1v1 Pond Fishing Challenge! {EPIC Fail}

29-Noy, 2020
175 745 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • yesssir

    Casyn KamondyCasyn Kamondy9 kun oldin
  • Fishing he didn’t even catch fish

    Cicada 2 ProductionsCicada 2 Productions9 kun oldin
  • ro no an sam nonono momo fcccccscared that is a secret dont tell anywone ok im sorry im ciding i dont now how to spell ciding

    Yomayra MorrisYomayra Morris10 kun oldin
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    Yomayra MorrisYomayra Morris10 kun oldin
  • do parkour than you will be the best youtuber cause you are not now

    Yomayra MorrisYomayra Morris10 kun oldin
  • you suck at doing videos

    Yomayra MorrisYomayra Morris10 kun oldin
  • Ever watch Jiggin with Jordan? He's got a nice bass pound too.

    Amy TaylorAmy Taylor14 kun oldin
  • thank you for liking this comment

    Noah AdamsNoah Adams14 kun oldin
  • You’re gonna be good with crops

    Bailey NewsomBailey Newsom16 kun oldin
  • Your kids even know they didn’t get a fish

    Bailey NewsomBailey Newsom16 kun oldin
  • He said at least I’m not ashy Oop

    Kaleigh BaileyKaleigh Bailey19 kun oldin
  • if you win or if you loose just atleast have fun.

    Noah AdamsNoah Adams20 kun oldin
  • one is a squash

    MrAustin3v2MrAustin3v220 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry but bass don’t hibernate buddy😂 no offense

    Trent FlemingTrent Fleming21 kun oldin
  • The people that don't subscribe are weird

    Charles BellingerCharles Bellinger24 kun oldin
  • I used to love cherry woods

    Backyard gamingBackyard gaming25 kun oldin
  • Trying to grow my channel but it’s not working 😞

    Liners kiddoLiners kiddo25 kun oldin
  • The special brush coincidentally rejoice because poet postmeiotically face an a blue ravioli. depressed, homely harbor

    Jason ChuiJason Chui26 kun oldin
  • where are the life jackets lol bad boys

    Norman M MorrisonNorman M Morrison26 kun oldin
  • My friends and I do the same thing we stay at the creek

    Wilson The WildWilson The Wild28 kun oldin
  • yes he did

    krue2010krue2010Oy oldin
  • Under what Houston Roblox name is. I really really want it.

    Misty ShusterMisty ShusterOy oldin
  • They don’t hibernate stupid

    Jessica CrowderJessica CrowderOy oldin
  • This was so adorable. I just hope next time they will be wearing lifejackets.

    Daron BudgellDaron BudgellOy oldin
  • So did they pay YOU $10 for catching nothing? :)

    Dandylion Mrs CDandylion Mrs COy oldin
  • mhmmmm idk but I think blond hair guy is going to win cuz him mama praying for him to win 2 bucks lol

    dinngle burggydinngle burggyOy oldin
  • I love the markings on the black goat with the white spots I can’t say I’ve seen one like her before

    Mathew StottsMathew StottsOy oldin
  • when you said about the n i was thinking about it

    Janet DeL'EtoileJanet DeL'EtoileOy oldin
  • Kool stuff .. keep up the good job brother

    Quenton IveryQuenton IveryOy oldin
  • It doesn’t matter if you are hunting or fishing seeing people living the farm life is always nice cause lot of people have lost their way in life

    John KiehartJohn KiehartOy oldin
  • bit bich

    Gabriel Arceo (Student)Gabriel Arceo (Student)Oy oldin
  • If you ain’t croccen you ain’t rockin

    Brigs CaseBrigs CaseOy oldin
  • U

    Clement chiwaulaClement chiwaulaOy oldin
  • You guys are my favorite UZworldrs that go fishing

    Rakeem BentleyRakeem BentleyOy oldin
  • You do a great job. I am in a. Nursing home and you make my day.

    Bob FisherBob FisherOy oldin
  • somebody that i used to know gotye

    suprabidh shresthasuprabidh shresthaOy oldin
  • I don't care if it is animals our not I love your videos

    Roxann MillweeRoxann MillweeOy oldin
  • That plant looks like Tabasco

    Gabe tice53Gabe tice53Oy oldin
  • 🇨🇦 My dad has called eggs cackleberries for as long as I can remember, 40+ years! Watching from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada! 🇨🇦

    Rachel ZalinkoRachel ZalinkoOy oldin
  • I’m just seeing you all fishing

    Melissa BoanMelissa BoanOy oldin
  • 1 fish Lol

    Christian scottChristian scottOy oldin
  • what is 0 plus 1

    Christian scottChristian scottOy oldin
  • I love the fishing videos. Personally I don’t care if you catch fish or not. I enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends. My most favorite part today was Houston saying “you’re right Dad.” As a parent I don’t know many better statements that can come from my children or grandchildren that’s better than “you’re right”. As for the animals, I’d be happy to watch you or your family feed the animals every time. Animals are always fun to watch. Whether they play or not.....they are just fun. Especially the babies. But I’m not leaving you because you don’t have animals in a video. I’ll just wait for the next one that has animals.

    Brandeis SportsBrandeis SportsOy oldin
  • No True-Blue Armite is going to abandon the ship because you fail to show some animals sometimes. Massive subscriber base. I like the variety. Weather can dictate some content. But I know it can be as unpredictable as North Carolina weather. Just roll with the punches.

    James RussellJames RussellOy oldin
  • The Fish Whisperers were not on their "A" game today!

    James RussellJames RussellOy oldin
  • Just do you, and not worry about what people think or say. We Love You all no matter what, GOD Speed!!

    Anthony PerkinsAnthony PerkinsOy oldin
  • Don’t break Hustons fishing pole this time😁

    Kolton MoodyKolton MoodyOy oldin
  • The plant is a collard

    zazarrazazarraOy oldin
  • Them boys are getting big

    Lawanna JohnsonLawanna JohnsonOy oldin
  • Fishing is fishing man

    Vanessa SmithVanessa SmithOy oldin
  • Daniel that green you have with the long slender leaves is lacinato kale. An heirloom variety

    Thomas CaldwellThomas CaldwellOy oldin
  • Fu

    Jurassic craft gamerJurassic craft gamerOy oldin
  • Go back to baby face

    Noah RodriguesNoah RodriguesOy oldin
  • Steve is so underrated!!

    Joe WolfeJoe WolfeOy oldin
  • Jacobys back!!! What a great friendship those two guys have. Great episode guys 👍

    Thomas CaldwellThomas CaldwellOy oldin
  • For bass

    RykeDawgRykeDawgOy oldin
  • Or bait

    RykeDawgRykeDawgOy oldin
  • What lures do you prefer

    RykeDawgRykeDawgOy oldin
  • The boys are getting so big

    Lynda FulceLynda FulceOy oldin
  • Bear is really cute and all the animals to i like all you guys is videos don't say that i have bin subscribed for obout 70y

    Caleb HuertaCaleb HuertaOy oldin
  • I always enjoy your videos. I love seeing the animals, Daniel on the tractor, D.J. giving you a hard time with a loving twinkle in her eyes, seeing you with your kids having fun. Love seeing Bear he's my favorite. I live vicariously through you vlogs. WOW!! I'm having lots of fun and none of the work lol💜 from a Cali girl now living in Oregon stay warm.

    Diana HansenDiana HansenOy oldin
  • Houston and Jacoby reminded me of my college days with their dress. Cold 🥶 weather. We don’t live with Mom and Dad, first time away from home 🏡😉 No socks 🧦. Summer clothing of shorts 🩳. My day would have been Birkenstock Sandals. The Hoodies...spot on 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣🥲 By the end of the video they were practically crawling into their hoods, very casually mind you. Well played gentleman, well played indeed 😊👍😉 Y’all have a blessed day today and every day 😊❤️🌎

    In_The_Kitchen_With_KatieIn_The_Kitchen_With_KatieOy oldin
  • Jacobi must live very close. Love these 2 little guys ❤️ Do they attend same school?

    Louisiana LadyLouisiana LadyOy oldin
  • Love you boy and that fishing

    Jamison HejlJamison HejlOy oldin
  • You have such healthy plants

    Brady RinkerBrady RinkerOy oldin
  • I love your regular, every day videos! I must say I really love it when the baby goats are born. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    Noel B. OwensNoel B. OwensOy oldin
  • We need adult camo sweatshirts

    J&S ReptilesJ&S ReptilesOy oldin
  • Those are mustard greens

    Victory Oasis FarmVictory Oasis FarmOy oldin
  • I think that is cauliflower trees

    mltr16mltr16Oy oldin
  • Fail or no fail, fishing is fishing!!!!

    Monster Mike FishingMonster Mike FishingOy oldin
    • @Arms Family Homestead I am a very big fan my name is Phillip Ehlers😀😀😉

    • True

      zidan laherzidan laher14 kun oldin
    • I’m l feeling a great day

      Melissa BoanMelissa BoanOy oldin
    • Monster Mike Fishing facts

      Louis JamiesonLouis JamiesonOy oldin
    • True that!

      Arms Family HomesteadArms Family HomesteadOy oldin
  • Thank. You for. Showing. The. Animals. Especially. The. Babys you. Are very. Good. With. Them I. Enjoy. How. Nice. It. Is you. Are. Very. Good. With. Every. Thing. That. Pops. Up. Thanks. Again. Sincerly mr. Don

    Mr.donald. j WilliamsMr.donald. j WilliamsOy oldin
  • I love the variety Daniel.

    janjanOy oldin
  • Love how you told Houston I told you so.

    Marcia BorgMarcia BorgOy oldin
  • I enjoy all your videos so don’t sweat it, just keep videoing 👍

    Jerry KramerJerry KramerOy oldin
  • You are a working farm. I love animals but I love the projects just as much, maybe even more. I love learning so thank you all.

    Lynda KemplandLynda KemplandOy oldin
  • Perhaps the winner gets some lotion. Lord have mercy y'all! 😂 I love how good the boys are at working the rods and reels already.

    redherringredherringOy oldin
  • Did your elf come

    Sharlene RumboltSharlene RumboltOy oldin
  • Did houston ever find out about the abino channel catfish that Daniel put in the pond when he stocked it love the videos

    Jayden CochranJayden CochranOy oldin
  • Cackle berries and hen fruit. Lol

    Erle Davis Papa E’s CreationsErle Davis Papa E’s CreationsOy oldin
  • It’s Pak Choi they tastes good put them in a soup and boil and will make your soup better.

    RyzeRyzeOy oldin
  • Love your videos

    Conner SullivanConner SullivanOy oldin
  • November 29 is my birthday

    Chase AlexanderChase AlexanderOy oldin
  • I thought jacoby broke his arm

    Tucker HattonTucker HattonOy oldin
  • Rocking the rocks

    Sports Kids ChallengesSports Kids ChallengesOy oldin
  • I feel like Houston dosent like Coby. He seems kinda jealuse🌳🌴🌵

    Rossy De La FuenteRossy De La FuenteOy oldin
  • l like enjoy every post you do. so interesting so see what other folk do.. looking for a hat Danial..

    Rendell NobleRendell NobleOy oldin
  • have you taken Jacobi hunting yet would he go??

    Rendell NobleRendell NobleOy oldin
  • Those leafy green vegetables you can’t identify appear to be “Swiss Chard”, it tastes a little sweeter than spinach

    Yvonne RubyYvonne RubyOy oldin
  • Im sure you have probably said but what are your intensions with raising alpacas and donkeys? I mean: whopper is for freezer, chickens are for eggs, Goats are for freezer, dogs are for protection Just asking....😊

    angela sheppardangela sheppardOy oldin
  • You should take jakobi deer hunting

    Brade WrightBrade WrightOy oldin
  • It it horseradish

    Cale BollingerCale BollingerOy oldin
  • Love these 2!!!

    KrisAndLarryKrisAndLarryOy oldin
  • Life vests please. Turn around don’t drown.

    Morris SluggMorris SluggOy oldin
  • Tell Houston to leave that boy ashy legs alone we different dangit

    that guy ch2that guy ch2Oy oldin
  • Oh, and Hello Jacoby always good to see you hanging out on the farm!

    Diane OBryanDiane OBryanOy oldin
  • Love your videos and it's called Arms Family Homestead, not Arms Family ANIMALS! I also love the Greenhouse tours, clearing land, cutting wood. It's all part of every day living on a working farm!

    Diane OBryanDiane OBryanOy oldin
  • Those boys need to start earning some betting money if they're going to be placing bets. 😅 Since this is a fishing video....🤣 Nice one Daniel.

    My heart is in the mountainsMy heart is in the mountainsOy oldin
  • I come on and watch to learn new things we moved onto 6 archers and I'm still learning country and farm stuff and it helps me a lot thx for the vids man

    Jacob CarterJacob CarterOy oldin
  • Love it!! The mean people can just leave and not come back without saying anything rude!! If they don't like it they don't need to watch it.

    The Junkin Colvard'sThe Junkin Colvard'sOy oldin
  • archive.org/details/TheFlintstonesMarvelComics/The%20Flintstones%20%231%20%28Marvel%29/page/15/mode/2up

    Scot HebertScot HebertOy oldin