s our custom not to. When I visited Taiwan 20 years ago, I occasionally noticed people wearing masks. I asked my son, who was living there at the time, why I kept seeing people with masks on. He said, either they have a cold and don’t want to spread it, or they have a lot of places to go and don’t want to catch a cold. I thought, back then, that they were being wise. I still think so. Taiwan is now virus free, along with a handful of other countries. I hope that pride won’t get in the way of our people eradicating the virus here at home. Since I’m 72, I’ve tried to strictly obey the precautions. You are fortunate to be on the younger side. When the pandemic hit here, I stayed home, thanked Heaven for our year’s supply, grew a garden, and discovered UZworld. That’s what eventually led me to your channel. I haven’t back-watched them all, yet, but “Donkey Poodle” just makes me laugh every time you say it!😄

    Carol OhmsCarol OhmsOy oldin
  • Stick with keeping it in the family. It's going to drop off. We love you but probably only one sweat shirt per year :)

    dprrescuedprrescueOy oldin
  • What is D J's real name?

    Earnestine JacksonEarnestine JacksonOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to the Arms Family! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. I feel like you are my extended family!

    Darlene HopeDarlene HopeOy oldin
  • Great idea for your shirts.."Jacobi & Houston say "We have a SIX PACK".."of DONKEY POODLES"

    Ralph BosworthRalph BosworthOy oldin
  • I own a clothing company and have done it since 2013, you guys are doing amazing! Covid has screwed so much up, but once it levels out like hopefully April 2021 then it will be easier for you!

    Rafter A HomesteadingRafter A HomesteadingOy oldin
  • Need a lil ginny to protect animals from coyotes!!!

    Angela WintersAngela WintersOy oldin
  • I like y’all!! And I like your family , your show and I don’t mind supporting y’all 👍🏼 and your logo is cool 😎

    C M.C M.Oy oldin
  • Amazon has t-shirts and face masks with the arms family homestead logo

  • I wore my arms family shirt to a little store by me. I needed some bread and some guy came in to shop. He sees my shirt and said well alright Arms family. Love them!

    Sharon SiebertSharon SiebertOy oldin
  • Cheese ball accessories: Try sliced Granny Smith, Winesap or your favorite variety of apple instead of crackers. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Spencer McMasterSpencer McMasterOy oldin
  • DeeJay, I went and found Josh Baldwin's "Evidence" and love it. Please share more of your music favorites with us.

    Mary WesterbekeMary WesterbekeOy oldin
  • So excited that y’all are planning to show cattle! My sister and I showed from very young ages until we graduated high school. Not only does it help the kids learn more about hard work, patience, try and try again, and what true responsibility means, but it also teaches them how to NOT end up with that blue ribbon each time in the show ring. We fortunately earned plenty of blue and red ribbons, but we also had our fair shares of those lower placing brown and army green ribbons, too. Lessons for ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ in every color of award. Best of luck. I know your family will approach it as the learning activity that it’s meant to be. Enjoy keeping up with your day to day.

    Jody DarbyJody DarbyOy oldin
  • I watch you from Ormond Beach, Fl. I enjoy watching your life on your homestead. It’s real! God bless your witness.

    Daryl GoodroDaryl GoodroOy oldin
  • It’s CRAZY how IGNORANT and DISRESPECTFUL some people can be!! SMH 🤦‍♀️

    Norma HarneNorma HarneOy oldin
  • Hang in there guys you can do this, I know it's hard right now but things will settle down some after the holidays and you'll be much happier and more satisfied doing things the way YOU want to do them! You doing great so far keep up the good work! :)

    oldrangerableoldrangerableOy oldin
  • I so enjoy watching you guys. I haven't bought anything from you as of yet, but plan on it when we get on our feet. Thank you for opening your home, and family, to encourage those of us that are dreaming of doing what you are doing. Thank you for sharing your successes, and failures. We love you guys. Keep up the great work.

    Ruby HoseaRuby HoseaOy oldin
  • Don’t fall for it DeeJay!! Ice fishing is FREEZING! If you crank up much of a heater to get warm- the ice will melt! I’m from NEBRASKA & speak from experience!

    Marilyn F DavisMarilyn F DavisOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!!!

    Tam SchatzTam SchatzOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to you all! Watching your videos has been a bright spot in this crazy year. Have a blessed holiday season!

    Caroline PetersenCaroline PetersenOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from New Orleans, La. Love your videos...

    Harry Butch SchexnayderHarry Butch SchexnayderOy oldin
  • Sorry Audio is not good here !!!

    Wayne SchnareWayne SchnareOy oldin
  • If you're very overwhelmed with the t-shirts sweatshirts and all the other stuff you're selling I but they can recommend Bunker Branding in Texas Matt runs the Merchandising company with his wife Meredith. They seem like pretty cool people but I don't really know them only their UZworld personalities. But I'm glad you're discovering a new side of this I used to do all the PR and product stuff for our Smoked Seafood Company. It's hard to keep up.

    Wendy Bayer CastaldoWendy Bayer CastaldoOy oldin
  • Amazon has a face mask with your logo on it too. You guys are big time now! ❤️🤗

    Sarah HuckabeeSarah HuckabeeOy oldin
  • I love your guys that show I love how you guys do things keep it up I can't wait to start buying some of your items you are a terrific people God bless and Merry Christmas

    Patrick PostlethwaitPatrick PostlethwaitOy oldin
  • Ya'll should make a shirt that says, (ARMED FAMILY HOME STEAD)

    Brody Jump-fly-die-fryBrody Jump-fly-die-fryOy oldin
  • Love your merchandise just can’t afford them YET. But I am saving to get a sweatshirt. 😊

    Robin BaumRobin BaumOy oldin
  • A shirt for EmmaLee’s cupcake business.

    Joan LesterJoan LesterOy oldin
  • DJ, Daniel is ”De-railing” your train of thought! Happens to me all the time! And ”Squirrel!, too! 😳😂

    Joan LesterJoan LesterOy oldin
  • I would love an animal calendar if you could make one with large number squares for appointments. Love your animals, especially the donkey poodles! ❤️

    Joan LesterJoan LesterOy oldin
  • I hope you have seen this. www.amazon.com/shop/armsfamilyhomestead It specifically says you earn money from this store front

    John SandstromJohn SandstromOy oldin
  • My order came in. Thanks

    CherylCherylOy oldin
  • DJ you are so pretty, you look like one of the kids, for real woman!! Happy holidays love your family and homestead!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!❤

    Kimberly ClarkKimberly ClarkOy oldin
  • Happy Christmas wishes to you and your family 🎄❤️

    Annette RobinsonAnnette RobinsonOy oldin
  • I agree Jacobi needs his own T-shirt or something and put in trust fund. Great idea

    Kim HarveyKim HarveyOy oldin
  • Haqng in there

    Charlie Van OrnumCharlie Van OrnumOy oldin
  • I love deer meat

    Ricklee WilliamsRicklee WilliamsOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to you

    Chad BrunetChad BrunetOy oldin
  • You guys are so cute! Wish you success in your new venture! Happy Holidays, ya'll!

    N RiveraN RiveraOy oldin
  • Hi kids hope your all well merry christmas hey check out. The chosen. Is good to see for the whole family. UZworld can see god bless you all bigg hugg

    Gary J YawGary J YawOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas.

    Julie DavisJulie DavisOy oldin
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Daniel SDaniel SOy oldin
  • I just love you guys, you're just too sweet and adorable.

    Mahealani WMahealani WOy oldin
  • Stick it out. It will level off. Do Not give away your profits..

    Cheryl RossCheryl RossOy oldin
  • I screenprint. When I do not have time, I order from Custom Ink.

    AO VO on the Farm Southern IllinoisAO VO on the Farm Southern IllinoisOy oldin
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😚🐆

    Sawyer WilkesSawyer WilkesOy oldin
  • We want to see those cute photos of Houston "calf fighting" . I bet all of those paper bags that took the place of plastic bags are part of the problem with less lumber and increased lumber prices . About your love of music ,I would like to hear it . I find that some Christian music is really ministering to me at this time of dealing with stage 4 cancer and Lupus and A-Fib . I especially find Christian music comforting at bedtime . DJ try ," Montana Haven ", on You Tube, as these Amish folk raise and sell Labradoodle dogs . The Arms family calendar needs some Arms Family in it along with the animals. Why not take some of the best photos from your You Tube videos. Like DJ with the baby donkey , the children with the piglets, Emily and the deer she got or Houston with his deer from the hunt.. Just some ideas. I Love your videos !

    Linda MarquisLinda MarquisOy oldin
  • I think it would be an awesome idea if you put whopper on ur merch before you send him for meat.. I think whopper is a beautiful cow.. I love the just white face truly beautiful... and your donkey poodles.. you know all your special cute animals on ur merch I think people would love that idea.. I know I would.. with like funny puns... hope you like this Idea...

    Lady KaeLady KaeOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas to the Arms Family. My job brought me to Oklahoma 1998-2007. I do miss the state so much to do. We RV camped at Turner Falls a few times, we lived in the country with a Newalla address. Now retired in north central Florida.

    Robert GiguereRobert GiguereOy oldin
  • You got rid of me

    Lu LuLu LuOy oldin
  • I can't believe you did this to me and leaving me I was never your plan

    Lu LuLu LuOy oldin
  • I'm broke heart is broken I am breaking no Christmas here it is the worst Christmas in the worst year of my life I hope it lasts

    Lu LuLu LuOy oldin
  • The way you eat jurkey you need all the deer you can an get.

    David MauersbergerDavid MauersbergerOy oldin
  • Good people like to support other good people that’s why I

    Lynn SiersLynn SiersOy oldin
  • Moonpie for the cow name lol

    Lynn SiersLynn SiersOy oldin
  • I didnt get in on your super chat but DeeJay You can put your music of the day as back ground to the Arms Family Homestead videos and menchen it at the top of the add area. I agree with most people on here that Emalee is going to be a beautiful and i bet she is going to be taking over Houston's job on here He has gotten to be a little pain in the but lately all he wants to do is get in the way and close the video I KNOW HE IS A BOY I HAVE TWO GROWN BOYS iN THERE 30S STILL AT HOME AND THEY DO NOTHING. ANY WAY----- Merry Christmas to you and the Family:: Go Listen to Fortune/Walker/rodgers/Isaac ---Light House All there stuff is Fantastic

    boedacresboedacresOy oldin
  • My daughter does merch. Full time for others when I heard you were going to do yours I thought Oh No. Your “You Tube” is a business on its own and merch is a wave that you can get drowned in......you have to carry inventory have employees and well you see what happens.......lol. When it’s a business you are set up for embroidery etc and we still sometimes have family pizza catch up nights but for the most of the time it runs smoothly and that’s what you need for your merch.

    Tamara Long-ParteiTamara Long-ParteiOy oldin
  • Well I like watching your channel or show so I will wait to order a hat until you get upgraded to handle the demand. But that would suit me but something to think about. My advice is relax breath upgrade

    2 Laine Apiaries2 Laine ApiariesOy oldin
  • merchandise is still being advertised as available through both bonfire and Teespring as well guy not sure if your aware of this cheers from Australia

    Selina CollinsSelina CollinsOy oldin
  • I want a female puppy from Jenna!!!

    John FrancisJohn FrancisOy oldin
    • 4H has a Safe Sport program for kids in middle school and high school, shotgun, archery, BB gun marksmanship. Tons of fun, I am a archery coach here in Georgia.

      John FrancisJohn FrancisOy oldin
  • I would buy a calendar of your photos.I got my Donkey Poodle t shirt and I love it. It is a quality t shirt.

    HR LeeHR LeeOy oldin
  • How about a Kane tee-shirt?

    Mary Jo CollardMary Jo CollardOy oldin
  • How about a basset hound..lovable! Good family dog. But I loved dauchunds..

    Virginia CurreyVirginia CurreyOy oldin
  • Yes Emmilee is definitely beautiful. If I lived closer I’d definitely order cupcakes from you they are my favorite.

    Dawn EdwallDawn EdwallOy oldin
  • Yes, yes on the words of that song! If people would just believe... God is everywhere in everything! Amen! Hey guys, that van will still run if it has good bones.. so it does not have to be a van-mansion.. just comfortable. So find a long weekend and take a break! Emmalee is so pretty. 4-H. Is great.. she will learn a lot.. and those cows will win blue ribbons!

    Virginia CurreyVirginia CurreyOy oldin
  • I bought a Donkey Pool hoodie and T-shirt. Your family logo is great, but if you have new and different designs periodically, people like myself will continue to buy because it's something different each time. I've been trying to buy from small businesses where I can and seeing that you make the merch in your own garage really makes the purchase worth it.

    Slick RacoonSlick RacoonOy oldin
  • I didn't get to see this live but I started to read the comments and noticed that somewhere down the line it got political in the comments. This made me sad. Your post wasn't anything like that. On another note I love the idea of sporting a shirt for Jacoby!! You guys really are good from the inside out! I enjoy watching your videos!! Keep em coming!

    Samantha BridgewaterSamantha BridgewaterOy oldin
  • I really like the stuff you guys share. And think you do a great job helping others get started on You Tube. Kind of irritated about the Amazon issue so I called and reported the seller to Amazon, apparently it cod be a copyright violation and has been reported to the next level for investigation.

    Jim WhiteJim WhiteOy oldin
  • Well you launched this business right before the Christmas shopping, a very busy time for retail. It was one of the best seasons for my dads jewelry business in a small town. His business was great then and again in the summer for weddings, brides selections of silver n China. You do have to keep up with the orders, sales, inventory, shipping plus stamping each shirt. It’s kinda like the fast food business, is great, but just about kills you, but it makes good money! Don’t let this completely wear you all down and not be there for your kids and farm.. Presently, stamped shirts are a popular item, but watch out for style fads cause if it moves to something else you don’t want to be left with a load of stamped shirts, left with nice plain tee shirts will be okay. Good luck, but a lot to take care of.. like a full time business! At least you are not depending on this for living. Just make seasonally. You have a good avenue for advertising you are opening up again . Think about it...

    Virginia CurreyVirginia CurreyOy oldin
  • I have always had so much respect for you both, but I am so shocked at you both being so irresponsible about masks. It is not just for your safety, but also for the safety of the older people around you. If you have ever sat with someone dying in a hospital like 300000 people have, you would never ever make such a a selfish statement. It is the loneliest death, and it is so terrible to lie dying with no family around that person, and to have no way to hold their family’s hand. Why don’t people realize that it is not just for your safety but for protection of the vulnerable population around you that one wears a mask? When one gets the pneumonia, then the naysayers all then get religion about wearing a mask. Would you not want people to protect your family and your parents? Would you like it if someone breathed Covid on them because someone did not know that they had Covid? Would you like to be the person responsible for someone dying? I am a health care worker and if you have ever spent two minutes talking about Covid, and how often our lives are threatened by selfish people who refuse to wear a mask and infect other people or get themselves infected, you would never say these words. People look up to you all and you should really be more responsible. Very sad and disappointing. No one likes to wear a mask, even doctors. But we do it to protect others. Please don’t be so selfish!

    Dr. Chitra Desikan RajagopalDr. Chitra Desikan RajagopalOy oldin
  • Merry Christmas 🎄

    The SeamstressThe SeamstressOy oldin
  • Just throwing this out there. For you West Coast Peeps who want your items, my son works for Windmill City Screen Printing here in our area. They are pretty popular and do great work. They are located in Cathedral City, Ca. If you have a lot of people on the west coast they may be a good option for you. As always, Love your videos!

    Samantha BridgewaterSamantha BridgewaterOy oldin
  • Have ya thought about doing face masks?

    Eugeania HutchersonEugeania HutchersonOy oldin
  • I pray you and your family will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Has Huston figured out what he is going to name the light gray heffer yet?

    Eugeania HutchersonEugeania HutchersonOy oldin
  • Please let me know when ya start having 4xbox or 5x in the Donky Poodles sweat shirt my email is eugeaniah@gmail.com thanks

    Eugeania HutchersonEugeania HutchersonOy oldin
  • Thanks for the Josh Baldwin suggestion DJ, I will be playing this before Sunday School this week.

    Olschul77Olschul77Oy oldin
  • Hopefully this crap will go away soon because of the vaccine that is out there. It's just all a matter of time now HOPEFULLY.

    Penny BackPenny BackOy oldin
  • God Bless you all. Hope to get a tiny donkey poodles hoddie come spring for my new princesses if you make um. They were born very tiny. Love you all

    Brenda faith lane LaneBrenda faith lane LaneOy oldin
  • To bad a company doesn’t sponsor you that has a saw mill

    Lori ExleyLori ExleyOy oldin
  • What about Llamas

    Marcia BorgMarcia BorgOy oldin
  • You can always contact bunker branding. Matt seems like a good guy even though he’s in Texas lol. He does a lot with other UZworldrs with merchandise. Just a thought.

    Jim HaleJim HaleOy oldin
  • Matt Carriker @ bunker branding will make the products for you. Demolition Ranch.

    Marsha SmithMarsha SmithOy oldin